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Liquid dominance
North America noahB_ 
16-1, and the one round faze won came form Niko clutching the 1v1 with that crazy deag flick hs. Liquid completely dominated that map holy shit. Twistzz top 3 world.
2018-11-11 03:17
NiKo | 
Portugal queniese 
twistzz not top 3 but still liquid played extremely well, wp
2018-11-11 03:18
Italy steven513 
2018-11-11 03:18
yeah, so sad it wasn't a 16:0 :(((( it wasn't a crazy hs though
2018-11-11 03:18
Insane from Liquid. Let’s see if they can take the series though. I still believe in FaZe!
2018-11-11 03:18
faze got crushed, looking forward to cache
2018-11-11 03:19
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