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Johnny R. | 
Austria VeryGuy 
after this event karrigan is gone who will be the new IGL on faze?
2018-11-06 22:36
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2018-11-06 22:38
that would be awesome
2018-11-07 00:13
2018-11-07 08:04
jkaem | 
Liechtenstein mary69 
+999 omfg
2018-11-07 11:06
Other Phinks 
2018-11-07 09:46
There already is one? Niko?
2018-11-06 22:38
and who will be 5th then
2018-11-06 22:39
smooya nah maybe sunny or ropz will leave the sinking ship of mousesports, or maybe they won't now that styko is back. s1mple? Although he probably won't leav navi either, that would be an amazing team, ez top 1.
2018-11-06 22:46
I don't see why people think mouz are so bad. They won New York and haven't attended any big events since that. They were unlucky to only get the better teams in bo1 during SL
2018-11-07 07:57
We'll just before New York they flopped at the major. They weren't necessarily terrible but they were much worse with snax
2018-11-07 10:25
"fan of Cloud9" talking about sinking ships
2018-11-07 13:34
Because I know they have the potential to improve again and be good, they were better at blast. But mouz probably won't be that bad now styko is back so no they aren't a sinking ship
2018-11-07 13:50
Niko is a bad igl, they nood a delicated leader
2018-11-06 22:56
Well he's only just switched over and they've already one an event, with him also getting mvp.
2018-11-06 22:57
I just think Niko shouldn't be the igl, he should more focused on mad fragging
2018-11-06 23:00
He's young yet... He needs more experience to lead a team
2018-11-06 23:25
Azerbaijan prokcla 
nood LOL
2018-11-07 12:04
Finland Alko^ 
NiKo is not good as igl he should focus on fragging since he is the best rifler in the world
2018-11-07 07:20
Best rifler in the world pfft hahahaha coldZera
2018-11-07 09:51
rain | 
Singapore cwRr 
fucking Idiot coldZERA in 2k18 LMAO
2018-11-14 14:11
How are you judging his igl ability? Or do you just think a star player shouldn't igl?
2018-11-07 10:26
Finland Alko^ 
yeah and FaZe's t strats are shit NiKo just isnt good igl
2018-11-07 11:05
He hasn't been one for long and Faze have already won an event.
2018-11-07 11:10
Bulgaria omaiguudness 
Karrigan is not the goddamn igl anymore, slow brain yes?
2018-11-06 22:39
angry faze fan xaxaxaxa
2018-11-06 22:40
That does not necessarily mean that they will keep NiKo igl.... slow brain, yes.,?
2018-11-07 13:02
Bulgaria omaiguudness 
Theyve been keeping him for long enough and its been kind of working
2018-11-08 19:37
"Kind of" is not good enough for Faze. Either way we don't know if they are gonna keep him as IGL or not. And you insulting people when you're the one with the slow brain, just make you look a douche...
2018-11-08 22:34
Niko is igl +sunNy
2018-11-06 22:40
why would sunny downgrade
2018-11-06 22:40
Going from #7 team to #4 team is Downgrade??!
2018-11-06 22:42
lol hltv ranking
2018-11-06 22:43
yea HLTV Ranking is a joke but What about playing Minor? xd Minor team>Major Legend?!
2018-11-06 22:45
Spain Rekto_Plasm 
no one, they will sign sunny
2018-11-06 22:40
why would sunny downgrade
2018-11-06 22:40
Spain Rekto_Plasm 
how is going from #7 to #4 downgrade?
2018-11-06 22:49
since when does hltv ranking show the real ranking?
2018-11-06 22:54
Spain Rekto_Plasm 
does the amount of trophies that faze has compared to mouz tells them then? ps: always, thats what happens when the ranking is about points and how many points per tournament you can earn, and not a biased opinion like yours
2018-11-06 22:57
the only intresting thing about who is better is who is better and Faze just sucks for half a year mouz wasnt invited to last events and couldnt get points dumbfuck
2018-11-06 23:09
Norway PeteZz 
mouz core = 2 events faze core = 7 events ez math
2018-11-06 23:20
Spain Rekto_Plasm 
faze just sucks for half a year -> won one tournament less than one month ago plus 2 more tournaments this year, and getting 2nd at the major playing all its maps and 2nd in IEM XIII playing all of the maps aswell mouz wasnt invited to last events and couldnt get points -> because in order to be invited to last events you need either to qualify for another event, be in a team where the country is hosting an event, or get a minimum of points. dumbfuck
2018-11-06 23:27
dude stop trying. faze > mouz. bottom line. not even legends next major shut up.
2018-11-07 11:23
yea HLTV Ranking is a joke but What about playing Minor? xd Minor team>Major Legend?!
2018-11-06 23:13
Austria Laolon 
simple thing.... money
2018-11-07 11:13
he still misses that russian thot nastia
2018-11-06 22:41
Wut , did they break up ?
2018-11-07 12:55
2018-11-07 12:58
+smithzzz for good smokes
2018-11-06 22:41
You mean cigarettes??
2018-11-07 07:01
2018-11-07 07:16
Living under a rock in the past couple months?
2018-11-06 22:44
2018-11-06 22:44
Poland ZimmyS 
-karrigan +coldzera Mark my wods.
2018-11-06 22:45
would be so sick
2018-11-06 22:54
Poland ZimmyS 
Yeah, i'm waiting for that.
2018-11-06 23:00
2018-11-06 23:11
Poland ZimmyS 
Sorry, but MIBR is really bad and it's better for Coldzera to change team.
2018-11-07 01:18
he'd have to move to europe. i dont see it happening. maybe cold can join liquid
2018-11-07 11:21
Other Phinks 
I marked your words
2018-11-07 09:48
North America Catterific 
Can we copystrike pewdiepie
2018-11-07 09:48
Poland ZimmyS 
2018-11-07 13:30
Its ScreaM...
2018-11-06 22:46
Norway PeteZz 
most unstable player since WWII. No way.
2018-11-06 23:20
When you try too hard to be funny that it makes no sense
2018-11-06 23:52
Norway PeteZz 
:’( such hurtful
2018-11-07 00:11
Amazing player
2018-11-07 00:24
mantuu | 
Europe R2D2s 
-olof +kio ez
2018-11-06 22:47
NiKo | 
Belgium JariCSGO 
Maybe -Karrigan +Shox as IGL (NiKo back to fragger) But honestly I don't think they will change, Karrigan back to IGL spot soon.
2018-11-06 22:52
"+Shox as IGL trololo
2018-11-06 22:53
try to mix hardworking team with a crying diva xaxaxxaxaxaxxaxaxa
2018-11-07 07:59
NiKo | 
Belgium JariCSGO 
Might be your opinion, but Shox is still a good IGL in my eyes
2018-11-07 09:42
India C0|d 
Shox got weak English comms
2018-11-07 11:38
Since when is Shox an igl?
2018-11-07 11:55
NiKo | 
Belgium JariCSGO 
Evryone with good gamesense can be an IGL with some training. Shox has insanely good gamesense. But as I mentioned I think (and hope) Karrigan stays. Still one of the smartest players out there.
2018-11-08 15:22
ACTUALLY here is the plan keep karrigan (IMPORTANT!) -rain -olof -guardian -Niko +device +dupreeh +Xypn9x +Magisk glaive: He quits CS, goes on to live inside the Copenhagen Zoo with the other megaforehead giraffes
2018-11-06 23:06
Spain 7VultuR 
Also, -Roban +Zonic
2018-11-06 23:18
s1mple | 
Denmark Weylyn2 
-magisk +cajunb
2018-11-07 12:02
Norway PeteZz 
tabsen or krimz
2018-11-06 23:19
krimz is the best option but he's too expensive. mb wait for krimz's free agency.
2018-11-07 08:10
United States AproximateCS 
Krimz probably most loyal player of all time, no way he'd screw over fnatic
2018-11-07 12:59
loyal to what? no dennis no flusha no olof. chance to play with his best teammate (they were playing in LGB) is available - why not? cs is about relationship between teammates first of all.
2018-11-14 13:24
United States AproximateCS 
He wouldn't make fnatic play minor
2018-11-14 13:58
if so just wait fnatic would not get PO in katowice.
2018-11-14 14:06
North America LedwigCS 
gob b I'd love to see that, one of the most dedicated IGLs of all time, has some great strategies, and definitley knows how to use his players to their best, I mean took a team that barely should be able to reach Top 20 without him, and has made them consistent Top 10 and helping players like smooya get a grip on their toxicity slowly but surely. Great guy, honestly the step FaZe would need even though it won't happen.
2018-11-06 23:19
Smooya is in a big slump right now, I would not say gob b made that line up work quite yet.
2018-11-06 23:22
North America LedwigCS 
I mean they've hit Top 10 and performed greatly for their position. I think the lineup has ways to go but they're certainly not bad.
2018-11-06 23:43
Indonesia segopecel 
+1 But its hard to imagine gob b parting ways with tabsen and nex
2018-11-07 11:14
North America LedwigCS 
Yeah, I don’t see gob b going anywhere anytime soon but I love to dream.
2018-11-07 13:17
Aleksib | 
Finland M0FF3 
I hope Krimz or Sunny
2018-11-06 23:45
FaZe: -karrigan +carrygan
2018-11-07 00:17
Sweden Zeepter 
Cromen Pronax GoldeN Zeus Fallen S1mple Niko FalleN - igl + awp ColdZera Rain
2018-11-07 00:18
2018-11-07 00:19
Australia Lomcharton 
It;s gonna be coldzera if MIBR dont make playoffs this tourney, he's wanted to move teams for some time now
2018-11-07 07:24
SNAX igl
2018-11-07 08:05
jkaem | 
Norway flixje 
My toughts are simple. I dont think they will replace Finn Andersen. He is the most known ingame leader, and have done some incredeable things before. Even if i think his level is far away from the other teammates,i dont think they will replace him. If they replace him, they will pick up a talent player. They need to choose then, if they want to pick up a IGL, or a fragger. Because if they pick up a IGL, they will replace Niko's role. And let him be the best fragger for the team. Those are mine opinions. I might be wrong. But those are mine opinions about the case (-karrigan). To sum it up. I think that they wont replace him at first. But if they do, they will pick up either a IGL, and let Niko be a fragger, or pick up a fragger, and keep Niko as IGL.
2018-11-07 08:11
HUNDEN will be new igl, NiKo will get back to fragging
2018-11-07 09:47
Other Phinks 
Krimz please
2018-11-07 09:48
Norway AndersBreivik 
Snax or cromen
2018-11-07 09:50
snax lulz
2018-11-07 11:18
D0cC | 
Ukraine 1578 
It would be good if they buy cromen
2018-11-07 09:51
i wish its krimz
2018-11-07 09:58
United States AproximateCS 
He wouldnt fuck over fnatic
2018-11-07 13:00
Austria Laolon 
i could imagen they take chrisJ... if he is still igl on mouz.... Niko was the best player in the world when he was playing with chrisJ as IGL and i think chris could handl the stars and play support and second awp on this team
2018-11-07 11:15
olof and niko are already second awp and they are as good as chrisJ.
2018-11-07 11:18
Austria Laolon 
yeah but i dont like it when rifle players pick up the awp... does not matter if they are pretty desent with it... and chrisJ is an awper who is prettty capable with a rifle but it would be stupid to let him play rifle while niko or olof who are much better with rifle play the awp... and the main reason why i think he could play on this team is the igl part
2018-11-07 11:21
yeah thats pretty excited movement if it happens but i dont think chris will leave from mouz
2018-11-07 14:55
Austria Laolon 
mh i mean i think he feels pretty well at mouze but i think there are some reasons that might change his mind... 1) for sure he will not be a star player at Faze thats but i think Faze would pay more money if they realy want them... 2) it would be a challenge for him and i think it would be interesting for him to change some things to make this high potential team successfull 3) and last but not least i think he knows that he has a big chance to have success with Faze cause he knows Niko and how to use him as we saw it allready on mouze so i think it would be possible from his point of view
2018-11-07 14:59
-karrigan +coldzera
2018-11-07 11:16
it will be either sunny, ropz or krimz. but if they win or make it to the finals karrigan will stay
2018-11-07 11:17
They wont kick bot. They will lose astralis and liquid/mouse/navi and exits in quarter finals. Looks like they like to exit in qf with 4 superstars. Faze is made to make karrigan happy. Enjoy wasting your career Niko.
2018-11-07 11:24
IF karrigan gets replaced i think either S1mple or Sunny
2018-11-07 11:25
astralis era ended, so maybe faze gonna buy gla1ve, niko can frag again?
2018-11-07 11:30
Belgium twentyfourJE 
+krimz would be the best option and -rain +cold mebbe
2018-11-07 11:32
Norway AndersBreivik 
Leave krimz alone idiots
2018-11-07 11:37
India C0|d 
Karrigan not going anywhere boiz :D
2018-11-07 11:40
United States AproximateCS 
Depends how well they do, they have looked rocky af this tournament
2018-11-07 13:01
-karrigan +Hobbit ez
2018-11-07 11:45
2018-11-07 12:03
They don't want a silver in their star lineup lul. Snax days are now gone.
2018-11-08 20:06
if flusha didnt sign for c9, he would be good pick
2018-11-07 12:04
-karrigan +karr1gan faze ez top 1
2018-11-07 12:05
i saw karrigan literally scoping into angles during train retakes... he could have won those gunfights had he just taken them like he was supposed to
2018-11-07 13:19
Just get krimz and niko will igl or go for flusha thrn
2018-11-07 13:21
Cromen, KRIMZ, suNny or maybe ropz Cromen would be the cheapest option and the most logical
2018-11-07 13:29
2018-11-08 15:24
He's likely seeing his contract out, plus i also think the experience he can lend to Niko in the meantime is priceless.
2018-11-08 15:27
frozen | 
Slovakia Ajko 
2018-11-08 22:35
+ twistz or kjaerbye
2018-11-08 22:36
Get the other Niko so they can have two on the same team. Would be funny listening to them play and hard for the players to say things. NIKO! GO A SITE NOW! Then they both run there.
2018-11-08 22:39
mb hire styko and hiko as well. it would be very hard to recognize who and what should do. this team shout take zeus as igl and switch teamspeak to russian for him. other players will learn it- no problem (mibr can easily confirm)
2018-11-14 13:28
IZI Fallen
2018-11-14 13:59
Niko will take over roll as IGL
2019-05-15 23:00
You realise karrigan has achieved more in like 2 years then you will throughout your whole life right
2019-05-15 23:01
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