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Other noflagman 
Theyve been around since 3 years now and theyve never done anything on LAN, but when it comes to hitting ridiculous vac shots online or winning weird online matches against teams that rekt them online theyre always up there, + their star player is the biggest onliner ever and if you could say he needed to have time to prove himself on LAN in the past it isnt even the case now
2018-11-15 11:39
*rekt them on LAN
2018-11-15 11:40
who cares about non t1 team? why you wasting your life time with SS?
2018-11-15 15:00
Hate to see ignorant people thinking theyre smart, but I guess I could spend a whole life doing it on HLTV
2018-11-15 15:02
Denmark Mah1 
cuz play on turkish servers with enemy team having 150ping
2018-11-15 11:40
Mongolia FoxOutOfGlocks 
Xantares not even bad lan player tho
2018-11-15 11:41 there you go, just look at his stats against good team compare to the one against tier 3 teams lmao
2018-11-15 11:42
Mongolia FoxOutOfGlocks 
It is still not like he is so bad still lan though, just seems less consistent rly but he can do well even against high level team
2018-11-15 11:44
?? were watching the same page? He has NEGATIVE rating against every high level team, cmon bro, compare to what people where saying of him 2/3 years ago thats legit pathetic
2018-11-15 11:45
Mongolia FoxOutOfGlocks 
astralis legit only one that is super low rating and it was 2 maps
2018-11-15 11:46
rest are still négatives ratings, just give me one good team that he could handle on LAN ?? Even struggling fnatic was kicking his ass
2018-11-15 11:47
he legit had over 1.0 rating or equal vs fnatic in 6 games, one time under 1 rating but it was 0.58 lowering his rating avg.
2018-11-15 11:52
thats not even close to what he shows online and he has no impact, therefore he is an onliner, in comparison to what people were saying about him a couple of years ago, he never lived up to expectation on LAN which is the only thing that matters
2018-11-15 11:54
he is clearly not onliner at all however he is worse lan than online, I give you that.
2018-11-15 11:55
If you're worse on LAN than online youre an onliner by definition, useless to rekt teams in meaningless online matches if you cant show anything on LAN
2018-11-15 11:57
not even definition of onliner but ok... By same definition s1mple is onliner cuz worse rating on lan lately :).
2018-11-15 12:01
If you would know how to use context you wouldnt dare to use that "argument"
2018-11-15 12:01
I mean i just made it up too honestly, s1mple actually has extremely good lan stats ;D. but fact is xantares has plenty of games vs top teams with decent rating on lan, yet you keep ignoring this and telling he does rly bad against them, just biased af.
2018-11-15 12:03
how is that? Just give me a single team that xanteres played against when they were good and did great? Imagine telling someone he is biased when all im using are stats there
2018-11-15 12:05
Honestly if we look his stats, he doesn't have many games vs teams who were "great" at the time when they faced them and when he does his team was just rekt such as vs astralis, can u expect high stats then? I don't think so.
2018-11-15 12:12 Its simple, just look at the top performers there (in online league), his team got rekt there for the first time in a while at an online season so you cant use that argument, then try to give a single tier 1 LAN tournament where he performed like this
2018-11-15 12:14 just last event he had 1.21 rating, ofc it is boosted stats but who says it is not same for this online league with tier 3 teams like windigo xd, pro league got nothing to do with only tier 1 with so many lower tier teams
2018-11-15 12:22
youre kidding right? Literally the only good teams there were MIBR and Astralis and they shat on him, this tournament was actually criticized because the invite were terrible
2018-11-15 12:22
but you see if he goes tier 1 lan, his team doesn't do well ever, it is impossible expect him to have high stats, it would be luck if he got them cuz clearly team often struggles offline and it is surely not him only.
2018-11-15 12:24
Im harsh on him because of the expectation people had around him years ago, a guy that was really done to compete at tier 1 level would have at least some decent LAN results against good opposition you can back on to defend him, especially after 3 years, would like to see if he would do good on a good team but he cant even do the necessary to learn English, its his own fault
2018-11-15 12:29 but when it comes to online cs ofc I can give you hundred of games from them that would NEVER happen on LAN
2018-11-15 12:08
He destroyed nip 20-2
2018-11-15 11:54
>NIP >Good team
2018-11-15 11:55
>gatekeepers and damage control >good team pick one
2018-11-15 12:44
Flair checks out
2018-11-15 12:57
flag checks out
2018-11-15 13:57
Laz better than any Polish player. /close
2018-11-15 14:01
Laz, whatever it is, is noname. Ez Proland>pajanese
2018-11-15 14:06
if you say
2018-11-15 14:36
ngin is bot maj3r is tier 3 igl ( best turkish igl ) paz is tier 2.5 player calyx tier 2 player and baiter xantares tier 1 player if xantares have goal he is absolutely going european team
2018-11-15 11:48
maj3r is french actually, and xantares is overrated and a huge onliner, s1mple in the past was playing in shit teams too but when it came to LAN he was always showing up even against top teams, xantares has been around for a while now and he has never done so
2018-11-15 11:52
xantares lan rating 1.24 xantares online rating 1.23 dumbfuck
2018-11-15 12:00
We're talking about high tier CS there retarded fangay, not his performance against tier 4 teams in Turkish lans, use the thing that is supposed to be your brain
2018-11-15 12:03
Turkey Lycanthropeee 
wtf are u talking about? wtf is that turkish lan? go fk urself idiot
2018-11-15 12:11
yeah Turkish people and their really nice argument such as "go fuck yourself", go improve your mental capacity before trying to comment
2018-11-15 12:12
what is the source of this butthurt?
2018-11-15 12:22
But did you ever try fucking yourself. It is actually fun. I do it all the time with my left hand.
2018-11-15 12:54
2018-11-15 13:07
oh dear you must be the worst bullshit i ever witnessed in hltv "s1mple in the past was playing in shit teams too but when it came to LAN he was always showing up even against top teams" go check xantares stats against top team at LAN
2018-11-15 12:14 Here it is for you, check it yourself before making comments wtf is wrong with you? Thats legit shit compare to what he does online
2018-11-15 12:15
yeah 2 matches at avarage of 0.96 rating where rest of your team is pure shit is truly a good measurement.
2018-11-15 12:24
expected from lan dodgers, then dont use that argument yourself weirdo, you were the one comming at me with it and now you say its a bad argument lmao, and dont act like it would be any different with more maps, we can give him 3 more years that it will still be the same
2018-11-15 12:26
even tho your attitude is dipshit i still agree with you about SS as team wise but you just cant deny the fact that xantares is among those stars. its already accepted by pro players. your opinion is worthless, kid
2018-11-15 12:29
yeah imagine being a xantares fankid and thinking your biased opinion about him matters, only thing that matter are results and he doesnt have any against good teams even after 3 years of waiting, you can be deluded if you want but only things you can be is a fool if you seriously think your opinion matters there, not even using a single viable argument you're a joke, even Woxic carried hellraisers to some decent results all by himself on LAN, stop the fankid excuses im not taking those
2018-11-15 12:34
His performance vs high tier is fine. He just has a bad team, thats all
2018-11-15 13:08
The thing is that he has the same team online and his performance are just WAT better there so it isnt a viable argument and doesnt counter my point
2018-11-15 13:11
He is no onliner.
2018-11-15 13:13
yeah nice argument as expected
2018-11-15 13:54
Just the truth.
2018-11-15 13:55
>opinion of a random hltv user that doesnt even use viable arguments >truth
2018-11-15 14:00 Lan 1.23 Online 1.23 "Onliner" You are the random hltv user which doesnt even use viable arguments. Hypocrite, Salty hating kid
2018-11-15 14:03
Are you dumb or really cant read? My whole point is about High level CS dumbass, you think you outsmart people by doing the most basic stats research possible?? Go see my other comments to understand what context means and how bad xantares plays on tier 1 lan compare to tier 1 online leagues, pathetic dickrider talking at me because he cant take real arguments
2018-11-15 14:56
His performance vs high tier is fine. He just has a bad team, thats all. His performance vs high tier teams would be better with a better team. Thats just normal. You just cant stand that you are wrong.Every other user here did show you that you are just wrong and a dumb hating kid "real arguments" LMAO I will stop wasting my time with you retard now
2018-11-15 14:59
every other users saying its wrong without argument like you are Turkish, retard. You cant even use context even with it my god you're braindead and what cant you understand in that link, it says it all, top rated player at t1/t2 online league as usual but cant do anything on LAN in the same tier of play, will you finally adress the point and get real arguments or keep on sucking those Turkish dicks just to feel loved on the internet? Pathetic but expected from a BIG fan to defend onliners in the most terrible manner
2018-11-15 15:08
U are the most retarded kid i have ever seen in this site.
2018-11-15 14:29
and ofc youre from turkey, keep up the good arguments dude, youre really showing how smart Turkish fans are there, already seen how braindead your community was with the golden autosniper thing but I couldnt ask for a better exemple, literally 0 argument but just insulting people for saying the Truth about a player from your country, pathetic and sad but I guess you cant even understand this
2018-11-15 15:03
At least i dont hide my flag from foreigners. What a simple guy
2018-11-15 15:45
you're compare ss and navi this is not fair s1mple is top 1 player.
2018-11-15 12:37
s1mple played in many teams before navi and still had good results gainst top teams, go check his team history
2018-11-15 12:35
he had good results only liquid.never compare ss hiko jdm nitro elige. xantares isn't top player but he game level enough playing tier 1 team if he is going as woxic he is be succesful
2018-11-15 12:46
He had decent results in flipside as well as hellraisers
2018-11-15 19:07
They were in wesg finals
2018-11-15 11:51
tier 15 tournament
2018-11-15 11:53
how much
2018-11-15 11:59
nice comment YARRAKTARES
2018-11-15 12:00
L.K.S | 
Turkey xAiakos 
if they are biggest onliners ever why the fk they finished EPL at 9 lmfao first season was luck , they are not onliner and not lan players just group of shit
2018-11-15 12:04
Do u even know what is the 'onliner'???
2018-11-15 14:30
L.K.S | 
Turkey xAiakos 
i know be comfortable , dont think about me
2018-11-15 19:03
Wth are you talking about lmao
2018-11-15 19:05
L.K.S | 
Turkey xAiakos 
rigged turks are here
2018-11-15 19:06
Ne alaka amk dediğini anlayamadım onu sordum
2018-11-15 19:11
L.K.S | 
Turkey xAiakos 
dedik iste biseyler knk bende anlamadim
2018-11-15 19:16
fnatic biggest onliners so obviously bait
2018-11-15 12:35
2018-11-15 12:37
yeap unluko for them they cant handle their pressure for top 3 sweden
2018-11-15 12:37
Red reserve too strong brazzer, what can you do against freddieb??
2018-11-15 12:38
and hampus top 1 IGL in sweden you forgot to say
2018-11-15 12:39
Russia McN1k 
nrg and ghost
2018-11-15 12:38
United States ShawnM 
2018-11-15 12:38
Online or LAN don't matter, they choke when they face a good team; especially when opponent has a good awper, cuz they dont have an awper to counter...
2018-11-15 12:49
I'm sorry but he/she is right. If they are good, they have to show us in big events.
2018-11-15 13:06
maybe their just comfortable playing when home
2018-11-15 13:08
cyx | 
Armenia Llev1n 
Get out from silver matchmaking brain. This is top tier cs no one can carry team alone. You cant say s1mple show good impact on liquid. He had good brain hiko, talented elige. Xantares have braindead majer, calyx who think if he dead in game he will dead in real life. Hes raw aim and mouse movements is even better than every top players including niko,cold. Just wait he will join top team soon you will eat your words.
2018-11-15 13:32
"No one can carry alone in top tier CS", yeah sure dude its not like s1mple, niko, and so on do it since forever and were in teams as shit if not even worse than SS, Xantares is around since more than 3 years now and never proved shit, so stop with your shit assumptions and learn to use real facts, he cant even learn English so good luck to find a good team with that, only a guy that actually play MM like you would think this guy is as good as you say, he is only a raw aimer and cant even show up on lan
2018-11-15 13:59
ropz | 
Sweden fearl3ss2 
xantares is obvious cheater why would someone with 1.26 Avg. Rating play in tier 5 team? Because his friends won't snitch that's why. If he joined mousesports he knows he would get caught first pracc
2018-11-15 14:33
Vietnam aleisterajm 
He is streaming xd if you know go and try to explore his cheat
2018-11-16 06:14
Canada thelegend27 
space soldiers aren’t allowed to wear their good luck beanies at LAN so they get wrecked every time
2018-11-15 14:35
these Turkish fuckers are the most obvious cheaters in CS history (maybe after Efrag/Windigo), why do you think hasn't there even been rumors about any 1 of this apparently "aim gods" going in a proper team! Also turks are brainless morons with a horrible attitude, just look at there "igl"
2018-11-15 15:49
They deserve for rekt
2018-11-15 19:05
Turkey darknight53 
No they are also bad at online
2018-11-15 19:08
Switzerland richco18 
Hahahaha still not picked up by org nobody wants onliner team
2018-11-15 19:20
ngin > switzerland
2018-11-15 20:00
Switzerland richco18 
supermarket worker here makes more money than erdogan
2018-11-15 22:58
2018 - Ez 38m tourist and you?
2018-11-16 06:09
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