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Save the Earth
Australia HLTVconfirmator 
What would you do to save the Earth and encourage people to sort the waste? /discuss
2018-11-10 05:59
Turn off the light when I leave the room
2018-11-10 06:05
Brazil humkij67 
You all French people make our life bad by doing bad to earth 😡
2018-11-10 07:36
NiKo | 
Europe NeO_RiGhT 
Save Earth = Disband MIBR
2018-11-10 08:52
Brazil humkij67 
What country you are
2018-11-10 08:56
NiKo | 
Europe NeO_RiGhT 
Reply needs to have actual content
2018-11-10 09:02
Brazil humkij67 
My question is content unlike yours
2018-11-10 09:19
Take it as an "?"
2018-11-10 09:26
Brazil humkij67 
2018-11-10 10:04
Take #20 as a "?"
2018-11-10 10:38
Other UknowY 
He doesn't understand this complex logic.
2018-11-10 11:10
Brazil humkij67 
I still don't understand
2018-11-10 11:16
ZywOo | 
France ZywHere 
flag checks out, nothing to signal
2018-11-15 16:30
Sweden ldcz 
nothing, literally everyone already does that here
2018-11-10 06:06
Ok, imagine that your government gave you 1kk dollars to change the ecological situation. What would you do with these money
2018-11-10 06:08
2018-11-10 06:12
Brazil forget_7x1_ffs 
2018-11-10 06:14
India mak4u2 
2018-11-10 11:05
Brazil Collee 
2018-11-15 09:29
1 million
2018-11-10 06:15
Slovakia xd7856 
buncha hookers and cocaine
2018-11-10 07:46
Europe tweekzter 
buy a private plane
2018-11-10 09:11
India mak4u2 
2018-11-10 11:05
ZywOo | 
France ZywHere 
+1 flying wont affect the earth
2018-11-15 16:31
+1 cuz its happening on air, not ground.
2018-11-15 18:31
sorry i dont play fortnites pve mode
2018-11-10 06:13
Japan @0x0 
kill yourslef to save the planet
2018-11-10 06:16
New Zealand Eauor 
Best answer
2018-11-10 10:40
i have no slef, whatever that thing is (._.')
2018-11-15 16:34
United States gtmaniacmda 
drop them in the trash zone in the middle of pacific
2018-11-10 06:25
France Boryskuuu 
I think a good first step would be to do laws against exploiting Amazon forest for making space for fields. If that happens it would be a good hit in people's mentality and they would be more likely to sort their shit. That's very unlikely to happen because of th -58 iq ppl ruling over Brazil
2018-11-10 07:50
Latvia nauruha 
2018-11-15 09:27
Brazil DeusBiel 
2018-11-15 18:30
United States pSilent 
Faro plague
2018-11-10 07:58
NiKo | 
Europe NeO_RiGhT 
Stop wasting time playing video games
2018-11-10 08:50
ZywOo | 
France ZywHere 
i defuse the bomb
2018-11-10 09:03
India mak4u2 
to save few useless boxes
2018-11-10 11:06
chrisJ | 
Finland Motori 
WTF you cant joke about those boxes have explosive materials and might cause lot of harm to the local seagulls
2018-11-15 14:31
India mak4u2 
hail nokia .
2018-11-15 16:27
I don't really care, we fucked this shit up 150 years ago, a bit late to be apologetic.
2018-11-10 09:26
Denmark Twick_ 
Not really, but what does Sweden even know about running a country
2018-11-10 11:01
probably as much as Denmark... so much shit going on. lucky for us, Norway and Finland knows how to deal with things.
2018-11-14 21:28
Denmark Twick_ 
Way less than Denmark actually, your country is doing so bad.
2018-11-15 09:23
well, I guess at least Denmark had to have a burqa-ban because of the migrational problem. Sweden hasn't done that yet, so I guess you are a tiny bit better when it comes to that. also a proof how far it has spread. Also who the fuck cares whos country's the better? that's like retarded kindergarten-level...
2018-11-15 11:43
Denmark Twick_ 
My country is better, all of my friends say so
2018-11-15 12:58
collective consciousness of people on earth needs to be more evolved about the reality of nature and the intelligence that runs through it Then, automatic not fucking shit up. Until then, some up fucking of some shit. #Humans
2018-11-10 09:32
Reduce animal foods consumption by 70ish percent.
2018-11-10 10:43
People are too ignorant for this
2018-11-10 10:53
ZywOo | 
France ZywHere 
not like they are drying rivers to vegetable culture (around 1000L of water needed to grow 3 avocado)
2018-11-15 16:34
What has that to do with animal foods consumption? Not consuming as much animal products doesn't equal eating 3 avocados a day. But lets assume 1kg of beef 15000L (it ranges). Assuming 1 Avocado is 250g 15000:4=3750L. Not to mention all the food the animal consumes over the lifetime and how much water the plants for the animals food need. Also, which is even more important, is greenhouse gases coming from animals and all the space animals take up. Taken from FAO "Twenty-six percent of the Planet's ice-free land is used for livestock grazing and 33 percent of croplands are used for livestock feed production." This doesn't even include the animals itself! So yes, cutting down animal products is inevitable in the long run.
2018-11-15 18:27
Hungary mongolkurva 
dont use condom i gave my future in Jesus hand.
2018-11-10 10:52
2018-11-10 10:53
joining to the panda protectors
2018-11-10 10:59
Pulling a Thanos
2018-11-10 11:14
If you really care about ecology I would suggest you to look at what's going on in Russia. They are 10.995% of the world's land mass and stuff what's going on there is not your paper / foam coffee cup problem. Bad thing is that videos do not spread well on social media, because majority of them have russian titles.
2018-11-10 11:19
World breezy0 
Could you go more into detail please? Seriously interested
2018-11-15 13:00
Put Nikola Tesla's discoveries into the mainstream and everyday liviing. But that's not going to happen, there's no money in that.
2018-11-15 09:28
Brazil Collee 
Why would I care? There's so many planets out there
2018-11-15 09:28
Greece deST) 
Nice autistic logic
2018-11-15 16:41
Brazil Collee 
No. Just go to another planet and get new resources
2018-11-15 18:21
explain waste ?
2018-11-15 11:44
Ban single use plastic already
2018-11-15 11:45
Israel soprendo 
We (the individuals) have little to no control over the pollution it's up to corporations to stop manufacturing in wasteful manners. Developing an alternative to fossil fuel will get rid of most of the problems.
2018-11-15 11:47
It alrdy exists btw but they have to leech out the money on oil first
2018-11-15 14:47
Israel soprendo 
It isn't efficient enough.
2018-11-15 14:48
First I would make people realize that Earth is not an enclosed eco-system, neither is the solar system and enclosed eco-system. When scientists realize this in their equations, then we can start talking. Until then, they are not to be taken seriously, as they ignores the biggest influences on our planet. Did you know that a lot of the Co2 is rising from the seas, remnants of volcano eruptions which happened 10.000+ years ago. Humanity is responsible for about 1-2% of Co2. Carbon trading was "invented" by bankers, not by scientists. Of course I don't promote pollution. But neither do I promote lying to the public about us being powerful enough to be the main influence on this planet's eco-system. If the planet grows tired of us, it will fart, and we are all dead. The planet does not need us to save it.
2018-11-15 12:00
World breezy0 
The release of Co2 has many sources on this planet that's true but you can't deny the human made pollution, the unhealthy air in our big cities is only one indicator.. What's more worrying me is the complete destruction of natural environments like the rain forests und the billion tons of waste which pollute the oceans, these things are surely human made and they will hit us back.
2018-11-15 13:08
It's all true my friend. It can not be denied. But I will not stand as the one feeling responsible for this. I blame those in power making weak regulations for corporations, all in the name of the bottom line of the biggest corporations, the nations. People must understand that nations are run like corporations. And corporations are psychopathic in their designs. It has become all about the bottom line. Idealism is gone. If it pays off to be an asshole towards humanity in general, the corporations have no choice to be assholes, or their stockholders will sue them. Another important factor about nations is that they always talk about adapting to the free market. They are not talking about changing the free market. And as such, those with most power over the free market has great influence of the behavior of nations I highly recommend watching "The Corporation". Top quality documentary which points out the similarities between a sociopath/psychopath/narcissist (all terms covering the same) very clearly. Another movie "The Great Global Warming Swindle", is also recommendable, but may seem more controversial than the other movie. A childhood friend of mine is part of a renowned geologist family. According to them, who works with tangible data, and not just hockey sticks on a computer screen, we are way closer to an ice age than an age of actual global warming. I prefer believing him rather than trusting computer generated data presented by politicians. Weather manipulation is patented, so all those "chemtrail" stories is not as far fetched as they may seem. They would be able to "postpone" an actual ice age until it's no longer possible to hide it's coming. The interesting about media and news is not what they tell us, but rather what they are not telling us. Never talking about weather manipulation, even though it's clearly possible, and most likely being done (all those military planes in the sky, not showing up on normal internet flight radars, those are often the ones which you see has a trail behind it which does not dissipate, but spreads out instead. This is not possible for regular contrails. When you learn to look for those planes consistently, figure out flight patterns and how those trails look it becomes hard to deny the likely existence of chemtrails. We are being manipulated from a to z. We are not supposed to know what is actually going on, this is obvious. They have also turned the tables as for the role of politicians. They are being portrayed as being the boss of the people, when in reality it was the exact opposite which should be reality. They are our servants, we are not their servants. It's a big game, and you and I are not invited.
2018-11-15 18:00
i dont fully get what you are trying to say, are you saying that the global warming is a hoax?
2018-11-16 09:54
Prepare for a long rant. But you ask, and I need to explain my reasoning. I am saying the human influence is exaggerated. We live on a planet which are heavily influenced by the sun. I am amazingly bad at remembering terms, but I do remember the principles. So I will look up the terms while I write. It's a chain reaction: I might miss precise details, but I am fairly sure the principles are on point, but you can look it up yourself if you are more interested. It's relatively new science: Clouds are formed by droplets forming onto aerosols. Those aerosols needs cosmic rays to form, cosmic rays comes from supernovas. Our suns heliosphere (magnetic field) covers the entire solar system and beyond. That heliosphere gets weaker and stronger with a known cycle of 11 years. The heliosphere acts as a shield against cosmic rays. When it's weak, clouds form more easily, when it's strong, they form less easily. But the 11 year cycle isn't completely stable. It's like the 11 year cycle is within other cycles or something like that. It's relatively easy to measure the heliosphere in general, as it has strong correlation to sun spots. More sun spots = stronger heliosphere. Anyway, my point is that earth is not an enclosed eco-system. This theory could easily explain the cold and warm periods we have on our planet. But media present temperature changes as mainly man-made, throwing guilt around at every little change in climate. We can influence the climate, but not as much as is being portrayed. On top of that, when earth had Medieval Climate Optimum (warm period) we didn't have any problems, quite contrary. Instead of desperately trying to control what we have little influence upon, we should spend some of that energy on adapting to the inevitable climate changes. We are at the mercy of far greater powers than we can control. My childhood friend still calls an ice age more imminent than an age of heat. I trust him. He knows what he is talking about. Geology is everything for that family and have been for a generations. They are not the only ones saying this. The initial report from IPCC - Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change was quite flawed in its representation. It included a lot of names which did not agree with the conclusion. They included their names in the report, but not their criticism, false making IPCC report seem much more united than it actually was. There is also a bunch of non-experts included as experts (politicians and alike). I am not saying its bullocks. I am saying we are only told one side of the story which has many more facets to it. The interesting thing about news is not what they tell us. It is what they don't tell us. TYou can't say they are lying, they got that covered. But either they are ill informed and unintelligent, or they are deliberately misleading people by not telling the full stories of many subjects. They are basically omitting facts so consistently that people start to believe there are no more to the stories they tell. But everything is a hell of a lot more complex than the simple, highly dis-proportioned view of reality they pass onto other people. So if you watch news, you should supply it with independent research, or you should just forget about watching it. Otherwise you will get a flawed understanding of just about every subject they cover.
2018-11-16 15:44
shut down all big corporations factories and voila climate change is beaten.
2018-11-15 12:03
Europe EUR0PE 
Nope. It would still go on.
2018-11-15 13:08
Greenland Jardeet 
Not much we can do rly but I'd stop use of non degradable plastic cause it just ends up in the sea most of the time
2018-11-15 12:21
Greece deST) 
Thats something.Keep it real man
2018-11-15 16:40
To unleash all nuclear power on her.
2018-11-15 13:00
nice. I like it. Peolpe are disgusting with their attitude to earth
2018-11-15 13:10
I wouldnt
2018-11-15 13:09
Does it matter? You will enjoy life as it is now, and only after you die it will be bad to earth. Who cares what will be after your death?
2018-11-15 13:09
Greece deST) 
Nice retarded logic jew. Btw give back Palesteine to Palestinians. Your country/flag is fake btw
2018-11-15 16:40
Reduce meat consumption by 50%. It is the largest contributor to climate change and people eat way more meat than they need anyways.
2018-11-15 13:11
I would eat 0.5 KG of meat when at restaurant instead of the usual 1KG steak. Nvm I wouldn't.
2018-11-15 13:12
Fun fact: planet Earth is 4.5 billion years old. Mankind? About 140,000 years old. Let me put that in perspective: If you condense the Earth's lifespan into 24 hours,then we have been here on this planet for three seconds. and look what we've done. We have modestly named ourselves "homo sapiens" meaning "wise man", but is man really so wise? Smart, yes, and it's good to be smart, but not too smart for your own good. Yes, we have split the atom. Yes, we build clever machines that navigate the universe in search of new homes. But at the same time, those atoms we split created nuclear warfare. In our quest to explore the galaxy, rejects and neglects the home that we have here now. So no, that can not be wisdom. Wisdom is different. While intelligence speaks, wisdom listens. And we willingly covered our ears to mother natures screams... and closed our eyes to all her "Help Wanted" signs.Wisdom knows that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. So if we were wise, we would not be shocked when we see storms stronger than ever before. Or more drought, hurricanes, wildfire than ever before. Because there's more pollution than ever before. More carbon, more trees cut down than ever before at a record pace. We have increased the extinction of animals by 1000 times the normal rate. What a feat. In the next 10 to 100 years, every beloved animal character in every children's book is predicted to go extinct. Lions? Gone. Rhinos? Gone. Tiger? Gorilla? Elephant? Polar bear? Gone. In three seconds. Species that have been here longer than us will be gone because of us in this three seconds. In an existence shorter than a Vine video, we turned the circle of life into our own personal conveyor belt. Somebody, anybody, help! We were given so much. The only planet in the solar system with life. I mean, we are one in a million. No, actually, scientifically, we are one in a billion trillion trillion. That's a one followed by 33 zeros. And I don't wanna get too spiritual, but how are we not a miracle? We are perfectly positioned to the sun so we don't burn, but not too distant so we don't turn to ice. Because the real crisis is not global warming, environmental destruction, or animal agriculture. It is us. These problems are symptoms of us. Byproducts of us. Our inner reflection, loss of connection has created this misdirection. We have forgot that everything contributes to the perfection of Mother Nature. Corporations keep us unaware and disconnected, but they have underestimated our strength. Contrary to popular belief, millions are waking up out of their sleep. Seeing our home being taken right up from under our feet. We can not allow our history to be written by the wicked, greedy, and loony. It is our duty to protect Mother Nature from those who refuse to see her beauty. Call me crazy, but I believe we should have the right to eat food that's safe. With ingredients we can pronounce. Drink water that is clean. Marvel at trees. Breathe air free of toxins. These are natural rights. Not things that can be bargained for in Congress.
2018-11-15 14:38
when it comes to the end of mother earth, we will find antoher planet, a bit different from earth, and only slight modification of dna is required to have humanbeans adapt to the new planet. by then we should look very different or "ugly" tho :)
2018-11-15 14:41
Iran man_Down 
Kill all the people
2018-11-15 14:42
Kill all 13 families with real power over OUR earth and put gopro with them to hell
2018-11-15 16:38
Greece deST) 
1)Literally ban single use plastic 2)Turn to solar / wave / wind energy and quit fossil fuels once and for good 3)Reform laws to protect wildlife and form nature sanctuaries where endangered animals could be safe 4)After 2 children per family , people have to pay special tax so we can sort overpopulation
2018-11-15 16:39
India EosTheMG 
Ban plastic Poop in toilets Save water electricity Recycle reuse Renewable sources rather fossil fuels
2018-11-15 18:06
CO2 emission isn't that big of a problem. Most of the CO2 is rising from ocean beds and otherwise and not human problems Plastic isn't that bad if buried back in earth just like oil was there Water pollution isn't a problem thanks to new RO tech coming up and old getting better Pressing issue of CFC was controlled long ago and is treated now. Humans can't fuck up the earth. It once rained for 2 million years on earth and it was all chill. Problem is cities with their PM pollution and suspensions and solid waste and industries with their dumps. Individuals never fuck up the earth. Industries and cities make themselves unviable and unsustainable and that's nothing new
2018-11-15 18:25
i'd change these fishing / gold rush/ fucking up alaska wilderness shows, instead of promoting these runs on natural resources, maybe focus the rush and spotlight on things like 'Long line fishing for trash flotsam in the pacific' and 'bushwhacked: cleaning up trash from natural parks'. They could literally be the same shows with the same bullshit scripted drama right before a big haul, but instead of convincing people it is a good idea to go piss on antarctic ice and rape the environments, they could be encouraging people to clean up after people. (there is still money in it as well)
2018-11-15 18:32
2018-11-20 17:01
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