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Why has not this hiring happened yet? Cerq is the best NA awper by far, Liquid needs a top awper if they want to set themselves as top 5
2018-11-08 13:54
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United States VeryGodGuy 
this could be good but who do they replace they cant do because nitr0 cause hes there igl and the one who normally uses the awp and i dont think removing taco is good idea for another star player
2018-11-08 13:58
2018-11-08 14:01
2018-11-08 14:03
Yea bro, but I'm tired of seeing Nitro miss easy shots in decisive games, shots that would change a semifinal or a final, a great awper makes a difference in any team
2018-11-08 14:02
Just kick nitro and taco and get Daps and cerq
2018-11-08 14:15
2018-11-08 14:25
mantuu | 
Europe R2D2s 
He isn't from NA XDD
2018-11-08 13:59
u understood what i meant
2018-11-08 14:00
mantuu | 
Europe R2D2s 
Yes, he play on NA team, but bulgarian nationality.
2018-11-08 14:00
plays on NA team = part of NA scene
2018-11-08 14:03
Austria iVulkaN 
''Cerq is the best NA awper by far''
2018-11-08 14:19
but he plays at NA scene?
2018-11-08 14:01
the guy is braindamaged, don't know why you even bother explaining it
2018-11-08 14:04
if I haven't been watching pro cs for a long I wouldn't know it too, thay's why I replied
2018-11-08 14:09
- Nitro + Cerq, but they have to find an igl solution.
2018-11-08 14:06
Yea, but better IGLS than nitro has many
2018-11-08 14:19
Turkey Historian 
no liquid woxic
2018-11-08 14:12
Its easier for them to go after someone in NA scene
2018-11-08 14:20
Why would cerq join worse team than he is in now?
2018-11-08 14:14
cmon, Liquid always arrives in big finals but loses precisely because it does not have a player like Cerq, Cerq deserves to win tournaments bigger than a summit
2018-11-08 14:20
liquid has already set themselves as a top 5 team. they need to figure out their problems in this lineup not make more roster changes
2018-11-08 14:28
Liquid in the top 5 is just a joke, they are good but they choke so much in the decisions that if they face MIBR in a bo3 they win only of 2-1
2018-11-08 16:52
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