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Twistzz versus fnatic (IEM Chicago 2018)
Europe 1xBet_Esports 
Yo boyz, check out incredible Deagle Ace by Liquid.Twist in a match versus fnatic. Thoughts on frag execution and edition? Why do you fnatic eventuall overcame Liquid?
2018-11-09 14:49
I prayed for Twist that's why
2018-11-09 14:50
Frag: uhh ok it was just some deag shots, 2 of it was body shots Execution: first two shots they walked into his crosshair but yeah why not Edition: idk like 1080 ti? Overall 4/10 Dupreeh's overpass ace will probably be best deag highlight
2018-11-09 14:52
Russia the501 
Very zaebis
2018-11-10 04:45
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