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1 month in Vietnam
NiKo | 
Netherlands RonkTooStronk 
So basically my best friend is backpacking in Australia and me and 2 other friends want to meet him in Vietnam. We want to stay there for about 1 month. We are about 20 yo so we wanna party and do some exciting shit. What are the best location to visit in 1 month time?
2018-11-07 16:57
Just go to Australia then wtf
2018-11-07 16:58
2018-11-07 17:04
"We are about 20 yo so we wanna party and do some exciting shit." Then why go to Vietnam?? Why not go to Australia? lol.
2018-11-07 17:26
Vietnam is alot cheaper to go to, as i am styding i dont earn that much. If we would go to Australia i prob need 2 times as much money.
2018-11-07 17:28
Belgium Donderinho 
2 times? more like 5 times lol
2018-11-07 18:00
man i wish i had friends
2018-11-07 16:59
s1mple | 
Czech Republic is_trash 
ho chi minh city, it's more modern compared to Hanoi
2018-11-07 16:59
Ukraine EarthAintFlat 
Just don't go to the jungle or they might think you are a gringo and you know they don't like gringos walking around their jungle
2018-11-07 17:01
GO to Saigon (ho-chi-Minh-city ) it is more western then the rest of the country Was there when I was 15 so don’t know about party locations but there are some And it’s a crazy really cool city
2018-11-07 17:04
Ah okey ill look it up ty
2018-11-07 17:10
2018-11-07 17:11
Indonesia Alpha_Poland 
Go to bali wtf are you doing in Vietnam. Just promise me y'all wont do VOC shit no more.
2018-11-07 17:12
already went to bali last year
2018-11-07 17:13
Indonesia Alpha_Poland 
I went to Ho chi min almost 8-10 years ago when I was in high school. It was shit man. But yeah I went there with my family. Night life is probably better in Thailand for SEA. Also, maybe Cambodia since their main revenue is their casinos. But I prefer lighter skins girls so Thai>Bali>Cambo>>>>>>>>>>>>>Vietnam.
2018-11-07 17:17
Belgium Donderinho 
Looks like you have no clue what you're talking about. I just spent 5 months in Vietnam. The Bui Vien area in Ho Chi Minh city is the KhaoSan Road of Vietnam. And Vietnamese girls are way lighter skinned than Balinese and Cambodian girls lmao
2018-11-07 17:31
Indonesia Alpha_Poland 
The order I made wasn't referring to girls alone it was my general experience. I know both balinese and cambodian girls are more tanned. But Thai girls are lighter skin. Also I wasn't talking about Balinese girls, I was talking about Indonesian girls in general that visit Bali which is a lot. They're more lighter skins than Balinese girls. I mean good for you if you enjoyed your stay in Vietnam. I visited VT 8 years ago or so and things must have changed and like I said I was there with my family so our main focus was clearly not the night life.
2018-11-07 17:42
Mekong is lovely this time of the year. You should swim naked there.
2018-11-07 17:14
s1mple | 
Bulgaria Critias 
Don't die
2018-11-07 17:15
ho chi minh city bro!
2018-11-07 17:15
Vietnam is pretty small country. You can visit a lot of places within a month timeframe: 1. Ho Chi Minh City 2. Ha Noi 4. Ha Long 3. Da Nang 4. Phu Quoc 5. Nha Trang 6. Hue 7. Sa Pa Those are popular places and easy to visit.
2018-11-07 17:15
Vietnam not really small in my oppinion haha But ty ill look it up
2018-11-07 17:19
Europe ssk. 
Hanoi - Cat Ba and Ha Long bay - Hoi An - Mui Ne - Ho Chi Minh Best way is to buy scooters in the north and keep driving south. In the end just sell bikes to the backpackers who want to do the same, but from south to north.
2018-11-07 17:19
I was thinking about that aswell, but traveling from north to south in 1 month with some sight seeing and other activities, is that possible?
2018-11-07 17:21
Belgium Donderinho 
1 month is cutting it close. It's possible for sure, seeing as most of the parts in south vietnam aren't worth seeing anyways. However, I planned 1 month in Vietnam last year and ended up there for 5 months lmao
2018-11-07 17:32
United States circles308 
I went there for two weeks, you gonna shit a lot really badly and its really hot, might want to bring some stuff for your stomach
2018-11-07 17:22
World ZMDR 
just dont eat garbage street food
2018-11-07 17:24
Indonesia Astranesia 
Expected from murica
2018-11-09 09:13
Did really like Nha Trang when I was there with some friends. We spent 2 weeks there, and the beach and all that stuff is really nice. But if you do spend some time there, go see the war tunnels. There was a wonderful tour showing all the traps and stuff they used to fight in the war. You also get to crawl in the tunnels and all that stuff. I do recommend it all, I didn't know I ever had an interest about stuff like that, but seeing it was honestly one of the coolest things I've ever seen. Pro tip: Always carry a card from the hotel you are staying on, that way you can always get home. Saigon(Ho Chi Minh) > Nha Trang, if we talk party only, but still it isn't a bad place.
2018-11-07 17:35
Belgium Donderinho 
If you wanna party, then Ho Chi Minh city in the south of Vietnam is where you wanna be. Expect a cultural shock when you get there, the Bui Vien area is fucking crazy and compared to the big nightlife district in Bangkok Khao San Road. However, other than partying there really isn't that much to do in Ho Chi Minh city or even nearby. The scenery and nature in the south is pretty shit. If you want adventure, explore, see amazing nature, I would definitely suggest going to the capital of Hanoi in the north. Hanoi is a really cool city, you have Ta Hien street which is beer street where there are nice clubs and bars, and locals and backpackers mingle every evening over there. There is a SHIT load of things to do around Hanoi too. The nature in northern Vietnam is the most beautiful I ever seen (look up Ha Giang), you could make your base in Hanoi and from there do day trips or multiple day trips to: Phong Nha Ke Bang national park (fucking beautiful place and home to the biggest caves in the world), Ninh Binh, Mai Chau, spend a few days on Cat Ba Island, go check out the crazy waterfall of Ban Gioc, and the best of all is the motorbike loop in Ha Giang. I just spent 5 months in Vietnam so if you have anymore questions feel free to ask. Vietnam is amazing
2018-11-07 17:36
Finland yesyess 
how much living in a hotel cost there? like some decent one. Did u live in airBnB or where? how much that cost? how much u need money f.e living off for a month?
2018-11-07 17:43
Belgium Donderinho 
I was with a friend so we could just share a private hotel room every evening, which makes it a lot cheaper than when you travel alone. For around 10 euros you have nice rooms, with TV and airco and all that. In the bigger cities it's more expensive, but around 10 euros for a room with 2 beds is about normal. I stayed in hotels everytime. The general consensus for a month in South east Asia is you need about 800-1000 euros for a month. A daily budget should be around 30 euros (so hotel + transport + food&drinks + excursions)
2018-11-07 17:47
Finland yesyess 
ok thanks for your answer! ive been thinking to go to vietnam a long time now for some time (+3months) and might go yeah. Really not bad for live 5months with 6k money
2018-11-07 18:20
Belgium Donderinho 
6k would definitely be enough for 7 months. And just do it man, go for it! Like I said before, I planned to stay 1 month in Vietnam and ended up staying for 5 months. Best experience of my life!
2018-11-07 18:21
Finland yesyess 
Nice! :D i guess ill be fine with english there right?
2018-11-07 18:26
Belgium Donderinho 
Yeah man for sure
2018-11-07 18:26
Asia SiduLooty 
is this for the world challenge btw (Vietnam and Laos)?
2018-11-07 17:45
Definitely go to hao long bay, and also the inner part of the country. However if you are there for one month dont hesitate and take a quick jump to cambodia and check out the Angkor complex, its absolutely amazing. I was there for a couple of days and trust me when I tell you that its absolutely breathtaking
2018-11-07 18:02
suNny | 
Vietnam Oida 
everywhere dude. stay clear of the big tourist shit though. don't go to Ha Long if you can avoid it. plenty of other extremely beautiful places here. Hanoi and Saigon alone can give you plenty of things to do/see/feel for weeks.
2018-11-07 18:04
Netherlands Suchknife 
Feel ;)), happy ending massages
2018-11-09 09:09
2018-11-07 18:21
Cyprus Swishh_ 
Wait for 2020 and go watch the f1 gp ez
2018-11-07 18:22
fortunate son
2018-11-09 09:05
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