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Astralis-Best CSGO team ever???
shox | 
Germany barneyyyesus 
In my opinion, 2k18 Astralis is the best team in CSGO history... Individually, they are not something special, but as a team, the are the greatest. 1.Astralis 2k18 2.Fnatic 2k15 3.NiP 2k13
2018-11-10 00:25
Denmark CapFujish 
2018-11-10 00:28
No they won only 6 events this year
2018-11-10 00:29
Including a major. If they win a third major, they are for sure the best team in history.
2018-11-10 00:33
Maybe. But fnatic won 11 events including 2 majors in 2015.
2018-11-10 00:35
Sure im not saying Astralis are the best, they are just on the road towards becoming the best.
2018-11-10 00:35
that is very true
2018-11-10 01:03
Yea, but, in 2014/2015 it was less competition then now
2018-11-10 00:36
why did you even mention 2014 when i was only talking about 2015? and competition was at its peak at 2015.
2018-11-10 01:04
The fuck it wasnt
2019-03-24 01:48
Lmao no, even the teams themselves disagree with you.
2019-03-24 01:53
Germany Fabbsen 
There were so many low packed tournaments fnatic wrong during their era. They were still amazing but tbh their era wasn't as good as it might is looking like. Also their 6 winning streak when they got Dennis. The competition was way closer but they also lost many times especially to Envy/LDLC and TSM (old Astralis). Don't get me wrong, it was still amazing but you can't compare them to Astralis. Nowadays its more surprising if Astralis won't win a tournament they attend then if they actually win it. They barely lose maps.
2019-03-24 02:19
2018-11-12 00:28
There was more tournaments in 2015
2018-11-10 00:38
haha there were less u fucking retard
2018-11-10 00:39 Dreamhack opens dont count they arent tier 1 lol
2018-11-10 02:05
dreamhack? tf u talking about? get the facts before talking gay shit
2018-11-10 02:06
I can count unlike you only one of those tourneys listed under 2015 is not tier 1 Actually count and you will see 2015 has more
2018-11-10 02:12
2018-11-10 01:03
There was just check liquipedia its like 26 to 33
2018-11-10 02:03
still doesnt really matter. the lack of events isnt the reason astralis hasnt won as many as fnatic did in 2015.
2018-11-10 02:12
I am just correcting him not defending astralis
2018-11-10 02:15
true, but you gotta take into account that not only are there less events but astralis also participate in less events in general. not only that, but fnatic won a lot of tier 2 tournaments even for it's time in 2015 where teams weren't well established and cs wasn't as tactically developed. IF astralis wins the next major or the next 2-3 out of 5 events after this one i'd say that astralis > fnatic but for now fnatic still got the edge
2018-11-12 00:28
They always try to spit on mah bois FaZe but some time they'll see all the glory...
2018-11-10 00:29
Astralis is good but Fnatic was bestester
2018-11-10 00:29
Only if they win another major. Fnatic is still the best team in History.
2018-11-10 00:34
People are always gonna downplay a team that is currently making history. Back in fnatic era everyone fucking hated them and downplayed everything they did and said NiP was better. Astralis accomplishments will get recognized 1-2 years after they drop off.
2018-11-10 00:36
Fnatic 2015 would destroy them
2018-11-10 00:36
Yea they would destroy Them by loosing every game to Them 16-0 astralis 18>fnatic 15
2019-03-24 02:00
Denmark ulfsen 
2018-11-10 00:37
In achievements no. But this is the most solid team of all time and to be honest the most impressive, it's just a question of whether or not they can keep it going.
2018-11-10 00:41
Portugal RKO23 
this hate towards mibr lol
2018-11-10 02:13
? Huh ?
2018-11-10 03:02
NiP in 2013 is something... magic wins and comeback you cant imagine and cant predict astralis - always predict ez sometimes they fall vs teams like NaVI/FaZe in close Bo3
2018-11-10 03:03
Sweden Sizexdd 
nt kit
2018-11-10 03:13
Xyp9x | 
Portugal CRMN1 
You're mixing things a bit here. You first say Astralis are the best team in the world tactically and not individually, but you rank Fnatic as 2nd even though their success is totally due to their individual superiority. Fnatic are the most dominant of all time for sure, but they aren't the second greatest in terms of tactical play. Astralis probably shows the strongest CS of all time as well, given that we're in a different era than in 2015 and it's much more difficult to establish dominance for just as long as Fnatic did 3 years ago.
2018-11-10 03:09
SPUNJ just confirmed what i said here... Astralis is best csgo team ever, and one of the best in CS history.
2018-11-12 00:21
Yea youre right bro... I dont know how they do it but YEA Best in whole CSGO History
2019-03-24 01:47
Honestly they are impressive individually, everyone is shooting like a tier 1 players almost everytime insta headshots
2019-03-24 01:50
China kelvinha 
Best team in the csgo history but they will fan anytime
2019-03-24 01:50
Indonesia Minuteman_3 
Indeed, any team must be at their best to beat astralis
2019-03-24 01:51
witmer | 
Hong Kong CDGplay 
4. Luminosity with fnx
2019-03-24 01:51
El Salvador pink_dildo 
no fnatic 2015 better
2019-03-24 01:52
2019-03-24 01:54
Yes. Fnatic was so good but. They have 3 major. But Astralis era is ongoing and they already have 3 major. soo Astralis(2018-2019)>Fanatic(2015)
2019-03-24 01:57
LG/SK is clearly best era in csgo history and coldzera is clearly best player in the world with 2 majors and 2 major MVPS.
2019-03-24 02:08
Europe Vallon2 
0/8 Terrible, terrible bait.
2019-03-24 02:21
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