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100€ for you
Germany toxic777 
hello, if any guy can solve this problem ill donate 100€ for him ! specs: i7 8700k oc auf 4.4ghz ~ 40grad watercooled corsair hi80v 16gb 3200mhz g skill RAM 250gb ssd nv2. samsung 960 evo 1tb hdd toshiba 1070 gtx strix asus ~ 40/50grad mainboard asus strix z370f 600w be quiet netzteil monitor benq xl2411t @ 144hz i just noticed when i start cs in menu i have fps_max set to 300 in menu it SHOULD show 119, but it shows me 117 jumping to 118 sometimes, also if i got fps__max 300 ingame the fps are not 299 they are 270-280, when i see people on streams having fps_max 300 they have constantly 299 and only the second 9 is going up and down, it means thheir fps are stable. plsss help any1 what i did: wind 10 new install ddu steam overlay deactivate disabled bios c states also speedstep changed cfg combatibility fullscreen deacitvate workshopmaps deleted geforce experience deinstall old graphiccard driver single display mode nivdia nvidia inspector tried the flip by flip thing core unparking driver booster - all driver up to date high performance set in settings in windows xbox app deleted windows updated
2018-11-08 22:45
fps_max 0
2018-11-08 22:47
2018-11-08 22:48
Slovenia TOPKEKiksde 
hes right tho
2018-11-08 22:59
no hes not if i do it i have 400-700 fps but gameplay is fuckin slow and the bullets they outcome are not smooth it feels like stutter
2018-11-08 23:01
Germany din0z0r 
maybe try a bit more like fpsmax320 so u maybe get konstant 300 also the fps. also fps drops of 10fps are pretty normal i think
2018-11-08 23:08
Which cable do you use to connect GPU and Monitor?
2018-11-19 11:45
2018-11-20 00:10
Mybe your DVI Cable is defect. Try DP, or another DVI Cable ... It could be you game feels so spongy bc of a defect Cable :D
2018-11-20 11:46
Yep, I agree, you should try the DP.
2018-11-20 12:30
dont have a dp slot in my monitor. bought last week a new dvi cable, didnt notice difference
2018-11-20 22:28
f0rest | 
Europe facecs 
cheek your rams if they r the same company made bro
2018-11-09 00:09
gskill trident z both 16gb 3200mhz
2018-11-09 00:09
f0rest | 
Europe facecs 
test them each cuz rams make those problmes fo sure
2018-11-09 00:11
i did it 10mins ago. both ok
2018-11-09 00:11
f0rest | 
Europe facecs 
maybe they r both demaged try to borrow from friends if they have
2018-11-09 00:15
Greece knk74 
Maybe you should see if you put them in the correct slot for dual channel
2018-11-12 06:28
like i out them in dual a2 and dual b2 thats right i think
2018-11-12 12:01
fps_max 302?
2018-11-09 14:20
master mind
2018-11-09 14:51
correct. and you can try chaging something in settings.
2018-11-20 22:35
Russia cush^ 
fps_max_menu 0 fps_max 0 profit
2018-11-08 22:50
France France98123 
2018-11-08 23:23
Guatemala KlassiKer 
This guy knows
2018-11-08 23:47
fake flagger. true russian only knows bind "w" "+foward" bind "f1" "buy p90" bind "f2" "say rush B"
2018-11-09 14:53
bind "w" "+forward;buy weapon_p90;say rush b" *
2018-11-09 16:51
wrong, is say_team
2018-11-18 00:17
no lol
2018-11-18 00:18
you want the whole server to know youre rushing b?
2018-11-18 00:19
2018-11-18 00:19
moi bratan
2018-11-21 14:19
2018-11-20 12:51
Russia cush^ 
2018-11-09 19:38
Kaze | 
Portugal sennsei 
is your ram running at 3200MHz? It's not by default, you need to activate it (overclock).
2018-11-08 22:50
i use i7 8700k too with gtx 1070 ti and i have the same issue but its mostly 290-299 maybe its hardware related idk but i mean maybe just do fps_max 320 =D so u get them 300
2018-11-08 22:50
nah its not stable 299 like others guy have
2018-11-08 22:57
Serbia strninja 
core unparking why are you doing this shit with such a strong proccesor? u might fucked something in those lame unpark programs that doesent do anything at all but get your cpu unstable
2018-11-08 22:51
2018-11-09 13:25
have you tried reinstalling cs/running a different cs config? toying around with the launch options?
2018-11-08 22:51
2018-11-08 22:56
I guess monitor connected through hdmi port limiting it to 120Hz and Vsync on, hence just below 120fps.
2018-11-08 22:51
i have dvi 144hz
2018-11-08 22:57
why wanting 300fps then? it makes no point to have more fps than ur screen refresh rate, ur cpu is just gonna work harder than it should
2018-11-09 16:57
Because unlike monitor refresh rate, for FPS time for each frame is not consistent. For example, for 144fps it isn't 144 frames spread evenly through entire second, each frame taking 0.00694(4) seconds to draw. Who's able to tell how much framerate you'd need to avoid duplication of frames aka stuttering entirely?
2018-11-17 02:42
Ok but you will not feel the difference between 270 and 300fps if u have 144hz monitor
2018-11-18 00:14
2018-11-08 22:51
Should'nt it be unchecked?
2018-11-09 01:33 should be like on this video
2018-11-09 13:19
I've putted 8 cores and my pc is not booting anylonger. And i have no backup files damn.
2018-11-10 22:04
fps_max_menu 0 fps_max 0 i give you my paypal address ez life
2018-11-08 22:52
Finland kkonaa 
Same issue just cap frame rate 320 then it will be 300fps
2018-11-08 22:53
driver booster - all driver up to date - might be the problem since you have nVidia GTX series Updates are random and may cause fps drops(had this issue myself, I rolled back the driver upd and got back my 250+fps (i5+GTX780)) try another patch if you alrdy use old graphiccard driver steam overlay deactivate combatibility fullscreen deacitvate workshopmaps deleted OVERKILL with ur specs
2018-11-08 22:53
tried already everything
2018-11-08 22:59
Ukraine lambrettaFM 
2018-11-08 22:53
Norway rogueplayer 
1024x768 black bars everything low and off optimize nvidia settings and put Maximum Pre-Rendered Frames to 2, not 1 i have way worse rig than you, but got the same performance perhaps even better actually
2018-11-08 22:54
fps_max 320 that way you will get 290-300 fps solved, you can paypal me the money
2018-11-08 22:57
lol just set fps max 400-500 or sth.. if u play with capped fps at 300 you will most probably not have constant 299 no matter how good is your pc otherwise install win7
2018-11-08 22:59
like can u guys read properly??? i said that most of the guys i know have constant 299 fps on every fuckin map and only the second 9 is moving when i cap fps 300 i have 260-280 barely reaching 290
2018-11-08 23:01
United States Idoitforluls 
Name checks out
2018-11-08 23:08
try copying this line into your launch options -high -freq 144 -nojoy you can also open task manager and while csgo is open and "run as high priority"
2018-11-08 23:01
tried already
2018-11-08 23:07
if you really want that extra 20fps my advice is just buy and 8 core processor and better graphics card :/
2018-11-08 23:09
dude i have a 2k€ pc nearly like a lot of have this processor and stable 299
2018-11-08 23:12
mat_queue_mode 2 in console pzez
2018-11-08 23:02
Ukraine ElderTitan 
that's the problem... You lack 10-20 fps to satisfy your ego, what the hell difference between 270 and 299 fps, I play with fps from 27 to 90, and I'm not fucked. Because even with such a FPS, I can fuck noobs. My advice to you, do not fuck the brains with this "important" problem, or maybe you just beat the beggars to advice
2018-11-08 23:02
dude i know when the game has to run smooth and when not when i spray the spray is like the bullets coming out suttering and slow and this is bcus frames are missing
2018-11-08 23:08
Ukraine ElderTitan 
rly? on 270 fps bullets coming out suttering. sry i don't understand I poor student with old PC, play M(bcse can't play faciet< too low fps on128tick) with 35-40 fps when shooting - this like slide show I think when you playing with 270fps y can spray very ez (never had 270 fps, just imagine) So i hope y will find decision , but for me your problam is strange
2018-11-08 23:12
it is trust me... no one can solve this problem its insane
2018-11-08 23:13
Latvia Frip! 
Bro, it's different for shittier pc I remember how I played on potato with 20-60 fps and it wasn't that bad, I think on this new pc like 100 fps are worse (more lags) than on that potato with 20-60
2018-11-09 14:02
if bullets come out stuttering it could be internet . go to community server or mm and picture net_graph
2018-11-09 18:48 this + install either nvidia 390.77 or 378.92 , cause they are the best nvidia drivers so far and u should reinstall to some older win 10 pro(april 2018) or something and disable all the automatic updates from everywhere, also try cleaning your shit cause it's prolly all dusty and stuff, that helped me with 100-150 fps, dunno if it will help you tho, also get some more ram, its cheap and efficient :D
2018-11-08 23:06
tried already everything bro..
2018-11-08 23:09
well i have pretty much the same specs, just 64gb ram + its a laptop and it helped me when i did those things, idk
2018-11-08 23:10
JD | 
Poland misterr_ 
what? how.. much ram???
2018-11-09 00:16
2018-11-09 00:16
JD | 
Poland misterr_ 
what would you do with this amount of ram lolll
2018-11-09 00:17
well its good for coding and other stuff aswell
2018-11-09 00:17
JD | 
Poland misterr_ unless you are 1st guy from this clip, how does 64 gb helps you hehe
2018-11-09 00:19
Russia Skrelp 
LOL, why you care about it ? its rly problem or what ? you have lags in pug ? actually 270-280 fps with fps_max 300 its good, i use same.
2018-11-08 23:05
Brazil galaxythe1 
I guess thats normal having it between 270 and 280. Try "fps_max 0" or "fps_max 999" so it's going to be stable and smooth
2018-11-08 23:10
no sorry..... told u already all players have consistent 299 and when i shoot its like its missing frames cause the bullets they outcome not so fast as they supposed to be and the spray is terrible....
2018-11-08 23:11
thats not an fps problem then
2018-11-08 23:35
what then?
2018-11-08 23:37
if u play 4:3, try putting the same resolution on the desktop
2018-11-08 23:44
I had the same problem as you a year ago or more.. the nvidia inspector thing solved it for me but a few months ago it started randomly happening.. Now its a jackpot sometimes its smooth sometimes not, but I have a shitty connection and thats what it might be causing the ptoblems sometimes and not actually have anything to do with the pc
2018-11-08 23:46
exact same thing was on lan with a friend he has good internet same shit...
2018-11-08 23:49
this still sounds like a network issue to me, do you use any weird network settings in csgo or on your pc?
2018-11-09 02:48
no dude
2018-11-09 03:51
2018-11-09 16:55
2018-11-08 23:14
2 dual ram 16gb as u can see from my post
2018-11-08 23:15
so just put 310fps
2018-11-08 23:18
fps_max 320
2018-11-08 23:14
Btw its not problem
2018-11-08 23:14
stop taking drugs so you won't drop frames
2018-11-08 23:14
You're just bad and are blaming this "issue" to boost your ego. 10 / 20 fps don't matter on 270 / 300 /thread
2018-11-08 23:15
Australia jar 
Make sure your Monitor is plugged into your gpu not MB
2018-11-08 23:15
Romania Cuntstantin 
video settings?
2018-11-08 23:15
1280x800 16:10 tried every resolution
2018-11-08 23:16
Turkey Froxlol 
i've 1070ti ryzen 1600 . im getting 290 299 and sometimes 200-250 like you , if you fix it tell me xD
2018-11-08 23:16
rain | 
Israel lolzer 
ryzen!, reboot pc and get all fps.
2018-11-09 00:02
Ukraine ElderTitan 
console command: -high -fps max 299 ez 100$
2018-11-08 23:17
-high doens't work anymore !!!
2018-11-08 23:18
Ukraine ElderTitan 
lol kek
2018-11-08 23:19 Find the csgo video he has a winrar download that fine tunes all the minor details that combined affect fps like eye moverment bullet tracers background lighiting really good and useful videos they guy knows his stuff
2018-11-08 23:21
Latvia latvianguy 
That retard fucks up your game and windows in all of his videos. Maybe only some shit helps.
2018-11-08 23:22
Latvia latvianguy 
Open up GeForce experience and disable all the overlay and recording crap, uninstall NVIDIA 3D Drivers etc. Physx and Graphic drivers are the only ones you need. Uninstall GeForce experience after you've done that. Then install some other graphic driver, the latest nvidia ones are always buggy specifically the newest 2. I reccomend the October 4th Driver. Then restart pc n shit, mby will help.
2018-11-08 23:21
didnt help bro
2018-11-08 23:30
Latvia latvianguy 
I don't want to believe you did it in 9 minutes, and ur just not even trying. But, okay shit then.
2018-11-08 23:31
i did it before i did all other things dude let me say i tried pretty much everything that google has to offer this "deinstall graphic driver 3d and geforce experience blabla i cant here that shit anymore sorry but i tried it like 3 times already
2018-11-08 23:33
Latvia latvianguy 
Just noticed you wrote it yeah, uhm how hot is your gpu when on csgo? Should be less than 60 degrees, around 45 degree ratio with ur rig.
2018-11-08 23:34
ye its like 40
2018-11-08 23:35
Ukraine ElderTitan 
reload computer should work
2018-11-08 23:22
Turkey OfficialRaFi 
-high -threads 6/12/?
2018-11-08 23:25
He would never give 100€ Bcse if anyone has a right solution he will not comment anymore
2018-11-08 23:27
i will u fuckin baguette if u are not willing to help fuck off 100€ is nothing for me u favela
2018-11-08 23:28
Type in winver in the search tab at the bottomand make sure your on windows 1803 update The right click the start button and select Windows Powershell ADMIN powercfg -duplicatescheme e9a42b02-d5df-448d-aa00-03f14749eb61 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Paste that in the run box Then search Edit power plan in the search tab go onto power options and you should have enabled the ultimate performance setting instead of high performance? Let me know if it helps bro Secret windows feature
2018-11-08 23:30
Belgium Hjawesomme 
i have the exact same problem brother
2018-11-08 23:37
ye its insane a brand new 2k € pc and not even smooth
2018-11-08 23:39
Other VladimirLucas 
-did you try to see temperature of your CPU and GPU? if they heat you can use Intel tuning utility nad MSI afterburner to undervolt them -maybe turn off gsync from nvidia settings -maybe the problem is from your csgo launch options, remove them -maybe your cl_cmdrate, cl_update, rate, and cl_interp_ratio are causing network lag which in turn causes fps lag
2018-11-08 23:52
cpu 40° gpu 45° no launch options no gsync
2018-11-08 23:54
Other VladimirLucas 
temperature while playing, not when idle
2018-11-08 23:55
2018-11-08 23:58
Other VladimirLucas 
do you have nvidia sound driver? some people used to say it causes fps drop
2018-11-08 23:59
2018-11-08 23:59
Other VladimirLucas 
well my final advice would be to overclock + undervolt both CPU and GPU overclocking makes clock rate faster, and undervolting makes them draw less power and so more efficient idk how to overclock, never done it, but undervolting CPU is easy using Intel Extreme Tuning Utility, and undervolting GPU is harder but done using MSI Afterburner, you'll find good tutorials on youtube
2018-11-09 00:08
ill give it a try, ty
2018-11-09 00:09
France uNLmofo 
i think the issue isn't the fps, trust me we all have the same rig and it's normal to have more and less fps. to be around 300 means your computer is good enought. your issue if I get it well is the sutturing when you spray. so there is few more questions I need to ask : - do you have any software running in the back ground ? ccleaner ? anti virus ? the sutturing could be caused by too much disk access - do you have geforce experience disabled ? no shadowplay nothing extra to record your game, this will prevent to have a "streaming server" running in the back ground to record your last 15 min of games or whatever [damn just read you did already] - Is you memery profile is well set up to XMP in the bios ? - do you experience this on every servers ? I have some sutturing on Faceit, rarely on mm and none on ESEA - do you have this issue at every game ? every map ? just take in consideration that it's nothing wrong with your config or fps, but something else.
2018-11-09 00:00
1. no 3. its not set to xmp 4. every server
2018-11-09 00:03
check #105
2018-11-09 00:19
France uNLmofo 
set it to XMP ! could be it
2018-11-09 00:58
2018-11-09 01:12
France uNLmofo 
nope you tried it or nope you don't want to set it to XMP ? for someone asking help you could be a nicer. I took time to help you even if I know I won't get 100€, just to help. Otherwise, get lost with your issue.
2018-11-09 11:26
bro i ocd ecerything trust me ...
2018-11-09 13:43
Poland Htcobakel 
Maybe your comp is infected and uses some CPU and GPU for crypto virus.
2018-11-09 00:04
2018-11-09 00:05
do you have HPET on or off? you can check in the BIOS. either way, disabling it (or turning it on, whichever would be the case for you) will fix the problem.
2018-11-09 00:18
i have a new asus mainboard they dont support these anymore
2018-11-09 00:19
if ur referring to my post, then you can also change it via windows. also I researched and some Asus boards still have that option so maybe try first.
2018-11-09 00:24
its like 3.5
2018-11-09 00:24
whats like 3.5? your timer? irrelevant, CHANGE THE FUCKING HPET SETTING
2018-11-09 00:25
United States BLaCkKobRa 
Try to play with the resolution and videos settings perhaps? Would gain u few fps for sure. Try to open the pc, and check the air ventilation, clean the dust from the pc and it parts, sometimes it helps Aswell. Hope u figure it out, I know what u mean about this 20 extra fps allowing thr game to run smoother
2018-11-09 00:20
its a brand new pc dude, but thakn you :(
2018-11-09 00:22
United States BLaCkKobRa 
Are u playing on high video settings? Btw why not waste this hundred bucks on a help from an I.T guy who's familiar with esports and fps which could know much better, rather then looking answers from people who just greed for money
2018-11-09 00:25
i dont know any1 dude, and 100€ is nothing for me if the game runs like it supposed to be...
2018-11-09 00:26
United States BLaCkKobRa 
What about the video settings? Are u running all on high? Try to lower global texturing or shadowing or something
2018-11-09 00:28
all low bro
2018-11-09 00:29
United States BLaCkKobRa 
Well if money isn't a problem for u as u say, why not just upgrade your gtx 1070 to something better?
2018-11-09 00:30
dude its a gtx1070 its fuckin lit it should run every fuckin game from now on on highest settings
2018-11-09 00:31
United States BLaCkKobRa 
I have gtx 1070 myself, I'm running all on low and I get 270-290 fps Aswell, mostly 270-280. So u better think again
2018-11-09 00:32
its not gpu, csgo is cpu heavy based
2018-11-09 00:34
digger, probier doch einfach aus HPET zu deaktivieren. wo ist das problem?
2018-11-09 00:29
ich hab das nicht, weil ich n neues asus mainboard hab die untersützen das nich mehr im bios und unter windows ist das mit dem programm utner 3.5 oder sowas das heisst es ist aus
2018-11-09 00:29
dann mach es an und probier nochmal
2018-11-09 00:31
JD | 
Poland misterr_ 
is your csgo installed on ssd or hdd?
2018-11-09 00:23
2018-11-09 00:25
2018-11-09 00:25
have u iinstalled nvidias geforce gameready driver? the one which has an nvidia ovrlay?
2018-11-09 00:34
idk just a default nvidia driver
2018-11-09 00:35
I have exactly same specs as u but 1060 6gb instead. Install this: Geforce experience
2018-11-09 00:36
and then?
2018-11-09 00:37
#133, then in your 1st thing, which will be the nvida control panel, confirm you have 144hz on your monitor
2018-11-09 00:39
after that when you right-click on the nvidia icon in system tray, 2 things will be there.
2018-11-09 00:37
2018-11-09 00:44
2018-11-09 00:45
its 144hz
2018-11-09 00:46
NOW, go to the geforce experience thing, go to your games, csgo should automatically show up, then hover over it then click optimize. UNCHECK automatically optimize. Check if there are any more drivers update the app tells u. if not, then change your res and stuff from Inside the game.
2018-11-09 00:49
umm, u did it?
2018-11-09 01:05
2018-11-09 01:12
so is it better now?
2018-11-09 01:16
2018-11-09 01:16
:( I tried.
2018-11-09 01:17
ty man :(
2018-11-09 01:17
gl bro, the game is heavily cpu based than gpu, hope ur solution lies there :)
2018-11-09 01:19
i hope so too man iam about to buy new pc again ahahahahah
2018-11-09 01:20
steam just got a new update for me, hope that works, dont worry about that issue that much, I also have recently built my rig and experienced some issues along the way, it will eventually solve :)
2018-11-09 01:24
fps_max 0 brother. ez 500fps paypal email send money
2018-11-09 00:26
fps_max 301
2018-11-09 00:41
cl_forcepreload "1" // Preloads The Whole Map & Sounds. cl_autohelp "0" cl_disablehtmlmotd "1" cl_showhelp "0" cl_downloadfilter "nosounds" r_dynamic "1" r_drawtracers "1" r_drawtracers_firstperson "0" r_eyegloss "0" // No Makeup. r_eyemove "0" // No Eye Movement. r_eyeshift_x "0" // No Eye Movement X-Angel. r_eyeshift_y "0" // No Eye Movement Y-Angel. r_eyeshift_z "0" // No Eye Movement Z-Angel. r_eyesize "0" // Smaller Eyes. m_rawinput "1" cl_viewmodel_shift_left_amt "0" cl_viewmodel_shift_right_amt "0" cl_bob_lower_amt "0" cl_bobamt_lat "0.1" cl_bobamt_vert "0.1" cl_bobcycle "0.1" these are smaller settings that will help with fps and actually make for a better viewmodel to shoot at, i have them in my auto exec file
2018-11-09 00:42
ty but its not what i need :(
2018-11-09 00:43
fps_max 0
2018-11-09 00:50 is my paypal btw
2018-11-09 00:50
Uninstall all that shitty "nvidia HD audio drivers" and crap that comes with gpu drivers, go on realtek and just make sure you have proper audio drivers Audio is one of the most overlooked problems in cs and causes some HUGE fps issues if there are conflicting audio drivers
2018-11-09 00:53
Brazil sZad1 
set your video settings on cs to minimum and disable all video options and put Resolution: 1280 x 960 4:3
2018-11-09 00:56
Croatia mds818 
fps max 329, now your fps is 299-310
2018-11-09 01:13
This is a high level bait thread. Nice one
2018-11-09 01:14
its not u danish fuckin dog i told u if u solve this u will get 100 u tremb
2018-11-09 01:16
what an appropriate way to communicate with other people. your sheer civility has done nothing but blow me away.
2018-11-09 01:35
sorry but i hate people like him, having 0 clue but talk shit unneccessary shit
2018-11-09 01:39
he is shitposting. you’re not supposed to take it that seriously lol
2018-11-09 01:57
You got a second monitor running at a different hz than ur main one?
2018-11-09 01:30
2018-11-09 01:31
I used to have the exact same problem as you, microstuttering sometimes but mostly when I spray but I honestly dont remember how I fixed it..
2018-11-09 01:34
come on dude rememberrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
2018-11-09 01:39
2018-11-09 01:54
World ascet 
no u
2018-11-09 02:24
digga ich habs an und ausgemacht war ganze zeit auf 3.6 mhz oder so bringt nix oder ich krieg es nich an kp habs mit cmd administrator gemacht
2018-11-09 02:40
Haha How Does This Problem Even Exist Nigga Haha Just Close Your Eyes And Walk Away Haha
2018-11-09 01:36
World ascet 
2018-11-09 02:24
Albania Fleeperi 
check sound drivers this really solved my problem. with stuttering
2018-11-09 01:43
2018-11-09 02:41
white people problems
2018-11-09 02:48
timerresolution.exe download it , set it on maximum ez fps
2018-11-09 02:50
didnt help...
2018-11-09 13:38
idk, i think you need a lot more than 100 dollars to get valve to fix this broken game try what other ppl said and set your fps to 315 or something, if you can get 400 with fps_max 0, thats about what you can expect. csgo dpoesnt have consistent frametimes, so your avg fps cant be the same as max fps. it just stutters. all you can do is play such high fps that you cant notice it anymore.
2018-11-09 02:56
its not that dude..... i told u ALL exepct me having 299 CONSTANTLY fps im not even going up to this for 2secs
2018-11-09 03:54
maybe try installing linux and running csgo there? it might take a while to get it to work but if your issue is with windows or drivers it might help. cs actually has good opengl support.
2018-11-09 04:11
Australia Googgy 
make sure you 100% have multicore rendering on
2018-11-09 02:55
Do you have other CS account? Check the fps there and tell me.
2018-11-09 02:56
no i dont sry
2018-11-09 03:54
I had the same problem and I basically copy pasted the config from my smurf to my main account and it helped.
2018-11-09 04:13
Fps_max 301
2018-11-09 03:00
Portugal astacp 
Go to steam>steamapps>common>csgo>right click csgo launcher>properties>compatibility>put a mark on disable fullscreen optimizations and also put a mark on the thing called "change PPP high value" and it should be marked as application. Hope it helps. If it doesnt try to run the game at 4:3 res and see if its the same.
2018-11-09 03:08
doesnt help bro :(
2018-11-09 03:55
Russia sneakyboy 
so u literally wanna pay 100e for 20 fps xddd
2018-11-09 13:29
How can one be so retarded to waste hours upon hours on this while it does literally not make a difference except placebo. Mind boggling. This is even more retarded than the I need constantly over 300fps to play good. OMEGALUL
2018-11-09 13:30
tiziaN | 
Germany FREIER 
Do you also think all your problems are solved IF you are good looking and rich?
2018-11-09 13:36
Nigeria Asbhdhsbs 
How is that relevant?
2018-11-09 14:33
tiziaN | 
Germany FREIER 
Its just a showcase for a lack of empathy.
2018-11-09 14:49
North America kodemeizter 
Try going into steam ,right click csgo hit properties then launch options and removing everything
2018-11-09 13:32
tiziaN | 
Germany FREIER 
Hey, sad to hear your struggle! Please run "LatencyMon" to check if some driver/process produce more than usual system lag. I identified my external usb sound card. Got rid of it and now I have a smoother csgo gameplay. Edit: you can also try "Whysoslow" from the same website:
2018-11-09 13:39
how do i see if its causing problems?
2018-11-09 13:39
tiziaN | 
Germany FREIER 
I found the sound card driver causing very high latency, measured in mikroseconds. Basicly when it goes far into the red. You can start checking the highest rated processes in the "processes" tab of "LatencyMon".
2018-11-09 13:43
tiziaN | 
Germany FREIER 
You can check the drivers on the "drivers" tab and sort by the "highest execution" and "highest total execution" and check if its a special driver you can update or delete.
2018-11-09 13:51
India letgoboi 
turn of focus assist while gaming. just search in the start menu " focus assist settings " and turn off while gaming
2018-11-09 13:33
ill gibe it a try
2018-11-09 13:42
Nigeria Asbhdhsbs 
So basically you can't play because you need those extra 20 fps?
2018-11-09 13:38
he can't play because any number different than 299 is "wrong", could be autistic behavior (no flame), because they usually need "perfection" in their life at something
2018-11-09 13:58
turn off pc. turn it on. open ur BIOS settings. find hyperthreading. disable it. in windows click on windows button, search for msconfig, click it, go to boot > advanced options check number of processors put it at the max can, rr pc. also make sure multicore rendering is enabled in csgo video settings. ;))
2018-11-09 13:40
tried this bro :(
2018-11-09 13:42
how about setting nvidia settings the way pros have ?
2018-11-09 13:44
dude i have trief everything google has to offer i need some extra shit to try
2018-11-09 13:45
ok my last advice for u would be go to steamapps common csgo folder find csgo.exe right click it click properties click compatibility check disable fullscreen optimizations apply ok. also if nothing works it might be win 10 1803 causing probs, i downgraded to 1709 or whatever it was called bc some guy here suggested me to try that and have no stutter issues whatsoever with worse setup than you, gtx 1060 6gb and i7-4770 also turn off shader cache on nvidia control panel (nvm u have ssd, leave it on)
2018-11-09 13:56
ok ill explain one more time .... its not about the extra 20fps guys its about when i spray the spray is terrible and its not smooth spraying like it supposed to be..... the bullets coming out not „fluent“ they jitteri g and they come out slower than i see on some streams their aks are fckin fast spray, mine is half so fast and fluent
2018-11-09 13:42
2018-11-09 14:00
u don't need to have this 300 fps to solve your problem, just monitor your fps drops during shooting around couple players or moving around smokes (when cpu is needed the most), notice your biggest drops (for example to 240 fps) then set fps_max 240. Not fluent spray feeling is about fps drops not about 20 or 30 fps more
2018-11-09 14:04
Try to overclock a bit more your CPU. Months ago i had problems with my AMD Ryzen 2400G i just overclocked it a bit. Also try checking if your CPU Ussage % drops when you spray.
2018-11-09 14:27
i have msi afterburner and my cou useage is kike 80% on one of 12 cores i think and it varies when im spraying
2018-11-09 14:33
Try this command and spray in deathmatch ffa. command: net_graph 1; cpu_frequency_monitoring 1
2018-11-09 14:41
its like everytime 113-115% and 4.2 to 4.5 ghz
2018-11-09 14:43
shouldnt the cpu run fuckin smooth and fast ecen wirhout oc??
2018-11-09 14:34
record your own footage and then after rendering to 60fps or streaming 60fps youll see its also very smooth, its just something about human eye i dont know.. i have same thing seeing stream everything so smooth but my game sloppy even though nice fps and stuff, then later on i check my recordings in 60fps and its so smooth..
2018-11-09 16:50
its not about dat placebo bro trust me i know hen this game has to run like it supposed to be running
2018-11-09 18:42
niko | 
Bulgaria Ju7y 
Go to Nvidia Control Pannel Manage 3d settings and change Verical sync to "Fast" in Global settings Go to Program Settings, select CS GO and choose Veritcal Sync to "off"
2018-11-09 13:48
done but nooooo
2018-11-09 14:27
Finland tetuan 
Try overclocking your videocard with MSI Afterburner. Just check some good values from internet. Make sure you have resource hogging settings in windows 10 turned off like xbox things andantivirus scans etc. Benchmark your system to see if it performs like other systems of similar specs.
2018-11-09 13:50
Slovakia baucek1 
install windows 7 thank me later
2018-11-09 13:50
2018-11-21 14:22
Change the setup i3 4gb no GPU ez 999 fps
2018-11-09 14:00
NiKo | 
Other HasomY 
fps_max 301
2018-11-09 14:00
install windows 10 1607 like me. now i have 299 fps. why are you running your cpu @ 4.4 ghz when its turbo boost is 4.7 ghz? bad "oc" lol
2018-11-09 14:04
Estonia gugaep 
You need to update your monitor driver. Trust me, when i did this the same problem " high fps " and stuttering was solved. Go to advanced video settings, monitor settings and update the driver :D
2018-11-09 14:08
where can i find advanced video settings?
2018-11-09 14:28
Estonia gugaep 
Video menu on Windows 10 settings, there is "advanced video settings" or "advanced screen settings" in the end, than you go to "monitor properties" and "update driver"
2018-11-09 14:37
ill try that
2018-11-09 14:42
Its your monitor, xl2411t is 120 hz not 144, set all related monitor settings to 120hz (use DVI D cable not HDMI) -freq 120, and all windows and adapter display settings to 120 hz from 144 even to it shows you the 144 option. I had the same issue since I use the same monitor and this is how I fixed mine.
2018-11-09 14:17
but why should it not be 144hz?? when the monitor is showobg me 144hzü
2018-11-09 14:29
Try it
2018-11-10 09:05
didnt work
2018-11-10 15:43
You didnt try it, I remembered now it was the resolution Benq XL2411 cant run 144 on 1280x800 , change your res to native (1980x1080) just to test if you will have the full 144hz then. If so , you have to set custom 144 on 1280x800 or 120 on 1280x800 via nvidia cpanel to see the difference.
2018-11-20 12:42
dude what??? in nvidia settings it shows me natvie 1920x1080 on 144hz and i have 144 hz wtf ingame when i type in console info it shows me the game running 144hz what are u talking about
2018-11-20 22:27
i think that slow spray is not related to fps. Write "rate 786432" in console(default is 196608). The game might feel smoother after this command.
2018-11-09 14:17
dude im not idiotic....
2018-11-09 14:30
Finland ginbay 
Reinstall whole system.
2018-11-09 14:20
did already if u can read 1st post
2018-11-09 14:30
ill make a short clip when im home ~ about 21CET then u can see what i mean with the spray
2018-11-09 14:36
United States Cs_dev 
fucking level 2 on faceit asking us for 300 fps LMAO
2018-11-09 14:53
what ?
2018-11-09 18:45
launch best options in nvidia panel and then start cs go search how to do it on yt and essa ))))))))))) u can donate via paypal ))
2018-11-09 14:58
iam sure when i post this clip one of u has the answer and can solve it
2018-11-09 15:35
JD | 
Poland misterr_ 
if none of these options that people advised you dont work, it may be a hardware problem like some voltages or other shit, i dunno cuz im not professional but thats my opinion if its hardware problem then you have to give your computer to pro stuff in that shit so
2018-11-09 16:27
JD | 
Poland misterr_ 
it would be definetly cheaper than buying new computer lol
2018-11-09 16:28
i think so too man but whats the problem if everything is new and idk...
2018-11-09 16:45
JD | 
Poland misterr_ 
it sometimes happen, not often but its not that rare as well, its normal i would say
2018-11-09 18:43
I really dont get the problem so you want 20 more fps?
2018-11-09 16:32
2018-11-09 16:45
8700k turbo is 4,7ghz but you oc to 4,4ghz? the fuck ? and u have water cooler u could probably overclock to 5ghz and maybe get some fps boost
2018-11-09 16:49
Australia krittyx 
Have you changed your launch options? putting -high -novid -threads <number of core threads>
2018-11-09 16:50
dont need this shit on my pc it doesnt work either but ty
2018-11-09 18:28
Google and download TCP Optimizer. Launch it as admin. Set OPTIMAL settings below and apply. Download Adwcleaner and clean pc with it. Restart pc. Give me 100. Hf GL
2018-11-09 16:53
this has nothing to do with internet on offline server same shit and i just installed wind 10 fresh
2018-11-09 18:29
Russia sneakyboy 
watch for drivers mb
2018-11-09 19:42
i know the answer but i wont say it bcuz i dont need the money so ill let someone else have a chance hmm... 😎
2018-11-09 20:00 thats not me but i have exact the same issue u can clearly hear and see it
2018-11-10 00:49
It can be anything. Since you tried everything I would clean install Windows again. Only drivers you need + csgo and try again. If it still happens try different internet connection at another house. If it still happens it's 100% hardware and oh please a different CSGO server as well. If it's your hardware, explain the situation and what you tried to where you bought it, and then send it back. And please don't download your csgo config from the steam cloud but leave it standard.
2018-11-10 02:05
India letgoboi 
have you tried playing offline? if it is okay on offline, then you have internet issue
2018-11-10 09:03
offline same shit it has to be hardware or software
2018-11-10 15:43
India letgoboi 
ok then. to remove any software issues, reset cmos or load deafults in the bios, remove any overclocks on the cpu and then try. i think it's bad overclock or wrong ram timings or something. just reset bios and no overclock. if the problem still there then maybe hardware issue.
2018-11-10 17:52
its hardware i think
2018-11-10 18:47
Xbox shit deactivated?
2018-11-10 00:54
2018-11-10 01:03
let me clear: i have good internet no package loss or something.....
2018-11-10 01:03
2018-11-10 01:32
Long thread probably someone said this but watercooled corsair hi80v - BAD 600w be quiet netzteil - COULD BE BETTER but dont bother replacing it You should just do a clean install update everything and chill, don't worry about tweaks until someone fucks something up (windows/nvidia), most of the fps booster "guides" just list things you actually shouldnt do and you're just bloating it up with those external software "aids" (more like A.I.D.S.) like core unparking and driver booster that heat up your cpu even more which leads me to the most important point Your cooler is garbage for OC, an average air cooler would be better than this. Don't bother with liquid cooling unless it's a powerful quality one (240mm at least). You're overheating and getting drops because of it. You might pay twice as much but you get 10x as much worth out of it. Also, wtf 4.4 OC on 8700k? What? Also, voltage?
2018-11-10 01:28
dude my cpu is like 45° ingame its stable at 4.4 at 40-60° in benchmark
2018-11-10 01:52
Why would you oc it at 4.4 when by default it goes up to 4.7?
2018-11-10 02:01
Finland M0nzaa 
It could be the mobo hitting the intel power limits? Try installing intel extreme tuning utility and using that to go beyond the 95w, or enable Multi Core Enhancement (MCE) from BIOS :() heres a vid :() Heres someone with the same board having issues with it :()
2018-11-10 01:41
Turn off power saving mode in bios for cpu
2018-11-10 01:52
did already
2018-11-10 01:54
There are different types in the same bios, what was the name of it?
2018-11-10 01:54
something with c state
2018-11-10 01:57
Ye thats the right one damn dude that fixed it for me
2018-11-10 01:57
Some extra info: Make sure your power setting is set to high performance, make sure your gpu is in 16x rail, make sure your motherboard is set to pcie 3.0, make sure all power saving settings on motherboard are turned OFF. Download Msi afterburner and aggresivley overclock your 1070
2018-11-10 02:01
how do i set my mb to pcie 3.0 ?
2018-11-10 02:02
Namibia banned_so 
upgrade bios
2018-11-10 01:53
2018-11-10 01:54
United States EmeraldCSGO 
Clear space, get liquid cooling, make sure no multitasking and turn back one update of windows 10.
2018-11-10 02:40
United States EmeraldCSGO 
also get 8TB external hardrive and put all miscelaneous on their and do internal gpu as gaming hdd
2018-11-10 02:41
have you tried restarting your pc?
2018-11-10 01:56
Brazil hrp_somehow 
buy 1080ti.
2018-11-10 01:56
United States EmeraldCSGO 
Clear space, get liquid cooling, make sure no multitasking and turn back one update of windows 10.
2018-11-10 02:40
you can try fps_max 0 ingame and limit fps in application profile in nvidia drivers
2018-11-10 02:43
how do i do that?
2018-11-10 02:45
i thought you can do it same way like in amd drivers, but you can't. you should use third party software like Nvidia Inspector
2018-11-10 02:54
- Launch CS - snd_updateaudiocache - snd_rebuildaudiocache - Close CS PM me and I'll give u my paypal, what's ur Nvidia settings btw?
2018-11-10 09:08
these comments are not working , either i cant see them in console
2018-11-10 15:45
res 800*600 black bars ez
2018-11-10 09:09
I know the fix for that been having exact same problem but u said u would pay a bit for right answer would u do it coz my friend need money right now
2018-11-10 09:32
Nepal DRK_21 
hey man i know fix for that problem i had same issue when fps max 300 was not showing stable 299 only 260-280 could u send me pm of your steam id or nickname or some contacts so we could talk about it i mean you said you would pay a little bit for right answer and i really need money right now i will give u the fix first so u will make sure its working coz it fixes that specific problem
2018-11-10 12:35
change ur mousepad
2018-11-10 15:44
Uninstall ---> ez fix worked for me
2018-11-10 15:45
Use old build of windows 10 like 1709,and old nvidia driver like 38x.x
2018-11-10 15:49
Netherlands Logica04 
first of all it should not matter if you have above 240 fps (bc 240 is max refresh rate for 1920x1080) but maybe you could install openhardware monitor and see if you have any bottlenecks. if so you are not getting more fps if not you should try reinstalling drivers or maybe get the previous version of the drivers.
2018-11-10 15:56
Netherlands Logica04 
and check your cpu and ram in bios
2018-11-10 15:56
Netherlands Logica04 
and if that doens't work check nvidia program maybe something like a stable fps option is enabled
2018-11-10 15:58
2018-11-10 17:56
fps_max 300 = max 299 fps_max 144 =max 142/143 it's on every pc like this
2018-11-10 17:57
Also try to uninstall the nvidia geforce experience, it done something similiar to me.
2018-11-10 17:58
Ukraine kek1 
+fps_max_menu 0
2018-11-10 17:57
Probably your CPU is thermal throttling. Try to set your power saving to "performance" mode
2018-11-10 18:17
2018-11-10 18:19
read carefully pls, i think its an software or hardware thats for sure but nothing else. ive resetted my bios and uninstalled geforce experiecene and other shit
2018-11-10 18:51
buy a new computer but more expensive, works every time
2018-11-10 22:07
u kidding me xdd
2018-11-12 06:24
Twistzz | 
Sweden xaizy 
fps_max 301 ez contact me
2018-11-12 06:27 here it is bois so any1 same problem or know how to fix?
2018-11-17 02:30
cs:go is just badly optimised atm
2018-11-17 02:42
I'm having the exact same problem - CS just doesn't feel right, I'm sure it's something to do with the scaling. here's the post I just made on the same problem.
2018-11-17 02:47
i dont get it you got an i7 8700k and you play on such a shitty resolution Cs:go is made for fullHD im fucking serious...
2018-11-17 02:55
sad that no one can solve it
2018-11-17 15:35
i have this same problem, when im in game in like first 5-10 minutes or first 2 rounds when i saw enemy game insta freezing and i can't kill ofc. and my pc is new btw, 3 months
2018-11-17 15:37
all this work for 20 fps, get that 100 euro and go out to have some fun bro
2018-11-17 15:38
u dont get it right? holy shit guys must be dumb as fuck nowadays. i said this game is not running like it supposed to be just read the thread ty
2018-11-17 15:42
which resolution do you play?
2018-11-17 15:41
1280x800 16:10
2018-11-17 15:43
Hungary Hentex 
take fps to 144 yo ucan use only 144 fps with your monitor not smooter with 280-270 xD
2018-11-17 15:45
fnx | 
Poland neverbait 
fps_maxmenu 300
2018-11-18 14:16
This is probably a software problem. I read The entire post and didnt see u considering test windows 7. Test it, for real. It could be a "bottleneck" of ur 8700k with the 1070, there is some configs to stop this. Make a research about it. I saw a lot of ppl saying to u allow all the threads of ur cpu for cs, but did u tried to put only one or two threads? Maybe this is causing the conflict... Did u tested another cable to ur monitor? If u don't have it, just turn off the monitor (I'm serious), unplug it from ur vga and spray in game to hear if still laggy, understand what I'm saying? My English is bad, sry.
2018-11-20 12:22
ty for ur answer, i will test win7 and i google these days about the "bottleneck thing" i tested cs with all cores and only 6 and only2 didnt work i try it with the cable
2018-11-20 22:31
World ascet 
win7 solve de problem?
2018-11-20 23:56
so it still without the cable... i need to test wind7 but why is wind10 so problematic when more of half the gamers are playing with win10
2018-11-21 00:10
win10 was very bugged with few games... maybe ur version is with csgo. I forgot to say that i alrdy had this exactly problem that u have during a spray, but in my case was problem with packet loss in internet and some programs running behind lagging the game. But i know that is not ur case
2018-11-21 00:56
it was happening with my old pc too i dont know what it could be, ITS A BRAND NEW PC
2018-11-21 02:14
Read my comment (the last comment in this thread atm). Im very very convinced, the link I posted gives you everything you need to fix your problem. Even if the content itself doesnt fix it for you, there are alot of solutions for similar situations aswell in the comments. But as wrote already, after comparing your setup and waht you already tried etc etc, the videos should definately provide a solution.
2018-11-21 02:25
Portugal Nezinhosilva 
Go to the graphi card app and see if the grafics for cs are cool or if is on high
2018-11-20 12:25
reVicer | 
Finland uGGo 
overclock ram
2018-11-20 12:28
Denmark Stylepoint! 
If you haven't fixed it yet, I would recommend as some of the others in here, try the DP cable instead of the DVI. :-)
2018-11-20 12:33
i dont have a dp slot in my monitor
2018-11-20 22:31
Portugal S!im* 
Mabye is because of the gun fire animation and bullet trace you got some weird lags? Try to use my autoexec cfg and tell the feedback:
2018-11-20 12:50
why should i test the cfg when i deleted my own, and playing now with a defualt one, ive tested a lot pro cfgs as well...
2018-11-20 22:32
Portugal S!im* 
Well you could try, you don't have nothing to loose besides without my cfg I couldn't get more fps (no joking).
2018-11-20 23:18
Go into BIOS > Advanced > System Agent (SA) Configuration > Graphics Configuration - Primary Display from AUTO to PCIE & iGPU Multi-Monitor to DISABLED. Update Realtek HD Audio to latest version. ( You can probably DL this from ASUS site) Ensure NVIDIA 3D & HD Audio useless programs are uninstalled. (Only NVIDIA PhysX & Graphics Driver should be used) Double check in Device Manager > Sound, video and game controllers > Uninstall Nvidia High Definition Audio. Update BIOS to latest version (When you do this your BIOS settings will probably be reset.) I did all of the above at once and it solved my problem, game feels smooth as it should be. Good luck friend.
2018-11-20 23:38
Turkey osmanabi 
2018-11-21 00:08
Run CSGO in compatibility mode of win 8
2018-11-21 00:23 That video explains the reason behind the problem and also how to fix it. So, how do I get the 100€ now? Actually a legend if you pay up. I checked your problem, setup etc and it seems to be fitting perfectly to waht the guy says in his Video :) Hope it works.
2018-11-21 00:31
??? der hat doch einfach nur fps_max auf 0 gesetzt :DDD
2018-11-21 02:27
Ne, guck doch weiter :D Das deaktiviert ja erstmal nur das cap. Aber er geht ja noch auf diese Windows 10 funktionen ein, die probleme verursachen. und wie du eben dieses xbox DVR in W10 ausschaltest.# Das heißt: die, die hier sagen, dass es unter w7 geht, haben anscheinend recht, aber es gibt wohl auch nen fix für w10. Ansonsten steht in den kommentaren noch weiteres, anscheinend hat es dort jemand ja auch gefixt indem er sein bios geupdatet hat. GraKa Treiber haste ja ehh schon erneuert, aber auch da würde ich mal in ruhe alle settings durchgehen und aufpassen, dass nicht irgendwas aktiviert wird für spiele/anwendungen. Drücke dir die daumen!
2018-11-21 02:33
danke aber alles schon versucht leider
2018-11-21 03:15
man dann halt dochz einfach die fresse und mach fps 0 so wie literally jeder scheiss pro
2018-11-22 14:49
nuttensohn verpiss dich was antwortest du überhaupt mit deinem nutzlosen kommentar du 40kilo crackhead
2018-11-22 19:02
der einzige 40kilo crakchead bist du, pinkelst dir in die hose weil du die fps nicht auf 200 locken kannst obwohl du bestimmt 400 hättest ohne limit. peinlich
2018-11-22 19:14
du scheiss sonderschüler raffst das problem nich bist anscheinend zu dumm um zu lesen du nuttensohn wie oft noch lies den post mal vernünftig bevor du mit deinem drecksgehirn hier antwortest
2018-11-22 23:45
was laberst du dummer hurensohn, genau das steht in deinem scheiss post du erbärmlicher gold nova schwächling. stell deine fps auf 0 und hör auf zu heulen du bauarbeiter, bist eh so oder so scheisse wirklich unfassbar wie man so dumm und scheisse sein kann. geh dich am besten erhängen
2018-11-22 23:52
stirb im rl du hurensohn einer toten schlampe =)
2018-11-22 23:54
schweig einfach du ungebildeter hurensohn, völlig grundlos am rumbeleidigen und rumheulen wegen 10 fps du erbärmlicher spast, laber wen anders voll
2018-11-22 23:55
nuttensohn einer hurenschlampe immer noch am antworten HAHAHAAHHA triggered du nuttensohn verpiss dich jetzt 49kilo hurensohn
2018-11-22 23:55
bitte schweig endlich hauptschüler.
2018-11-23 00:03
windows 7 actually fixes the problem. had the same issue, its a windows 10 "feature".......
2018-11-21 02:23
u sure man?
2018-11-21 02:27
If you wanna test it, install a virtual machine and use a w7 installation on that to test it. or if you have enough space on your harddrive (or a harddrive you have lying around) you can create a new partition with the windows partitionmanager and install w7 there. obviously you need to install steam, drivers etc again for that matter. But that way you will keep your w10 installation and can stiull test in a w7setup fixes your problem.
2018-11-21 02:35
yup, i installed it on a different ssd and it actually fixed my fps and it was stuck at 299 all the time, idk what happened with windows 10 but it fluctuates way more than on windows 7.
2018-11-21 02:40
yeah I have seriously no clue how exactly that happens, but if I understoof it correct its that "xbox DVR" thing. If you still ahve your normal w10 installation try googling "disable xbox dvr" and see if that fixes it in w10 aswell. gl!
2018-11-21 03:13
different ssd?? like should i try to get one more? or try to install wind7 on my hdd which is 1 tb
2018-11-21 03:17
Yeah, if you have enough space left for windows 7 + drivers, steam, csgo etc, you can use the "partitionsmanager". Gonna write in german so its easier for you. Also den partitionsmanager nutzen und ne neue partition erstellen die groß genug für das alles ist (denke 100gb sind mehr als ausreichend) und dann eben windows 7 auf der partition installieren. Dein windows 10 bleibt davon unberührt und du kannst dann von der w7 installation natürlich auch auf die anderen partitionen und somit die daten dort zugreifen. eine eigene steaminstallation wird aber natürlich dennoch benötigt. man kann also problemlos 2 installationen von windows auf einer platte haben, wenn man eben ne extra partition dafür erstellt :) Drücke die daumen!
2018-11-21 03:28
achso meinst du das ich hab ne m.2 ssd 960evo 250gb auf der ist win10 drauf soll ich einfach wind7 auf die hdd die 1tb gross ist drauf machen??? so kann ich gucken zwischen welcher windows version ich booten möchte?
2018-11-21 03:37
Ja, das würde funktionieren. Soweit dein BIOS beide Festplatten erkennt, sollte er beim Start beide Installationen erkennen und du kannst bei jedem Start wählen welches Windows du booten möchtest :)
2018-11-21 14:14
zeigt er mir automatisch an ob ich wind7 oder wind10 booten will oder muss ich immer erst ins bios gehe. und entweder von der ssd oder hdd booten?
2018-11-21 16:54
Das sollte der automatisch machen. Beim start sollte er dir alle gefundenen installationen anzeigen und du kannst wählen. Wenn man nicht auswählt, startet er automatisch das, was auf der orimären festrplatte liegt (was bei dir dann vermutlich die SSD ist)
2018-11-22 14:00
good idea im gonna try it
2018-11-21 03:16
crAck | 
Russia Sozwe 
At steam open local file>properties csgo>compatibility and disable FullScreen Optimization
2018-11-21 03:27
where is that?
2018-11-21 03:30
sorry but i hear this the 54035454859th time
2018-11-21 03:39
Hey what is your steam? i have your fix
2018-11-21 13:32
just type in search hyjuN
2018-11-21 16:50
its your brain. you suck hard at this game and you look for excuses. yes admitting it is way harder than blaming it on a high end "slow"pc btw flag checks out, retard
2018-11-21 14:23
die in rl moron ty
2018-11-21 16:50
6/8 bait
2018-11-21 14:29
try to replace your psu, look weak for me.
2018-11-21 16:57
why its weak? 600watt should be enough
2018-11-21 19:44
for this config imo its better a stronger psu, which brand is your psu?
2018-11-21 19:45
be quiet 600w
2018-11-21 20:02
if u have a friend with a stronger psu, make a test. since u have installed a new windows, we can confirm its a hardware problem. and the problem looks to be in your psu.
2018-11-21 20:10
but if the psu is low for my specs it should show bluescreens or freeze my pc or smth but all is fine, every ggame
2018-11-21 22:26
not exactly my friend.. just try to test this.
2018-11-21 23:12
Bullshit. The CPU stays under 100W and the graphics card hits with 170W. Even, if he overclocked all of it and has alot of periphals, 600W is more than enough 100%
2018-11-22 14:03
Not if psu have a problem, thats what i want to say. my friend have a tx850 and doesn't handle a fx8350 + hd 7970 while my cx 500 handle it. u got the point?
2018-11-22 14:23
No, I didnt get your point, cause there is no reason to assume his PSU is somehow broken. Nothing of his problem points towards the PSU.
2018-11-22 14:27
fps_Max 999, it always works on any pc's or laptops, my fps is very stable with it, but when i put anything else, then fps isnt stable
2018-11-21 17:05
-refresh 144 in your launch options ?
2018-11-21 19:47
PM me ur discord ill solve it lol
2018-11-21 19:49
like what i noticed, when i turn on my pc and start cs for first time it runs smooth like it supposed to be running. the long i run my pc or the longer i play cs, cs feels shit and not like the first time
2018-11-21 23:57
win7 tested or not? Now u said that it seems to be a problem with the cache of ur RAM. try this after few matches
2018-11-22 02:09
where did i say that my ram is the problem???
2018-11-22 02:14
You didnt, I did. Try to clear the cache of ur RAM after playing the first game that runs smooth. There's some softwares that do it automatic after some minutes, ppl uses it for PUBG that start to laggy after some games. Maybe is the same with ur csgo
2018-11-22 06:22
i add you to help you and you block me?
2018-11-22 02:11
oh sorry add again
2018-11-22 02:13
Error adding friend. Please try again.
2018-11-22 02:24
Have you tried turning off Hyper Threading? It's obviously just for CS:GO that it helps and if you stream.. I'm not sure it's gonna work out in your favor. Also, have you delidded your CPU? IMHO it would be wise to pop it - especially for a water-cooled setup.
2018-11-22 02:23
hyper off dont work whats delidding cpu ??
2018-11-22 02:29
ah i know dude with my specs i should fuckin just install cs and it should work smooth like my ass
2018-11-22 02:30
did you recive my last message?
2018-11-22 19:25
i have your fix. from everything you did im the only one who can help you its just from csgo not from the os not cpu gpu etc only CSGO ;)
2018-11-24 01:36
ok go ts
2018-11-24 02:21
What does beheading your CPU have to do with his problem? You are basically telling him to do something that could damage his CPU if not done properly, while its completely irrelevant for his problem.
2018-11-22 14:05
Well, his cooling isn't really that efficient when there's a gap between the chip itself and the heatspreader. If it's throttling because of that, it's the only solution I could think of. This sounds so odd that I was trying to think out of the box. And on top of that when done with f.e. a RockIt you can't really fail it. I can't really think of a person who would actually fuck this up with the said toolkit and following instructions. If you know what you're doing at all it isn't even much of a task with a vise and few pieces of wood..
2018-11-22 21:39
If the cooling could be his problem, you should advice him to check temperatures and not to delid his CPU right away. "If you know what you're doing at all " Exactly. We are on the internet. Damn, we are on HLTV. You could have 100 people delid there CPUs and afterwards you would have 10 broken CPUs XD Not saying its not nice to try to help, but you came up with a solution for a problem you/he didnt even check for.
2018-11-22 23:56
Well, he clearly stated he has checked his temps and has water cooling. RAM has been checked and a clean install with all the necessary tweaks have been done.. Yeah. I did not think of this at all. If a 100 people used the RockIt 88 -tool there would be 100 properly delidded CPUs. It isn't something you can fuck up with a proper tool, no matter how much you try to spin it around.
2018-11-23 00:01
I havent read the whole thread, but if he checked his temps and he didnt change anything about it, I guess, they are fine? So why delid it? You underestimate the dumbness of people. Also. why buy that tool if he checked the temps and they arent the problem? Anyways, hope he gets his problem fixed
2018-11-23 00:03
I really cba with this conversation.. If you know the gains, by basic every K-model should be delidded. Intel and their awful (I think it's meant to be so) IHS design is cramping heavily what you'd get out of your CPU and what it is capable of - especially so if you have watercooling. He might not notice he's having like 20 degree swings that might be the root cause of his stutter.. Anyhow, even if it isn't the issue it is the only right way to go with any Intel K-model.
2018-11-23 00:25
Well, you gave your arguements, if he decides its enough to give it a try, then he can do that.
2018-11-23 00:29
Yup, I won't be there to force his hand nor do I care. Just tried to help.
2018-11-23 00:30
Have you tried to restart your computer ? 😎😎
2018-11-22 02:25
+1 XD
2018-11-22 14:05
send a letter to Valve and ask for a patch
2018-11-22 23:56
buy a decent pc that can run csgo with stable 299 fps, with that potato pc you own you will never have stable 299fps...
2018-11-23 00:00
Panama Cyain10 
Nice joke
2018-11-23 00:31
it isn't joke, when he was buying his pc either his gpu or cpu had a factory mistake or he bought used one, even though seller might say it was new, so he was basically scammed, if he want to get stable 299 fps he just need to resell gpu and cpu and buy a new one, he could also run some tests and he would figure it out which component is used and its not working well, but since money isn't a problem he can just buy a new gpu and cpu and he will have 299 fps...
2018-11-23 00:58
fuck off you flex shit
2018-11-23 00:37
cyx | 
Germany dave2k 
oc to 4.4 ghz while turbo mode is 4.7 ghz by default. genius try to overclock your cpu cache to get that extra fps. 42-44 ratio
2018-11-23 01:07
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