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2018-11-10 09:13
the best metal bands is always born in England
2018-11-10 09:14
yeah +1
2018-11-10 09:15
2018-11-10 09:19
2018-11-10 09:19
Sweden is also a good metal country.
2018-11-10 09:21
Poland henlo 
+1 sabaton besterest
2018-11-10 09:59
sabaton is shit tier lmao
2018-11-12 18:55
Poland henlo 
i respect ur opinion but have to disagree have a nice day
2018-11-12 19:11
2018-11-19 21:24
no u
2018-11-19 21:45
fk u johnny
2018-11-19 22:35
germany / usa
2018-11-11 11:27
you seem a little biased
2018-11-12 23:06
open google, type "metal countries" or similar and try again
2018-11-12 23:09
Are there even some good german metal bands? Literally listened to metal for 15+ years and I don't think I've ever been interested in a german band, its all power and thrash. Finland, USA, UK, Sweden, Australia, Norway > Germany
2018-11-12 23:24
there are over 11k registred metal bands in germany
2018-11-12 23:55
2018-11-13 02:11
2018-11-19 21:52
Yeah they have some good old bands like halloween and scorpions, thats about it
2018-11-19 22:15
How the hell are the scorpions heavy metal band?
2018-11-22 22:55
nEGRo | 
African Union ramrod 
Titanium is pretty good
2018-11-10 09:14
2018-11-13 00:02
black metal
2018-11-10 09:25
Hey bhai, check my comment you might find some bands you like. Happy Diwali
2018-11-10 09:55
Austria P0w3RfuL 
My dad has romanian grandfather, so i'll put this one - Bucovina : Hope you'll like it :)
2018-11-10 09:26
this shit honestly amazing.... especially the first one
2018-11-11 11:18
Austria P0w3RfuL 
2018-11-11 11:18
whats the first song about if you dont mind me asking? Or is it just generic lyrics?
2018-11-11 11:19
Austria P0w3RfuL 
Tell Me, Ye Wind Tell me, ye frozen wind, where you have been, wherever you've dinned In yon naked groves, on bens and in coves icy flows beneath raging floes Might you have seen wherever you've been deep-reaching scars carved into crags On crests clad in winters reflected in waters, untrodden trails to faraway gales As you fly fast like thought, round the earth taut Passing high seas, wastelands and leas Find it, it wilts, my yearning in weeds, it nests in my soul, I won't find my pall Tell me, ye frozen wind, where you have been, wherever you've dinned In yon naked groves, on bens and in coves icy flows beneath raging floes Relentlessly stride, seek far and wide, by night and by day, here and away In the sun and the moon, in the bad and the good, never repose, nor ever pause Tell me, ye frozen wind, where you have been, wherever you've dinned If you find it that wilts, my yearning in weeds, it'll nest in my soul, I won't find my pall. English translation of the song.
2018-11-11 11:20
you're a hero, tyvm
2018-11-11 11:22
Austria P0w3RfuL 
2018-11-11 11:38
Ukraine Laemi 
Really amazing stuff. No screaming retards, perfect music+voice balance, powerful riffs, i like it..
2018-11-13 00:15
Austria P0w3RfuL 
glad to hear that..
2018-11-13 00:53
Ukraine Laemi 
any other bands of that "type" u can name?
2018-11-13 00:54
Austria P0w3RfuL 
not really.. im a big Death fan, and Obituary.
2018-11-13 00:56
Ukraine Laemi 
Also i hear in their riffs smth from Dragonforce..
2018-11-13 00:17
Austria P0w3RfuL 
dragonforce? nah.. maybe something from Death :)
2018-11-13 00:54
gla1ve | 
India Sevv 
2018-11-10 09:30
Skyharbor - (softish) Aswekeepsearching - (soft) Undying Inc - (heavy) Orphic Cosmogony - (heavy) Chronic Xorn - (heavy-ish) Yonsample - (progressive, their music is good but mixes are bad) Plus there are tons of other great bands but they don't upload much or in good enough quality. Metal bands in India earn almost nil through records and earn through live shows so they don't invest much in good mixes and barely have a trace on youtube. Skyharbor is really famous, Aswekeepsearching is new and refreshing, the rest are local scene bands that I know of. I don't listen to metal much these days.
2018-11-10 09:54
wtf indian metal? Any examples? (nvm i see noow) I listening to the songs you linked backwards. Chronic Xorn is pretty damn good
2018-11-11 11:25
World Jeza 
My friend used to play in a metal band in the UK, and they went on tour in India lol. There is a scene everywhere pretty much.
2018-11-11 11:32
Can you share the name of the band? And you're absolutely right!
2018-11-12 04:50
World Jeza 
Exist Immortal. Sorry, not much of a metalhead myself so I don't know much about their sound. Apparently tech/melodic/djent metal if that's your thing though.
2018-11-12 17:06 this one? Hooly shit they sound awesome!! Thanks for sharing lmao
2018-11-12 21:04
United Kingdom EddieNahui 
Skyharbour are so damned good i saw them live at a small venue in Birmingham and i have a signed copy of Blinding White Noise: Illusion and Chaos, Furthermore Exist Immortal are fucking awesome i saw them at UK Techfest 2017 and they were superb if if recommend an album of their it would be their most recent album Breathe
2018-11-13 13:03
Not "Indian" metal, that would be the sitar-fusion bands ( ;once again this was all I could find I swear there are tons of them), these are directly influenced from US-EU metal scene actually. And yes you'd find metal bands in Antarctica too, if you searched hard enough lmao. Music is universal <3 And thank you, yes there are many good bands out there and many average ones, too. Your country has an amazing metal scene too, probably the best in the world. A couple of friends of mine left India pop lovers and came back metalheads after going to a few shows lol Cheers
2018-11-12 04:49
Poland henlo 
good music died with communism in my country literally not a single good song since
2018-11-10 10:00
+1 partly i agree
2018-11-11 11:20
Mgla you silly best BM I have listened for a very long time
2018-11-19 22:39
Norway NoregNik 
Everything from Black Sabbath
2018-11-11 11:22
my taste: death metal #1 cannibal corpse / obituary black metal #1 immortal / emperor / dark throne thrash metal # pantera
2018-11-11 11:29
Ukraine Edddddd 
mine: Deathcore - Suicide Silence Metalcore - Architects/Bad Omens Death Metal - Gojira Nu-Metal - KoRn Industrial Metal - Rammstein
2018-11-12 17:09
try Aborted instead of suicide silence :D gojira is nice saw them live
2018-11-12 23:02
United Kingdom EddieNahui 
Ngl i'd not class Gojira as Death Metal though they are fucking awesome live and are nice lads, also Aborted are gods and more people need to listen to them i can't wait to see them again this year it is gonna be a blast also for deathcore i'm surprised you put ss when imo they are kinda mediocre as deathcore goes since their are lots of what i'd call more interesting deathcore bands soundwise (Signal the Firing Squad being one of many) but whatever floats your boat my dude.
2018-11-13 13:08
cannibal corpse is for me the definition of classic death metal and is my absolute favourite. I know what you're talking about but there are very less bands that can conjur goosebumps on my skin, CC still manages to :D Kataklysm, Obituary. What are these bands exactly is not even so easy to say because most of the bands have sort of their own style
2018-11-13 13:59
United Kingdom EddieNahui 
i think it all depends on what you're looking for in death metal and its infinite subgenres, i tend to sway towards Melodic Death Metal, Technical Death Metal, and Brutal Death Metal and i have a soft spot for Slamming Death Metal and Deathcore. In terms of Deathcore i'd Say Signal the Firing squad with Earth Harvest is particularly special soundwise, and older band As Blood Runs Black with Allegiance which has sounds like At the Gates and Old era In Flames (the only era of In Flames that matters) mixed with breakdowns and that sorta shit which is quite nice, Iscariot which is a perfect Blend of Melodeath and Deathcore so well done that it has caused multiple debates with my mates which genre it is (i say it is melodeath) their most recent ep is Blood Doctrines from 2016 and if it was an album it would have had my album of the year that year even over Virvum's Illuminance (Swiss Technical Death metal), and i guess a deathcore band that most people like an i'd say it is deserved is Thy Art Is Murder as they have a Blackened Death Metal sound. also the jackass's earlier in the thread saying that there is not much good metal from germany are talking out of their arse and the whole quality over quantity arguement is irrelevant since the UK has some blights on their name metalwise like bfmv and bmth which are fucking shitstains on our metal scene where as germany has bands like Cytotoxin, Obscura & Necrophagist for some less known bands from germany (well less known to people who don't listen to death metal). and a random band i recommend to everyone just in general is Sybreed they are this incredible mix between Industrial Metal and Melodic Death Metal and their sound is one of a kind and before you ask which album to listen to i'd say EVERY ALBUM (though i will say pulse of awakening is their weakest it is still great)
2018-11-13 15:52
Isn't Pantera groove metal?
2018-11-13 00:01
Ukraine Laemi 
What exact genre would you call "Cemetery gates"?
2018-11-13 00:22
Austria P0w3RfuL 
man, you put cannibal corpse over Death? :-?
2018-11-13 01:13
I do, you don't, let's not argue about tastes. Death is 10/10 thou
2018-11-13 13:59
2018-11-11 11:42
Myanmar xdcc 
Too soft imo
2018-11-12 04:52
From my country? eh we dont have that many, maybe this from 3.45 is pretty sick
2018-11-11 11:45
Russia og_loc 
2018-11-11 11:50
2018-11-11 11:51
ROFL most gypsy and untalented metal band ever
2018-11-12 04:56
pronax | 
Russia ShadTH 
bezdna analnogo ugneteniya
2018-11-11 12:01
Ukraine Edddddd 
Asking Alexandria - The Black (album) there is Ukrainian vocalist
2018-11-12 17:07
GET READY TO BE ADDICTED FOR LIKE A WEEK, ENJOY not from my country btw, no good bands here
2018-11-12 17:10
Serbia K4bby 
I like Aluminium (Aluminum), its light and you can make planes out of it.
2018-11-12 17:11
2018-11-12 17:12
2018-11-12 17:13
Moldova rain420mlg 
Alternosfera, try amintirile.
2018-11-12 18:53
2018-11-12 18:56
2018-11-13 11:46
2018-11-12 18:56
Austria P0w3RfuL 
this is a huge joke... you cant put them as "metal" they are pure shit destroying any genres,,
2018-11-13 01:17
kataxu is good nsbm, check them out
2018-11-12 19:02
Brazil xMoita 
Angra (Power Metal) Sepultura (Death Metal) Tuatha de Dannan (Celtic Metal)
2018-11-12 19:17
Finland vetu104 
stam1na is my favourite finnish band at the moment. Nice mix of clean and scream vocals. The new album they released a couple weeks ago is quite soft compared to their old stuff, so if you search in youtube, don't get fooled :D.
2018-11-12 19:19
Austria P0w3RfuL 
nice man, good songs \,,/
2018-11-13 01:20
2018-11-12 23:04
ninja's ponpon
2018-11-12 23:05
Gojira - L'enfant sauvage 10/10 must listen dood
2018-11-12 23:11
Osmium is pretty good
2018-11-12 23:26
metal bad
2018-11-12 23:58
mozart - famous death metal artist from Salzburg
2018-11-12 23:58
f0rest | 
India compL1 
Last Train to paradise from India. Give it a try and they don't even use hacks :D
2018-11-13 00:03
Xyp9x | 
Brazil Jeanzera 
2018-11-13 00:04
I’m a fan of stainless steel
2018-11-13 00:19
United Kingdom mullacp 
No surprise its an american who names an alloy not a metal. Braindead
2018-11-13 00:28
2018-11-13 01:33
United Kingdom mullacp 
Active 1970s - 1980s Genre Pop/Rock Nt buddy
2018-11-19 21:12
Kinda a bit late on that reply, but it says: Styles Heavy Metal
2018-11-19 21:56
United Kingdom mullacp 
I don't consider rock and heavy metal to be the same in any ways really
2018-11-22 22:46
Yeah I guess. Have a good day
2018-11-23 01:02
Ukraine Laemi 
If they were recording in a normal studios :'
2018-11-13 00:31
Twistzz | 
Canada ayydy 
Fit For A King: Chelsea Grin: also they're from the US not Canada ofc
2018-11-13 00:29
United Kingdom EddieNahui 
well considering you're from Canada you have tonnes of good technical death metal from your country, Quo Vadis, Beyond Creation, Archspire, First Fragment etc etc also some decent melodic death metal in the form of Aeternam. But im guessing this stuff ain't your cup of tea
2018-11-13 11:37
United Kingdom mullacp 
fit for a king - dark skies is an incredible album
2018-11-24 19:31
Twistzz | 
Canada ayydy 
yesss <3
2018-11-24 19:41
My favourite is propably copper or gold
2018-11-13 11:39
Czech Republic dobre 
2018-11-13 11:43
2018-11-13 11:44
United Kingdom EddieNahui 
Well considering I am from England we have all the classics so i'd assume you already know them so i'll do some bands from England that are awesome but are not the progenitors and classics: Bloodshot Dawn, Carcass, Napalm Death, Bolt Thrower, Unfathomable Ruination, Abhorrent Decimation, Memoriam, Evile, Countless Skies, Ingested, Exist Immortal, Reprisal, Vallenfyre and many more. i also love lots of death metal from europe (Aborted a band i adore) and Scandinavia and America (Fallujah especially) and Canada (Beyond Creation and Aeternam especially).
2018-11-13 12:39
Sweden snackan 
månegarm best song nattsjäl drömsjäl or amon amarth
2018-11-13 13:10
none xd its all trash
2018-11-13 15:53
Hungary Starwiii 
Eluveitie fans here?
2018-11-13 15:54
United Kingdom Isquashua 
they cool.
2018-11-19 21:22
It sucks so much, sorry
2018-11-19 21:27
metal,rap and rock music omegalul xD
2018-11-13 15:54
NiKo | 
Norway 142beni 
what do you listen to then?
2018-11-22 22:47
ropz | 
Finland Sandels 
Finnish metal OMEGALUL
2018-11-19 21:25
2018-11-19 21:49
Gojira - L'Enfant Sauvage
2018-11-19 21:26
Handout - Swamp of Sorrow
2018-11-19 21:48
2018-11-19 21:49
2018-11-19 21:49
Israel soprendo 
Seattle is the best city for metal.
2018-11-19 21:53
2018-11-19 21:54
Germany Ducarius 
2018-11-19 21:59
Angra, but only a couple of tracks Massacration is cool too
2018-11-19 22:00
Abominable Putridity
2018-11-19 22:37
Turkey darknight53 
Trash and heavy metal always best for me. But I'm started with metalcore to this song type.
2018-11-19 22:43
NiKo | 
Norway 142beni 
2018-11-22 22:47
Brazil Seleskva 
2018-11-22 22:48
Denmark Holymoomoo 
Illdisposed Essence Raunchy
2018-11-22 22:52
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