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Drop nades
xenn | 
Brazil BanMeIfYouCan 
You should be able to drop nades and Kevlar to teammates Discuss
2018-11-16 09:58
+1 Also, you should be able to choose spawnpoint and share $$$ with teammates
2018-11-16 10:05
Romania Ganlock 
To choose spawnpoit would be great but would be to op for T you could just set 5 spawnpoint for competitive mode only and to share money is a bad idea
2018-11-16 10:16
Europe tweekzter 
The game could decide 5 spawnpoints, but you are able to choose which player wants to use which one. But I honestly think it's better the way it is, cause it adds more diversity to the game than always having the AWPer with best spawn.
2018-11-16 10:24
no thats stupid and there needs to be more than 5 spawn points anyways
2018-11-17 01:50
Europe tweekzter 
you didn't get me. there are more than 5 spawns.
2018-11-17 08:45
>The game could decide 5 spawnpoints the only way to do that is to remove the other spawn points
2018-11-17 10:01
You dont understand him
2018-11-17 10:08
i do he wants the game to pick 5 spawn points and only those 5 be used but as i said thats not possible without only having 5 spawn points i mean technically its possible through a plugin or some map scripts but not realistically possible for MM
2018-11-17 10:10
No he means that the game decides 5 spawnpoints out of all current possible spawnpoints every round and ppl get to pick which one to use
2018-11-17 10:19
i already addressed that in my post
2018-11-17 10:20
No, OP meant that out of the original spawn points (around 10 of them) the game randomly chose 5 for ppl to spawn there. You thought that the game only makes 5 spawn points and those points are the only possible areas to spawn.
2018-11-17 10:21
>he wants the game to pick 5 spawn points and only those 5 be used but as i said thats not possible without only having 5 spawn points i mean technically its possible through a plugin or some map scripts but not realistically possible for MM
2018-11-17 10:22
No. You clearly misunderstood lul
2018-11-17 10:24
2018-11-17 10:25
OK. Each spawn area has about 10 different spawnpoints. He is not suggesting that you remove these spawnpoints so that there are only 5 possible spawnpoints for each area. He is saying that RNG chooses the spawnpoints for the 5 players and the team chooses which player will occupy each spawnpoint.
2018-11-17 10:26
>i mean technically its possible through a plugin or some map scripts but not realistically possible for MM
2018-11-17 10:27
How so? Also think about it. If there are say 8 spawnpoints and RNG chooses 5 of them, they will most likely be different every round
2018-11-17 10:29
do you know anything about how the source engine works? im not even tkaing into account how bad an idea this is gameplay wise just the technical aspect is a nightmare
2018-11-17 10:30
Im not agreeing with what OP said. I do think this would break the game and would be unrealistic. As of the source engine I'm not too familiar with it so I can't comment but I simply said you misunderstood him, you thought he was saying remove all spawnpoints but 5 of them when he clearly isnt.
2018-11-17 10:31
and i acknowledged that if i did it still wouldnt work 5 spawn points for the whole game = not work selecting spawn points each round = not work i can make a custom map that can do it but note the custom part it would never work in mm
2018-11-17 10:32
Hmm, ok. I didnt know the source engine worked like that.
2018-11-17 10:34
Worked like what exactly? Basically to have selectable spawn points you need a new menu The only way it could work would be through a SM menu, but there wouldnt be the locations noted simply the names like (fast a spawn, middle spawn etc) You also have to deal with players picking same spawns, adding extra time for players to select spawns, what to do with players before selecting spawns etc
2018-11-17 10:35
maybe in css you could have a menu but csgo is far more limited in what you can and cant do theres many maps in css that cant be ported to csgo because they wont work or only work with major edits/modifications
2018-11-17 10:37
Sharing money very stupid
2018-11-16 10:24
How is sharing money different from sharing nades and kevlar?
2018-11-16 12:54
France theJpay 
Because if two people have 1500$ they cannot buy an ak, but if they can share then it becomes possible. Very different
2018-11-16 13:17
sharing money = nice i buy as many autosnipers as i can ez derank match
2018-11-16 15:35
Nepal permyxd 
imagine buying ak in pistol round
2018-11-17 10:25
United States KreVv 
You cannot exceed $1000 anyways on the pistol rounds.
2018-11-17 17:30
United States ferric 
I disagree with the spawnpoints. You can't make the game the same every round otherwise it would be boring and considering that people right now think Astralis is boring with how cs is, people would sleep like babies during CSGO matches if things like this were put into the game.
2018-11-16 12:20
If you can choose your spawnpoint it doesn't mean that you'll run same tactic every round. It will only help you plan your game better. This feature helps competitive players have less randomness in their games
2018-11-16 12:37
United States ferric 
It will still be more boring. With the randomness of the spawn points, it takes more skill to position your team around where they spawn.
2018-11-16 12:38
Problem with boring games is that almost every team is holding until there are 20 seconds left on timer. Thoughtless games are not entertaining.
2018-11-16 12:51
United States ferric 
Cause in pro teams, T's have to bait out utility and find information without outright giving up exactly where they are by running, so they have to walk a lot.
2018-11-16 12:52
Netherlands Dust2isBest 
Kevlar, yes Nades, hells yeah. It would be a lot of fun to fake with nades
2018-11-16 10:06
maybe make it only droppable in spawn during buy period xD
2018-11-16 10:28
2018-11-16 10:36
Netherlands Dust2isBest 
How about dropping cash??
2018-11-16 12:07
How about dropping your kills and deaths to your teammates
2018-11-16 12:55
How about dropping your rounds to the enemy team
2018-11-16 13:10
Sounds like bad strategy
2018-11-16 13:14
how bout summoning a forsaken
2018-11-17 01:49
United States KylieJenner 
word.exe would like to know your location
2018-11-17 02:09
no u
2018-11-17 02:24
That would be pretty funny. Get a kill and then make it rain on their dead body. Warmup = everybody throwing cash everywhere. Fake flash with cash. I love it.
2018-11-17 02:58
Netherlands Dust2isBest 
spitting out 1$ bills lol
2018-11-17 21:12
North America AlanSmith 
you should back the greatest game ever Counter Strike: Source
2018-11-16 10:06
No, GO
2018-11-16 10:11
Lol it was never even the greatest CS game ever
2018-11-17 02:16
North America AlanSmith 
you are just hater
2018-11-17 09:12
Sweden Beaneater 
i actually dont see why this shouldnt be available
2018-11-16 10:12
Because you could buy infinite nades. Buy drop, buy drop..
2018-11-16 10:12
False There was a time you could buy unlimited glocks (I had a bind where I would buy and drop glocks very fast just for fun) but now it’s is limited to 5 glocks Something like that could be implemented for nades
2018-11-16 10:14
it's a feature that you can only buy 1 nade per round and 1 smoke. is it that hard for retarded silvers to understand the logic behind this?
2018-11-16 12:54
That's not true You can buy 1 smoke 2 frags 2 molotovs 2 decoys And infinite flashes And if you save nade from last round, you can throw it and still buy the same as listed above I usually spend my warm ups buying 16k worth of flashes and throwing them. It doesn't work with other mades
2018-11-16 12:58
well yeah it's possible that you could buy 2 nades. don't know why you mention other nades tho. you must be a retarded silver too. well surely you are cuz no one skilled actually cares how many nades you can buy other than smokes.
2018-11-16 13:07
Austria Laolon 
i dont think this is a good idea.... a big part from the tactical part would go away.... i think it is good as it is
2018-11-16 10:13
Pretty sure it could add more to tactical play actually too tho xd
2018-11-16 10:46
Austria Laolon 
yeah it could add more but the thing is now it is hard to decide where to use your granades... beside tactical wise it would totaly unbalance the game.... teams in lead would have much more utility and could win more easily... it is good to limit the utility
2018-11-16 10:49
well pretty sure there would still be same limit how much utility u can hold, you think it is still issue?
2018-11-16 10:51
Austria Laolon 
even if you can hold only 4 nades.... the thing is u need to limit how much u can buy
2018-11-16 10:52
Brazil German_rapist 
maybe kevlar, but not nades
2018-11-16 10:16
Czech Republic Limacool 
I think that you should be able to drop defuse kit aswell.
2018-11-16 10:41
+ infinity
2018-11-16 10:43
apEX | 
France LaBaNaN 
You should be able to delete 1 nade during freeze time to buy another one (everygame i gather a decoy from an ennemy silver, and i must choose between losing my spawn with good nades, or losing an useful nade cuz i didn't drop that decoy)
2018-11-16 10:45
Latvia igorzet_ 
playing cs for 5 months i know that there is no point to do
2018-11-16 10:47
>playing for 5 months > knowing much about the game Pick one
2018-11-16 11:07
Germany zeolikk 
2018-11-17 01:51
HLTV always deliver (._.)_b
2018-11-17 02:00
>coming up with grenades drop idea >knowing much about the game Pick one
2018-11-17 02:23
Denmark stylepoint 
2018-11-16 12:13
Germany zeolikk 
2018-11-17 01:51
Ukraine ksay 
you should be able pick up bomb as CT or shoot the bomb as T another great idea
2018-11-16 12:18
Denmark TurboHenning 
Another great idea: You should be able to block bullets with your weapons.
2018-11-16 13:02
Yea like when the ct kill the bomb carrier it would make so much more sense to pick it up and dispose of it instead of just leaving it there for someone to go and grab and make explode
2018-11-17 02:02
United States ferric 
Not Kevlar or nades, but at least defuse kits imo
2018-11-16 12:19
you can. Just die
2018-11-16 12:22
Netherlands isbleeding 
bring back riot shield too and also put in the Redeemer from UT
2018-11-16 12:26
Aaah the good ol' tactical shield... gotta +1 this (._.)^
2018-11-17 02:08
No, and I +1 #38 about shield
2018-11-16 12:59
Where is the fucking Panzerfaust for CT's?
2018-11-16 13:03
2018-11-16 15:36
hm, why not, it could be good
2018-11-16 13:15
Malaysia byaIi 
imagine you throw your smoke to teammate and he's smoknig himself and saving himself from enemy that has stopped him in 1 place and you cant help with precision
2018-11-17 01:52
Might as well add Kill Streaks while they're at it.
2018-11-17 01:53
COMMUNIST§ Why not share your wife like fer while you are at it? Bolsonaro will wash those retarded ideas you have!
2018-11-17 01:58
Used kevlar/helmet (previously hit) = droppable New kevlar/helmet = not droppable Nades = droppable after buy time is over Defuse kit = droppable ez (._.)_b
2018-11-17 02:05
The point of dropping nades would be, so you can have a smoke and Ur teammate with no money can have one aswell This wouldn’t be possible with ur idea
2018-11-17 02:10
Yeah, but I didn't want to change things that much. Some things are okay Imo (._.')
2018-11-17 02:12
Canada thelegend27 
you can already drop zeus for your teammates, i think this is good enough
2018-11-17 02:41
normally i laugh at retarded threads like these but given valves recent retarded updates like the economy change im actually scared theres a valve employee who reads these threads or even worse reddit and takes those """suggestions""" to heart
2018-11-17 10:02
2018-11-17 10:09
Brollan | 
World mbata 
I often share my nades in the back of teammates, also molotov
2018-11-17 10:02
Yeah yeah why not share your kills with your teammates as well? I would like to see you drop a real nade on the ground IRL, stupid.
2018-11-17 10:07
Are you stupid?
2018-11-17 10:09
are you fuck you ?
2018-11-17 13:55
Your mum go sleep in garbage!-!!
2018-11-17 16:33
Europe loonek4 
Why are you so low iq EDIT: nvm just looked at ur name and it pretty much explains everything
2018-11-17 16:48
boo hoo a peanutbrain antiwhite liberal is saying i have low IQ, how will I ever recoveR?
2018-11-17 17:25
Europe loonek4 
please delete your account
2018-11-17 17:26
please delete your life
2018-11-17 17:26
True, not false. It should all be shareable amongst teammates (not socialism tho!)
2018-11-17 14:00
Norway FLEX9INE 
being able to drop smokes for teammates would be really convinient (dunno how you spell that) because if someone on Your team doesnt know a smoke lineup then they can just drop it to someone who does. 2000 iq play
2018-11-17 16:37
You should be able to drop your healpoints to teammate while the round also you should be able to buy a shield and cover behind it without getting a damage
2018-11-17 16:40
Flag checks out Noob
2018-11-17 17:27
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