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Kjarbye lol
Brazil Corot1nho 
Imagine Kjaerbye looking at Astralis winning everything,if i was him i would cry my eyes off. Do you think he was the problem? But i think it's pretty shitty that the same team you've back stabbed months ago is just even better without you if i was in his place i would cry really hard and feel guilty as fuck. Life ultimate revenge man.
2018-11-13 03:16
i dont know what happened but he was right he chose honor over money what most of you kids never even heard of he saved his soul and kept the income relatively on the same level less tourneys, less travels... he's the real man
2018-11-13 03:18
Let go of your pride man.
2018-11-13 03:20
you aint replied to me last time begone now
2018-11-13 03:21
When was this?
2018-11-13 03:21
not long ago asked you Are you a real muslim boy
2018-11-13 03:23
I am. Does it matter if I am though?
2018-11-13 03:24
doesnt but i wanted to receive a response on the question i've asked was it that hard where are you living boy?
2018-11-13 03:24
Check my flag.
2018-11-13 03:25
obviously i meant the state nor the town or both
2018-11-13 03:25
NY/New York
2018-11-13 03:26
gracious i'd pick it over LA do you appreciate the music kid?
2018-11-13 03:27
I don’t listen to music but one song I do like is “Take me home country roads”
2018-11-13 03:27
it will come, wait and see that's a classic shot, won't even respond on that so long its been good to know you
2018-11-13 03:28
Sorry for late reply but can you recommend some?
2018-11-13 04:25
sure i can who else if not me what kind can you appreciate the most?
2018-11-13 04:28
I don’t know. Again I don’t listen to music often. Just don’t give the horrible hip hop songs
2018-11-13 04:33
easily you show signs of a well respected man won't get you disappointed i will base it off the song you told me try this and i'll have a clue
2018-11-13 04:37
Quite nice and catchy. I can see myself listening to this.
2018-11-13 04:43
chart topper, kids' tune at some point you directed me this way yourself, i could give you a swing or a rock, boogie jazz and a great big knock
2018-11-13 04:45
In high school I’m taking guitar. Maybe in the future I’ll make something similar :)
2018-11-13 04:49
i need young passionate guitarists let me come over there, you won't be jazzed by your teen routine we'll have fun
2018-11-13 04:49
I’m too young m8
2018-11-13 04:56
Aint necessarily so if you can hold a friend's thingie in hand you're fine sure as well you'll hold a guitar boy
2018-11-13 05:09
lol Muslim kid. Allah is not real lmao.
2018-11-13 04:54
2018-11-13 04:55
My proof is that there is no concrete proof of him being real. If there is find me some.
2018-11-13 04:56
The Quran (holy book) so far 80% of it is true. The rest is of which we can’t see (unseen world like angels devils etc)
2018-11-13 04:58
IF any religious book was some what real then everyone would believe in a religion, religion is a way to find a bonding agent for the fractured part of our lives. What part of the Quran is real? Tell me.
2018-11-13 05:03
Wasnt it the other way around? He chose money? And being the superatar of a team
2018-11-13 03:28
he was in a star position in a Major winning team, had all he needed and dont say their salary is that much smaller and you dont count the prize money he was bound to earn as well he went for a much weaker team and stayed there, mannish boy
2018-11-13 03:29
Astralis wouldn’t be as good with him. Their problem was that Duphree and Kjaerbye was best playing the same role. Therefore Duphree was held a lot back. Now they all play the roles they are perfect at and there’s no fighting for the role between Kjaerbye and Duphree. Kjaerbye didnt like the Astralis tactic all the way though, because it’s to tactical for him. His main reason for changing was the beginning of lack of motivation within that system. His salary with North is a bit better (without bonusses). I think Kjaerbye will leave North if he gets a new chance with a better team. I think his style of playing fits well with Faze.
2018-11-13 03:41
great insight still nobody forced him to leave, hasnt they? nobody told him to i'll keep my initial impression of him as a well respected man
2018-11-13 03:42
All around Astralis expected him to stay. They didnt even considering that he might leave. He was offered a contract and he seemed satisfied with it, but when he should sign it, it was the one from North instead. It was a big chock for all people around Astralis. That’s why there was a lot of hate against him in the beginning, because they thought it was respectless not to tell the team, so they had a chance of replacing him. Astralis was first told it an hour or two before he was announced on a press conference for North. But it was all for the best. I dont think Astralis would reach the same level with him. They needed the kind of player Magisk is. Eventhough Kjaerbye is a very good player, he wasn’t the perfect fit because him and Duphree played too much alike.
2018-11-13 03:47
yeah, he's a great talent as well and i guess they would figure out the roles confussion i wouldnt go as far saying Magisk is a better player, Kjaerbye impressed me more throughout the years but its no good looking back, Astralis is top now and I think the reasoning behind this is that the core of danes have evolved to the point that they can carry on great tactics and perform great individual skills and gla1ve assists them in everything, Magisk is a good fragger to fill the gaps but that could be Markus as well whatever, he left and he never cried, the tag remains
2018-11-13 03:51
I don’t say that Magisk is a better player. But he plays the support role really well and that’s what Astralis needed. Kjaerbye is really great in entry fragging and aiming. But Magisk is really good at gathering information and hold one position. Just see him holding Pit on Inferno, he’s probably one of the best in the world to do that. Their style of playing is really different and I think the reason Duphree’s level has increased this year is because of the more freedom he gets in his play now. If you look at Astralis defends on most maps they have Magisk and Device on two different bombsites as CT. Because both are really good at protecting them. That gives the freedom for Glave, Xypixz and Duphree to change around in their positions. Before that it was really only Device that could hold a position for a long time. Which meant that sometimes they did a lot of unnecesary rotations.
2018-11-13 03:59
yes it's good, kjaerbya should be on the second best team but i fail to get which one should be that all struggle in the shades of astralis
2018-11-13 04:01
I would like to see him replace Rain on Faze. People often forget how young Kjaerbye is.. Only 20. I think he has a lot of good years still and can develop into a better player as well. But he needs to play with better players han North. Kjaerbye isn’t a person that carries a team, but when the team plays well Kjaerbye plays really well too. I think its some mental things with him. I think he can learn a lot from playing with Niko and Olof. At the same time he had some of the same troubles on Astralis as karrigan. Faze way of playing matches he competences well.
2018-11-13 04:08
wishing well for him, would be sad if he gets stranded in the scene of great ole denmark
2018-11-13 04:10
Yeah. But a bright thing for him is that North has one of the best talent programs in Denmark. They have a massive financial support behind them, so it’s very likely that the next great danish talents can come on that team. (North is owned by PSE, which is public traded and owns the soccer clubs FC København and a lot of properties, theme parks etc.) Otherwise should North maybe get a few players from outside of Denmark and realize that they cant do the same as Astralis.
2018-11-13 04:15
whatever will be, will be i liked his days in dignitas the more alongside Pimp but its now all gone and hes not the same
2018-11-13 04:15
He sucked after the major and did not want to give role of entry fragger to dupreeh even tho dupreeh was in better form.Now dupreeh is #1 entry and Kjaerbye is getting carried by valde occasionally.
2018-11-13 03:43
he sucked for sure but we dont know how it would turn out had he stayed with them so, pointless to assume
2018-11-13 03:49
That’s not correct. He wasn’t told to give his role away for Astralis. Him and Duphree was all the time changing between being entry fragger and support play in the maps. None of them was perfect support player like Magisk, that’s why he wasn’t performing as well.
2018-11-13 03:50
Yeah but he has lost his confidence.His only job in that time was to frag and he was so shaky, sometimes couldn't hit a headshot from behind.Magisk is not being the support player, he is just solid anchor and great aimer.When Magisk plays pit on inferno he is gonna get that 1 kill at least, Kjaerbye will not.
2018-11-13 03:55
Kjaerbye is a better aimer than Magisk, but Magisk is really great at positioning himself. As you say he’s probably the best Pro player in pit on inferno. It gives the other players freedom that he can hold that position that well and Device is really strong in Banana control. If they had Kjaerbye they wouldn’t put him in pit because he cant hold a position for that long time. It was one of their problems that they needed one more guy than Astralis that can hold the position as CT. Magisk have done an interview for danish tv and he calls his role a support role. Reason being is that when they do a tactic it usually starts with Duphree, Xypixz or Device. Magisk’s role is changed depending on the other players.
2018-11-13 04:05
There were lots of problems with astralis at that moment they were barelly winning. And he was never the star of the team
2018-11-14 13:43
he clearly, major MVP and the constantly good stats decision was hard to make and he made it respect
2018-11-14 13:44
He was the major mvp but after the major he wasnt even close to being the star
2018-11-14 13:49
he kept up the form relatively and he left shortly after anyway he made a decision in his head, he didnt care about the performance at that point would leave anyway
2018-11-14 13:51
Hmm maybe
2018-11-14 13:55
Xyp9x | 
Other Zyncc 
kicking the opportunity with both the legs is not pride....and btw he chose money cuz at that time astralis was having a hard time and north was paying him more than astralis....he himself told that the deal from north was very lucrative.....
2018-11-13 05:01
he just wanted to leave undefeated with all the prize money he was bound to get, he still went for it and never cried about it a mannish thing to do Still
2018-11-13 05:10
Xyp9x | 
Other Zyncc 
whats the point in leaving undefeated if u gonna end with a losing streak just as u enter the new team.... >kicking opportunities and going after money (believe me north was paying him more) >mannish thing to do pick only one. He kinda backstabbed astralis as he didnt even reveal his plan to leave the team before the last day and astralis found themselves in a difficult situation in the following 2 tournaments...Device himself told that they werent expecting this kind of action from i dont think he did a very mannish thing by such a indifference to the guys with whom he won the major.... Byali did a mannish thing as he announced his decision 1 month before leaving and not like snakebye
2018-11-13 09:29
you should sacrifice opportunity for the greater good, soul and the well being of person is much more valuable than material things that could never heal his wounded heart he might have lost a lot of fortune but he did like his heart told him to, its a great act he might have told him but he didnt have to, he served them well anyway
2018-11-13 09:42
Xyp9x | 
Other Zyncc 
lmao wounded heart......dude it is money that keeps the juice flowing m8.. it is simple to understand that he left for the money..dont know why u inserting this philosophical shit into this and eating away the logic
2018-11-13 09:45
not everyone is that easy to sell out for a slightly bigger income than before it's a very foolish reason considering they were top 1 team in the world with a great salary and more tourneys to come, it was obviously not money he felt like it was better for him and he did it, respect to him
2018-11-13 09:55
Xyp9x | 
Other Zyncc 
keep respecting a snake dude.....cant argue anymore with a braindead snakebye's blind fan.... u know whats the difference between u and a knife: "a knife has a point"
2018-11-13 09:56
you didnt reply to me at all.. you just went mad because i didnt agree with you, you didnt prove your point anyhow and its not even your point, its an opinion of majority well, at least i know i was talking to a kid
2018-11-13 09:57
Brazil Corot1nho 
I was following what happened and he betrayed his team mates,lol,there is no problem to get into another organization but the way he did was snake like,he did not told anyone and Astralis only knew about that when North is a video dated february this year > Device talking about what he (kjarbye) did. ""i dont know what happened but he was right""" (?)
2018-11-13 07:06
he felt like it and he did it its very stupid to call him a snake, circumstances in the team have led to such aftermath he couldnt find his place presumably and he left he was the MVP of that Major and that was his words of farewell and sorry
2018-11-13 07:11
Brazil Corot1nho 
He could talked about it to the team,that's my point,looks like he just lefted and avoided talking about it,should have said "hey i am leaving for North by the way,bye".
2018-11-13 07:13
it would be great but he didnt have to do it he just showed that he didnt have much manners but still he listened to his heart and he went away, its a bold move and i respect that
2018-11-13 07:15
Xyp9x | 
Other Zyncc 
yeah u r absolutely right...
2018-11-13 09:33
Xyp9x | 
Other Zyncc 
2018-11-13 09:30
Honor does not pay the bills in reality. Have to have the money.
2018-11-13 07:19
didnt say it does, he walked away with a saved pride and still had money enough to enjoy his time of prime
2018-11-13 07:20
Israel raaVz 
"he chose Money over Honor*
2018-11-14 13:54
he earned much more in Astralis and would keep on earning its about his place in the team and life, he chose a quieter place with a dimmer position great man
2018-11-14 13:55
honor over money?lol,north will never be 5,so he obviously regrets about his decision and he told it a lot of times.
2018-11-14 13:57
no he doesnt, he never cried about it its not only about me, he kept himself clean and honest, he might have found friends and a good position for himsef he couldnt do in astralis
2018-11-14 14:00
he is happy with the money they gave him, cheating kid.
2018-11-13 03:20
Brazil Corot1nho 
2018-11-13 07:08
why he left ast?
2018-11-13 03:48
role duplicate
2018-11-13 04:07
rain | 
CIS s4turn 
???? Wtf that means
2018-11-13 07:17
He and dupreeh plays the same roles
2018-11-13 09:47
Respect kirby, he left because he didn't want to play with cheaters.
2018-11-13 03:50
Are you kidding me? Kjaerbye is the biggest cheating fuck on the pro scene. Just look at his crosshair every time he gets a kill. Full-on blatantly cheating.
2018-11-13 04:24
Australia t0rrent 
Idiot, provide proof before spouting shit like that
2018-11-13 04:32
Google "kjaerbye cheating", it's been covered a million times by smarter people than me.
2018-11-13 04:34
Australia t0rrent 
Yeah I've seen all the clips and I can think of a valid reason for every one of them other than cheats. You could consider it evidence but not proof. There's a thing called innocent until proven guilty.
2018-11-13 08:09
flusha | 
Poland MBT_yt 
DH Master Marsilia won carried by MSL>>>>>>>>>All titles won by Astralis ez4 Snakebye
2018-11-13 04:01
Kjaerbye garbage cheater, I have no sympathy for him.
2018-11-13 04:22
Brazil Corot1nho 
2018-11-13 05:01
2018-11-13 06:33
its his own choice , dont blame him wtf
2018-11-13 04:32
Brazil Corot1nho 
I mean sure,but he should at least have the consideration to tell his team mates you know,it was a snake move not bc he choose to go to that team but the way he did it.
2018-11-13 05:02
kjaerbye was not the problem, but the gameplay of Astralis with Magisk is a beautiful thing to see
2018-11-13 05:12
New Zealand Eauor 
2018-11-13 07:32
Portugal Atruemaster 
2018-11-13 06:30
Who's kjarbye?
2018-11-13 07:29
New Zealand Eauor 
he wasn't 'the problem' so much afaik, magisk is just 100000x times better and the team has worked a lot better with him.
2018-11-13 07:32
s1mple | 
Denmark Almoe 
magiskbooy also fits way better and now they can actually win pistol rounds
2018-11-13 08:15
India NoAimNoGame 
Markus "BackStab" Shakerbye fuck that lil cuck
2018-11-13 08:14
bcs you are gold digger
2018-11-13 08:15
Just think that they told him to take off the cheats or leave... and he left :D
2018-11-13 08:15
After Blast last year, I heard some rumors around some roster changes in Astralis, it could be Kjaerbye would get kicked instead of leaving if he stayed.
2018-11-13 09:41
United States Mayor_Quimby 
Astralis wouldn’t have improved with kjaerbye, if he stayed, astralis will have the same results as the past 2 years. Magisk really helped shapen the structure of astralis till the point of being impregnable
2018-11-13 09:45
i think he wasn't the problem but magisk is an upgrade to down syndrom team
2018-11-14 13:53
Asia Antay 
He will be heartbroken for sure
2018-11-14 14:04
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