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coldzera | 
Brazil jRuskov 
What is the best time of year for you? for me is christmas, i love so much, i feel so confortable and happy, the christmas tree, the christmas light, the food, the christmas sale and the partys too!
2018-11-17 01:21
2018-11-17 01:28
I love all days, as I get to see everyone I love and care about
2018-11-17 01:30
shox | 
Slovakia TreeMan 
what a boring question to ask. I'm not answering that.
2018-11-17 01:31
fuck u guardian
2018-11-17 01:33
shox | 
Slovakia TreeMan 
xd whatever
2018-11-17 13:26
<3 <3
2018-11-17 13:57
United States SilveryoHD 
its the thirst thirstest time of the year, wana sprite cranberry
2018-11-17 01:40
every time my gf gets pregnant, usually timing it up for the mid december
2018-11-17 13:59
August was my best time this year i was sitting at home the entire year and when the August came I... I slept with a girl, I went to recording studio and recorded songs, I found a new friend, I wrote an actual song, I went to doctors I didnt do for years, I broke through my bubble
2018-11-17 14:01
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