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Which Mouse?!
North America Symon! 
I've thought about SteelSeries Rival 310, but what mouse do you use?! Do anybody use anything else they wanna recommend? And which brand? SteelSeries, HyperX, Logitech, BenQ, etc. Come with what you use and why! :-)
2018-11-15 21:56
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Sweden yayer 
2018-11-15 21:57
Poland dailyy 
+1 or ec2-a
2018-11-16 01:44
Rival 110 one of the best mouse i used
2018-11-15 21:58
s1mple | 
Netherlands just3n 
+1 still have my Rival 110
2018-11-15 22:00
Shitty old mouse and i'd still rek u scrubs drooling over high end mice and keyboards, come at me
2018-11-15 21:59
A4Tech A90. It's been 5 years since i bought it and it's still awesome, will use it for another 5 years. Pretty solid mouse.
2018-11-15 22:04
keep in ur elo we want to become better.
2018-11-15 22:06
Canada ItsReverb 
Just looks like a shitty deathadder
2018-11-16 02:26
It's actually more durable. Its sensor is not that good but for the price it's a really good mouse.
2018-11-16 07:55
2018-11-16 08:09
France Marvelus 
2018-11-15 22:04
United States Degree|CSGO 
I have the 310 howl edition 10/10 would recommended
2018-11-15 22:06
Denmark Stylepoint! 
2018-11-15 22:13
I have the rival 300 rn, and I wouldnt buy steelseries mouse again.
2018-11-15 22:13
Im interested into the new Zowie S2 , like how the shape is looking
2018-11-15 22:43
do you know when it will come out? im Lazio fan and the light blue color is dope lol
2018-11-16 01:59
wtf? a Laziali :) Im Laziali since 1987 :) 22nd Nov PreOrder opens ... I think it will released/shipped out early mid December ... that ~2-3weeks would make sense , because of the shipping from china ...
2018-11-16 02:05
tabseN | 
Germany Ratwar 
mx518 legendary is coming guyssssssssssssssssssssssssss
2018-11-15 22:46
and the Nixeus Revel Fit is available ... ( MX510/518/G400 Clone with pmw3360 )
2018-11-15 22:51
Brazil bandicoot 
really??? omg need this now. ty btw
2018-11-16 04:27
Namibia banned_so 
I still have it :D
2018-11-15 22:57
so , I think you know that you can use the software of the "old" Nixeus Revel ( Sensei Clone ) to adjust colour, cpi steps ...
2018-11-16 01:05
Namibia banned_so 
colour of what ? What do you mean ?
2018-11-16 08:35
tabseN | 
Germany Ratwar 
there is a new one now, lokks cool
2018-11-16 07:46
I have ASUS ROG Gladius Origin 2 and It's fcking great.
2018-11-15 22:54
Logitech g403 goat
2018-11-15 22:55
North America Krulcifer 
2018-11-15 23:00
+1 even tho ur trash at cs
2018-11-16 04:20
Australia AquaSpa 
2018-11-16 07:53
Spain Silber_ 
I've had rival 300, zowie fk2 and how deathadder elite and all 3 are really good
2018-11-15 22:57
Finland Jodecast 
ec2-b from zowie
2018-11-15 23:02
I have 310, superior mouse to my previous ec2-a, g403, Deathadder chroma Literally perfect for my hand, sensor is 10/10, and cant imagine myself using anything else
2018-11-15 23:03
Hf buying new mouse every half year or so with 310 😂 I agree that the shape, sensor is good but overall quality is just garbage. Unless you won the lottery and got a proper 310
2018-11-16 01:27
Nah, quality is superb. My copy is top notch, 2 of my friends got it as well since the day one of launch. Only thing i changed is the mousefeet. Steelseries were always great. My original kinzu v1 still lives, and i used him for 5k hours in csgo. On the other hand 2 of my ec2a died, sensor and scroll broke...
2018-11-16 07:49
United States hleev4 
2018-11-15 23:03
2018-11-15 23:03
Finland v3tu 
Rival 300 is shite quality. My little brother had 2 of those, first one worked 6 months, then side button got stuck. Second he is using now, and he told me that mouse1 sometimes doesn't stay pressed down and spraydown will sometimes get interrupted because of that. Also I had a Steelseries Siberia headset years ago. It also broke pretty quickly, so I can't recommend anything Steelseries anymore.
2018-11-15 23:06
Rival 310# all probs fixed
2018-11-15 23:05
Finland v3tu 
Yeah. Logitech was always my favourite brand in peripherals, and now that I'm experimented some with others, I've come to conclusion that Logitech makes the best quality and most durable products.
2018-11-15 23:10
only mouse I've liked from logitech, now reborn in form of Nixeus G403 had a horrible shape for me, and G pro was too small... I dislike logitech overall :(
2018-11-15 23:13
What ever mouse you get dont get a rival 310. Since 2017 ive changed mouse 3 times since the quality is shit, for me personally they all lasted around 6 months each before lmb/rmb gave up, rubber worn out, feet worn out, scroll/plastic parts giving up. Im not alone on this issue with SS and i doubt 600, 650 or 710 is any better quality wise. Nothing wrong with the sensor, its equal to all the other gaming mice out there. 300 was a good mouse but after that quality got shit. I would go with Zowie, EC2-b or ec2-a are both great mices. Logitech. Logitech g403 and G pro is a good mouse aswell. EC2-b has a known coil whine issue caused by the sensor, so make sure to buy the later one from mid april 2018.
2018-11-16 01:22
Portugal S!im* 
Any zowie mouse
2018-11-16 01:28
Using an razer abyssus 2014 for like 3 years and it's great for me
2018-11-16 01:31
dm1 fps or dm3 are great, think of the original SteelSeries shapes: kinzu and sensei but with good sesnor and shit
2018-11-16 01:37
DM1 FPS has also the same great cable the FM UL Phantom uses
2018-11-16 02:13
fox | 
Portugal Leg_day2 
2018-11-16 01:45
World TT^^ 
I ordered Nixeus revel fit. I cant wait to use it
2018-11-16 01:46
you can use the software of the first Nixeus mouse ( Nixeus Revel , Sensei Clone ) to adjust colours and cpi steps all will saved into the mouse
2018-11-16 02:08
Fk1+ vgood
2018-11-16 01:51
World TT^^ 
Thank u so much for information bro.
2018-11-16 02:15
zowie ec2-a singe 2015 no problems. Or microsoft comfort optical mouse 3000
2018-11-16 02:17
Logitech always.
2018-11-16 04:15
G403 ALWAYS ... Till i get Wireless G Pro :D
2018-11-16 08:04
Ukraine lambrettaFM 
Now logitech G102, but waiting for Logitech G305 Wireless. Not available in Ukraine right now(
2018-11-16 04:31
Logitech G Pro looks really exciting except the price
2018-11-16 04:38
EliGE | 
Morocco B0Tallu 
if you want that mouse to last long check any logitech, if you'll change it in less than a year get a zowie zowie is decent not even good and their mousefeet are way too bad
2018-11-16 04:57
Rival 310 is my most favorite mouse ever
2018-11-16 05:07
United States n3h 
Gpro wireless. Its expensive but its goat.
2018-11-16 05:24
Australia AquaSpa 
I use the HyperX PulseFire, Literally just DeathAdder in a nutshell, but highly don't recommend for CS: GO gamers. I've heard that Logitech mouse are not bad, make sure to check those out.
2018-11-16 07:52
Mickey mouse xaxaxa axaxaxaxaxaxaxaxa yasyxaxaxaxaxaxaxaxycacaxa
2018-11-16 07:53
Australia AquaSpa 
2018-11-16 07:55
Ukraine EarthAintFlat 
I've used: Zowie EC2-A and FK2 - perfect brand in terms of choosing the most comfortable shape, i prefer ec2-a for ergonomic design though. Build quality might be a problem when it comes to Zowie. I didn't have any problems, but many people have encountered numerous problems with it(not sure about new EC2-B, but mine "A" version had some scrunch on the side, but fortunately it didn't affect anything except my nerves xD) Logitech is surely better in terms of build quality and sensors. I've never encountered problems with logitech headphones and most of the people using g403/gpro mouses are satisfied with these(according to reviews at least). However i don't think that newer sensors of Logitech make any difference, at least not the one you can feel.
2018-11-16 08:02
NiKo | 
Other HasomY 
fk or ec
2018-11-16 08:06
mionix castor <3
2018-11-16 08:13
Im actually surprised my g403 is still working. My internet connection has been choppy lately and as a result I've been smacking the living snot out of my mouse against the table. Good shape, great sensor but the scroll wheel is a bit too sensitive. I have jump bound to mwheelup and I jump sometimes at random. Could also be the smacking
2018-11-16 08:14
Europe unlukomaluko 
logitech g102 prodigy
2018-11-16 08:14
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