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Is there going to be any gpu sales until new year? I want to buy gtx 1066, but should i wait for sales? Im worried, cuz on 1st of January prices are going to grow in russia
2018-11-18 12:09
Norway rogueplayer 
Perhaps on black friday?
2018-11-18 12:10
why there isnt white friday?
2018-11-18 12:12
why there isnt yellow friday?
2018-11-18 12:25
why isn't there magisk friday ?
2018-11-18 22:04
Buy via Aliexpress if you are from Russia, you will save a lot
2018-11-18 12:12
you will also get fake gpus
2018-11-18 12:39
Nah, it was debunked. Legit GPU's from Chinese OEM's. I got gtx 1060 5GB for my 2nd rig from Aliexpress, and the performance is legit, not a single point of difference except the 5GB(those card were targeted for Chinese gaming caffes)
2018-11-18 12:44
If you want to buy new, then there isn't much sense in waiting. Your options will run out of stocks, more than decreasing in price.
2018-11-18 12:15
Gtx 1060 wont be off the market any time soon. They even are about to release a new version with ddr5X
2018-11-18 12:39
My point is not it going out of stocks, but specific models going out of stocks. The more time passes by, the less variations of gtx 1060 to choose from. Meanwhile price won't neccesarily drop any lower, for it's already down to msrp($249). ddr5x is not a new release, it's just nvidia getting rid of overproduced components. It's already out.
2018-11-18 12:47
Russia mmmmmmajestic 
Why will prices up?
2018-11-18 12:21
2018-11-18 22:03
Russia mmmmmmajestic 
Ne tak uj i sil'no povlijaet
2018-11-19 08:12
dont buy gtx 1066 or even gtx 1060 w8 for the new 2060 release and buy that
2018-11-18 12:22
North America ropzGOD 
Rtx is awful Barely 60 fps in bf5
2018-11-18 12:34
You can turn off ray tracing. 2060 wont even have raytracing.
2018-11-18 12:35
North America ropzGOD 
Yes it wont Though used 1080ti/1080 may be better
2018-11-18 12:36
Used hardware in times of mining LUL also 1080 used is at least 100€ more than new 1060
2018-11-18 12:37
North America ropzGOD 
Buy one which wasnt used for mining? Not everyone is mining? A 1080ti used is 500-600 and is better than a 2060 and 2070
2018-11-18 12:38
Not everyone is mining and everybody is lying, eh 2060 doesnt exist. 2070 starts little over 500€ last time I checked. 1080ti is better, but it has no warranty
2018-11-18 12:41
North America ropzGOD 
It doesnt exist yet Honestly id rather have perfomance over warranty. My 1060 probably doesnt have warranty but it still works fine
2018-11-18 12:42
And it might die tomorroe and then you have to buy a new one for full price 2060 will be a rebranded 1070 Pascal card
2018-11-18 12:47
North America ropzGOD 
Well id tell ebay that that guy sold me something broken and i get a refund. Also not everything somebody sells isngonna be broken. Idk to make sure ask him to send clips of it working, benchmark scores, temps, voltage etc and see.
2018-11-18 12:49
?? its like hair in witcher 3 its optional my noob friend
2018-11-18 13:02
just buy RX 580, although it consumes 100 watts more than 1066 - it's even slightly better in most games.
2018-11-18 12:31
France TheFaren 
2018-11-18 12:36
Gtx 1060 6gb is at times 200€ in Germany now, it wont really become any cheaper. Black friday stuff literally starts the next days so wait and see. Not sure if it exists in Russia tho Maybe see if you can get the new gtx 1060 with ddr5x
2018-11-18 12:36
North America ropzGOD 
2018-11-18 12:35
Black friday in russia is 7% off for a coffe machines
2018-11-18 22:04
That sucks. I earlier saw the first offers with an Xbox One S + Game for 150€. I thought that's quite cheap even though I have no clue about normal prices. Here almost every kind of electronics in every store will be on sale.
2018-11-18 22:06
Never heard of GTX 1066
2018-11-19 13:08
its 1060 with 6gb
2018-11-21 18:31
ah, bc in the thread its called "GTX1066" ..
2018-11-21 20:32
1066=1060 6gb 1063= 1060 3gb
2018-11-22 12:57
Dont know if I can agree with that but ok :D
2018-11-22 13:29
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