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Brazil thunderrrrrrr 
i was watching fnx last streams and he is training hard his aim better than immortals period almost good as LG/SK and he is training more and more some follower ask him about one day back to mibr I could see in his face that he regrets what he wasted one more chance for THE GOD OF CLUTCH PLEASE FALLEN , FER E COLDZERA
2018-11-13 01:29
-fer +sexlord
2018-11-13 01:30
Europe Instabait 
+1 Tariks girlfriend feels lonely lately ...
2018-11-13 08:22
South Africa BrucieBoi 
fallen to salty and bad leader to do what best for team and get godFNX back on team, they really dont need tarik they have enough firepower they need fnx he many better tarick firewoepr and bang bang skills to the clutch and make team work hard to be men or he will fucc dey bih :>
2018-11-14 07:40
2018-11-14 07:57
Lekr0 | 
Peru synergy_ 
+1 if fnx and GODTACO comeback to MiBR i will support them <3
2018-11-13 01:32
niko | 
United States OpTicFan 
Why would taco go to tier 5 team?
2018-11-13 02:03
If MIBR is a tier 5 team, tell me more about optic? Does it at least exist? And pls, don’t fucking talk about history cuz MIBR alone has more titles than liquidchoke+cry9+allthemuricastogether. So pls, be quiet cuz you got rekt
2018-11-13 05:41
optic 1 eleague title mibr 0 eleague title
2018-11-13 05:44
2018-11-13 08:13
2018-11-14 07:58
2018-11-14 08:09
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2018-11-13 16:11
Yo mum's a thot
2018-11-14 06:33
niko | 
United States OpTicFan 
OpTic > mibr sorry tier 5 fan
2018-11-13 07:09
Yeah wtf that guy is an idiot he thinks MiBR is t5 and optic is better than t5? LOL what a moron. MiBR tier 12 Optic tier 11
2018-11-13 07:59
2018-11-13 08:12
Faroe Islands rho_csgo 
bait 10/10
2018-11-13 09:32
thanks buddy i was proud of this one!
2018-11-14 06:15
8\8 +1
2018-11-14 06:34
Not about Optic when talking about this subject. It's about Liquid being better than Mibr Edit: btw Mibr probably would lose to Optic tho
2018-11-13 08:22
Salty brazillian still says cry9 even though Immortals were the ones who cried haha
2018-11-13 09:31
Well, honestly didn’t watch that game. Perhaps I’ve heard that both teams played well, so GG. I’m not salt, it’s okay some fan from Astralis, Faze, Navi, even liquid, but optic? Come on buddy!
2018-11-13 16:10
"i'm not salt" are you sugar?
2018-11-14 06:34
Blabla baiter! Ugotme! saltYYY, r u happy now?
2018-11-14 07:32
2018-11-13 01:33
coldzera sucks
2018-11-13 05:51
India NoAimNoGame 
Hah! Gayyy
2018-11-13 08:01
If fnx joins mibr, maybe they could get back on their stride. However, they are still missing a good support player. There will never be another player like TACO for that team, ever.
2018-11-13 01:33
But cold is support and taco is entry
2018-11-13 05:08
he is dumb forget...
2018-11-13 05:32
TACO is a support player. Watch every demo, interview, game replays, highlight reels. He's always throwing smokes, flashes, and utility for his teammates to entry.
2018-11-18 21:43
Not on ct side.
2018-11-13 05:43
Italy steven513 
Shit, if he returns to MIBR and they pick up TACO from TL, we will be seeing another major by the Brazilian gods at CS.
2018-11-13 01:34
TACO will never play again with this bots
2018-11-13 02:16
Greece deST) 
2018-11-13 02:17
Italy steven513 
Did he say that? I think he would play with coldzera if the opportunity presents itself, I'm not sure about the others
2018-11-13 02:18
he say to leave in peace on twitter, they have a new team and he forget the past
2018-11-13 02:22
Brazil rickySCE 
"TACO_2_MAJORS_S1MPLE_404" lol
2018-11-13 02:38
yes of course a player who got 19th best in the weakest period of cs since 2012 is going to beat arguably the best team ever (not yet)
2018-11-13 01:34
Austria I_love_Hltv 
Best team ever xaxaxaxa not even arguable.
2018-11-13 01:36
I heard some people talking the same thing when fnx came to US play for Games Academy and 3 months later was pulling out head of everybody on LG even Fnatic who was the best team in the world FNX = WHEN HE IS TRAINING HARD NO ONE CAN STOP THIS PURE TALENT his problem is when he starts to lose focus
2018-11-13 01:38
HEN1 | 
Brazil naitlau 
"weakest period" prove it
2018-11-13 01:42
what was there 10+ different premier tournament winners that year even after fnatic won the first few tourneys that is pathetic that no team can be consistent enough to do these things is crazy lumi/sk fell off hard they could never beat vp after navi was good for a single tourney fnatic was useless astralis was useless c9 useless dig mostly useless no other teams rose to fill the spots unlike this year and last year vp fell at the last hurdle almost every single time french scene useless for all but 2 months nip peaked several times but were not consistent through the year
2018-11-13 01:49
By your logic, Astralis shouldn't be there too, given that only teams that were good this year were faze and navi
2018-11-13 01:55
Italy steven513 
Exactly this. Only FaZe and Na'Vi looked good, and only in certain portions of the year, as Na'Vi looked like a tier 3 team earlier in the year and FaZe fell off compared to their form in 2017.
2018-11-13 02:08
there have literally only been 3 good teams every year 2013 was nip very games ughhh maybe vp/astana dragons i guess 2014 was fnatic nip ldlc 2015 was fnatic nv tsm 2016 was ugh.....i guess lumi vp nip 2017 was astralis faze sk what sets all other years apart from 2016 and 2012 was the existence of mildly consistent lower tier teams this year mouz and liquid north has had a great year nrg better then ever big are good fnatic had a resurgence after a terrible last year with 2015 navi c9 (for the summer) nip (first 3rd) vp (sparingly over the year) kinguin/g2 (later in the year) lumi (later in the year) 2017 had g2 also north
2018-11-13 02:17
HEN1 | 
Brazil naitlau 
tl;dr 2017 and 2016 is better than 2018
2018-11-13 02:15
no 2015 in competition only is 2014 maybe the same
2018-11-13 02:18
cool story also 0/8
2018-11-13 02:35
0/2 i think axaxaxa
2018-11-13 02:38
that was actually pretty nice good job
2018-11-13 02:38
Hong Kong mary69 
+1 LOL
2018-11-13 07:51
everyone in astralis is dogshit ugly and have no personality. they dont stand a chance against FNX
2018-11-13 08:32
Brazil vinnyzeraNTC 
2018-11-13 01:43
Italy steven513 
Btw, has anyone asked FalleN about fnx (on FalleN's stream) after his removal from the team?
2018-11-13 01:46
n0thing | 
United States hleev4 
Just changing a player isn't going to bring a team back from the dead
2018-11-13 01:57
Australia Raychippy 
But he fked fers gf
2018-11-13 02:01
It isn't true
2018-11-13 02:05 ofc ofc ofc not true
2018-11-13 05:28
Fer has a new Gf now and she is even more sexy
2018-11-13 08:03
Europe Instabait 
He just sex her few times to make her relationship with fer healthy.
2018-11-14 08:08
Sigh... NO it is not... FFS people...FNX is garbage sadly. He was good back in LG, then he fucked it all up.
2018-11-13 02:06
Brazil MarieLaMary 
When people will see that fnx is washed up? He sucked damn hard when he was on NTC. Sucked so hard that he was kicked from the team with the name of his own brand.
2018-11-13 02:08
chucky | 
Brunei aspexo 
taco won't go back to tier 5 team when he's on a team that constantly wins second places. And doors are closed for fnx because he banged fer gf. RIP ur dreams
2018-11-13 02:09
fnx in 2k18, lul. He's suffering on GamersClub playing vs LV20 (same as Faceit LV 10), and you think he will change miBR? OMEGALUL
2018-11-13 02:19
Brazil Allistar 
+1 Please marketeiro
2018-11-13 02:29
-tarik -Stewie2k +fnx +TACO/boltz/steelega/LUCAS1 (Supportive Brazilian Player) ez major
2018-11-13 02:33
Italy steven513 
2018-11-13 02:34
True -coldzera +fnx, EZ 89 majors
2018-11-13 05:09
they should pick fnx and boltz to play wesg and test it
2018-11-13 05:21
Nice idea! Don’t know if it’s possible due org. Contracts.
2018-11-13 05:46
-tarik -stewie +taco +fnx Ez 2 Majors.
2018-11-13 05:31
This is the 5th that I repeat it. Another Phoenix reborn is coming! Prepare your pussys felas! No fnx no major!
2018-11-13 05:45
China T1fa 
Why does fnx have so many fans?2 no mvps majors?He used to be magnificent 2 years ago,but now he is amateur.its 2018,lay more stress on the past than on the present?The prince of the night shop?
2018-11-13 06:01
Belgium HLTVnewfag 
2018-11-13 07:54
-TARIK -STEW +fnx +boltz
2018-11-13 08:01
+fnx +boltz/kscerato would be pretty good.
2018-11-13 08:14
Thought this was a different person, it won't happen because of issues between fer and fnx, with fnx yknow fucking his girl or something at the time. I don't remember specifically but it won't happen. I'd rather see felps and lucas1 or taco, something like that.
2018-11-13 08:19
True, they need fnx to become great again
2018-11-13 08:19
-stewie2gay -tarik (i coudn't come up with a pun that wasnt racist -cuck +felpera +fnSex +epatacio
2018-11-13 08:50
2018-11-13 09:29
0/16 CRY---------CRY------------------------------------FREE-FREE CRY-------CRY----------------------------------FREE---------FREE CRY-----CRY-----------------------------------FREE-----------FREE CRY----CRY--CRY--------IS-IS-IS-IS------FREE--------------FREE CRY---CRY-----CRY------IS-IS-IS-IS------FREE--------------FREE CRY---CRY------CRY-------------------------FREE-------------FREE CRY---CRY------CRY--------------------------FREE-----------FREE CRY----CRY-----CRY----------------------------FREE--------FREE CRY------CRY-CRY--------------------------------FREE-FREE OMEGALUL
2018-11-13 09:27
-stew -tarik +felps +boltz
2018-11-13 09:30
If coldzera wouldnt be so god damn overrated then fnx would be by far the most overrated brazillian player.
2018-11-13 09:34
Nice title
2018-11-13 09:37
nt baitzera
2018-11-13 09:37
FalleN | 
Brazil gxnb 
my god, man this is pathetic, fnx does not play anymore, mibr is still going to get in the way, it took 2 years for luminosity to win something until they won the major
2018-11-13 16:12
They didn't have a gaming house or a fraction of the resources they have now and they made it to the katowice major. And they didn't even play fulltime until after they signed with LG.
2018-11-14 07:48
LG needing two ywears to become tier 1 and mibr are two completely different things lol
2018-11-14 09:48
FalleN | 
Brazil gxnb 
2018-11-16 01:42
Turkey godkagan 
They lost against FaZe, i think if FaZe stops choking they might be the antidote of ezTralis
2018-11-14 07:51
Fallen will bring him back when he needs a kid.
2018-11-14 09:51
-fer +kNgV -stewie +steel XD
2018-11-14 09:55
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