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why is pugs/mm heavily forced?
United States Eseaistrashyo 
i love how ever since csgo came out.ive notice how so many people who start learning to play csgo as their first cs game never really learned the proper way to play counter strike.scrimming and playing in leagues the proper way to playing counter strike.pugging and playing matchmaking is no where near playing the actual game.
2018-11-13 01:33
i also hate how esea and faceit force it also..hey grind pugs to get to rank s or fpl so you can play with the pros....but what % actually make it to fpl and rank s though?
2018-11-13 01:34
You put in the effort you will be rewarded.
2018-11-13 01:35
so grinding pugs with randoms where a huge percentage of loses happen frequently compared to actually making a team and playing the right way in leagues has so many advantages and oppurtunity then playing pugs/mm?
2018-11-13 01:38
That’s up to you and how you see it.
2018-11-13 01:40
do you not scrim or playing in online leagues? or do you only play pugs and mm?
2018-11-13 01:40
I don’t care for ranking up and stuff like that. Sometimes I solo play and have some good times and sometimes I troll with friends.
2018-11-13 01:41
so mm/pugs are a main priority for you?
2018-11-13 01:42
Not really.
2018-11-13 01:43
im confused so you scrim and play in leagues then?
2018-11-13 01:44
I guess I scrim
2018-11-13 01:45
2018-11-13 01:45
It takes actual competence to play in a team tho, go watch any silver/nova game and you’ll see y they don’t do that
2018-11-13 01:37
i dont play matchmaking...but in esea pugs for years its been the same crap.
2018-11-13 01:39
Japan Anime_Prophet 
It's not. You are just mad because bad. That's why you have your reddit account which you have been spamming non-sense just because you are frustrated with your performance in PUGs. You act like you would be some great player if you were on a team, but if you seriously can't get past C rank on ESEA you are just going to get wrecked in open the same as you do in PUGs. DM and Aim_botz. Stop complaining so much.
2018-11-13 01:42
the typical your bad comments LOOLL
2018-11-13 01:43
Japan Anime_Prophet 
Want to link your ESEA? Then we can see why teams wont pick you up?
2018-11-13 01:52
ohhh no link my account
2018-11-13 01:53
Japan Anime_Prophet 
See you're avoiding it, why?
2018-11-13 01:55
im not avoiding anything.
2018-11-13 02:04
You kind of are if you had nothing to fear you would link your account.
2018-11-13 02:15
link yours then
2018-11-13 02:27
You first bisch
2018-11-13 02:29
if you had nothing to fear you would link your account.
2018-11-13 02:30
2018-11-13 02:31
Mind sharing yours now bisch
2018-11-13 02:33
nice fake account
2018-11-13 02:35
So scared pussyboi
2018-11-13 02:36
not really
2018-11-13 02:37
Oh well can't pressure them all nice job holding your ground.
2018-11-13 02:39
"recent visitors" is magic.
2018-11-13 02:41
Busted in the act hurts. Welp unintentionally I've been given away.
2018-11-13 02:42
to bad i didnt log into my account when i viewed it
2018-11-13 03:12
Oh well it is a rip for me but you do seem kinda desperate if you gotta paste this twice.
2018-11-13 03:16
ohh nooo...
2018-11-13 03:18
Yeah it is truly sad ;( for u
2018-11-13 03:20
is it?
2018-11-13 03:20
2018-11-13 03:21
you sure?
2018-11-13 03:21
100% are you having a mental breakdown?
2018-11-13 03:22
no but i think you are though.
2018-11-13 03:23
Yikes seems it's trying to project its problems onto me
2018-11-13 03:24
2018-11-13 03:24
This is just turning into a long line of comments between two retards I'm just gonna go enjoy your mental breakdown.
2018-11-13 03:25
so wait you just admitted your retarded?
2018-11-13 03:26
We both are it is way to obvious anyway last comment cya
2018-11-13 03:26
bye retard
2018-11-13 03:31
to bad i didnt log into my account when i viewed it
2018-11-13 02:47
United States Optimus_Bait 
pugs are best i like meeting 4 new retards every game the better you frag in pugs the better chance u getting in any real team u have cuzu can actually aim
2018-11-13 01:47
i disagree.
2018-11-13 01:47
United States Optimus_Bait 
good inviduals with decent teamworks overpowers decent inviduals with good teamwork 8 times out of 10
2018-11-13 02:07
2018-11-13 02:14
United States Optimus_Bait 
think about dat fam
2018-11-13 02:15
2018-11-13 02:27
NA cs in a nutshell
2018-11-13 02:16
Myanmar xdcc 
I mean EU mixes were formed on that idea. Now we have FaZe, budget Faze (mousesports), budget budget FaZe (Valiance).
2018-11-13 02:39
faze isnt impressive imo for a while. it shows that they dont have communication like a native team.
2018-11-13 02:40
2018-11-13 06:53
only in america do ppl think you can win an argument with a random 1 word reply. explain your thoughts if you have any. the faze i have seen the past months loses to liquid and c9 and tier 3 eu teams like nip regularly. thats pretty bad. they should consider roster change if they want to compete in tier 1 eu. kaiirgan first then olof or guardian. and niko has to stop baiting.
2018-11-13 10:56
how is winning epicenter not impressive? you don't know what it shows since you aren't on the team.
2018-11-13 14:08
look at fazes recent results and then tell me they are a solid team. they can win an event. or they can lose to NA teams or tier3 EU. only aim and little teamwork
2018-11-13 15:37
Imagine being so fucking trash at cs that you're scared of playing mm/pugs lul
2018-11-13 03:34
2018-11-13 04:38
you, ur hardstuck nova 4 and b- in esea prob...
2018-11-13 05:28
nah i played in multiple esea open,im and main and premier leagues..while ur shitty ass is grinding in mm ranks.we get it your a nobody pz.
2018-11-13 05:29
esea leagues are garbage lmao, most people there can't outaim my grandmother...
2018-11-13 05:30
says the guy refering people to matchmaking ranks.
2018-11-13 05:31
ur crying about mm, which means ur fucking garbage and unable to rank up... i played main in EU and NA with 140 ping, ppl there are fucking braindead and need to spend more time doing productive things, cs is just not for them...
2018-11-13 05:33
having 140 ping but playing on na servers.....what.
2018-11-13 05:34
i played with na friends once, but i mostly played in eu... my point is, ppl who play esea leagues are trash and are no better than regular pug players.
2018-11-13 05:35
cant tell if bait or just stupid.
2018-11-13 05:37
playing on a team doesn't make u a better cs player, especially if its an open team with a bunch of old retards
2018-11-13 05:38
god ur fucking stupid as fuck.
2018-11-13 05:39
k dude, talk to me when u win a 10k on lan with no practice/real strats
2018-11-13 05:41
look ur still going on with ur baits..i bet csgo is ur first cs game too...inb4 u played since 1.5/1.6
2018-11-13 05:42
i played css since i was 8yrs old... I won a LAN last year with 4 of my friends and we had very little exp vs. actual teams... Skill and game sense can be earned in pugs and mm games too, ur a trashcan who will never succeed in anything, enjoy ur miserable life
2018-11-13 05:52
Some random nobody calling me a trash can lool ...and he won some non relevant lan loool
2018-11-13 06:47
which relevant lan event you won btw?
2018-11-13 12:12
how bad cam you be? lvl 1-3 faceit probably not even c/b easea
2018-11-13 03:56
expected comment....i bet u only play mm and never scrimmed or played any leagues in ur life.
2018-11-13 04:39
Other VladimirLucas 
most players are casual plebs who don't understand how to play correctly reddit for example is full of them
2018-11-13 04:41
2018-11-13 04:42
Hltv is full of people who bought level 10 accounts to show off and are trash at the game. I've beaten retards like you with a team of level 3s, learn to crawl before you speak in public.
2018-11-13 12:14
I see some kids actually got offended... What OP says, is true.
2018-11-13 05:52
2018-11-13 06:47
Denmark Xipingu 
Who cares in 2018 anyway?
2018-11-13 06:09
Real Cs players care
2018-11-13 06:48
Denmark Xipingu 
Doubtfully, because they are already pros or level 10.
2018-11-13 07:22
level 10s are not real cs players, only pros are. Rest tryhards.
2018-11-13 12:16
Denmark Xipingu 
True, but in terms of who probably cares I meant.
2018-11-13 14:16
Sweden Beaneater 
op stop lying to yourself and face the reality of that youre low skill. facing reality is always the best choice.
2018-11-13 06:56
Another random nobody with his failed assumptions
2018-11-13 06:59
Sweden Beaneater 
sounds like yourself
2018-11-13 09:22
chrisJ | 
Finland Motori 
Sad thing about this is that there are no newbie friendly team ladders i am also kinda sad that team based games are dying in the teamwork because of pugging services.Thats why i like tf2 since the competive scene is not the biggest and most people play 4 teams
2018-11-13 09:05
Dominican Republic g8Q0wHY 
Cuz there is no way to go pro besides reaching fpl
2018-11-13 09:24
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