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Sweden I_like_trains 
Do you still think he cheats or not? I doubt it, he is just a good upcomming Russian star.
2018-11-18 16:18
he was a one hit wonder, dont expect anything more from him /thread
2018-11-18 16:19
cheat? they are on bootcamp
2018-11-18 16:20
Serbia strninja 
forsaken was on bootcamp,whats ur point?
2018-11-18 16:38
Spain Miki2K 
2018-11-18 16:42
Czech Republic spezr 
He is upcomming star, we will hear about him once more 100% ..
2018-11-18 16:20
everyone was saying it about frozen 2 years ago
2018-11-18 16:29
Czech Republic spezr 
yes, but he decided to stay playing with ex-eXtatus and win only cz/sk big tournaments (:
2018-11-18 16:35
Spain Miki2K 
If he wasnt mentally challenged he would have accepted the offer from Imperial and right after that Extatus dropped their lineup lmao, just bunch of unlucky scenarios but he is still young so he will get there one day
2018-11-18 16:43
he is legit new starplayer, will be top team soon
2018-11-18 16:21
idisbalance live in my hood
2018-11-18 16:22
I mean if he is not cheating, I really want to see him on LAN then. If he is as good as online, he has a bright future. I am not judging him. But they just have not been on any LAN with him yet.
2018-11-18 16:22
cheater. the guys defending him are the same ones that would have called forsaken clean if they saw his clips before he got busted
2018-11-18 16:22
2018-11-18 16:40
United States Acetk 
If iDISBALANCE knows english he has a bright future really don't think he is cheating
2018-11-18 16:23
Also u can call him DANBALAN
2018-11-18 16:23
ahaha + 1
2018-11-18 16:25
Netherlands DutchCSBestCS 
I think he's not cheating, though it IS quite weird that he's now doing decent-ish against russian teams when he was wrecking against teams like Vitality. I hope he can prove himself as a solid player if he's not cheating.
2018-11-18 16:26
his realy huge talent
2018-11-18 16:31
he doesn't cheat he just learnt from the best (QRUSH)
2018-11-18 16:34
Europe Flimano 
Upcoming top player.
2018-11-18 16:37
Forsaken is an up and coming star player aswell.
2018-11-18 16:39
spot on
2018-11-18 16:45
United States Bill_Bait 
>CIS >Star All CIS are either cheaters or bots.
2018-11-18 16:45
I played some faceit matches with him and im confident that he just a good player for his age
2018-11-18 16:47
Atleast they aren't LAN DODGERS
2018-11-18 17:23
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