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NiKo Bosnian but Brother Serbian?
Canada PwnNewb huNter - played with Valiance for Serbia recently in WESG NiKo - Bosnia flag Do they live in different countries? Or is hunter just doing it for WESG, or does anyone know what the details are? I know NiKo has thanked his Bosnian fans before, but I just had assumed that since they were cousins they lived in the same country. 2 Cousins living in different nearby countries is not weird at all, BUT what is strange is that hunters flag just recently changed to Serb so I wonder if anyone knows about that? Maybe he has parents from both and wanted to claim Serbia because his teammates could play for WESG together? Anyone know? If anyone wants to discuss them and their countries or whatever go ahead but plz no racism we can disagree and talk shit without it.
2018-11-19 21:08
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Canada PwnNewb 
P.S. I know he is his cousin but brother is better baity title sorry, and I was high so I kinda forgot too...Canadians usually are
2018-11-19 21:08
Finland LazeB 
u realize that even if they would be brothers (not cousins), they could still live in different countries.
2018-11-19 21:10
Canada PwnNewb 
of course, but it would be less common
2018-11-19 21:12
Serbia and Bosnia was the same country before, called Jugoslavia
2018-11-19 22:37
Canada PwnNewb 
Judo was originally created by Mexicans, who taught Judo to the Brazilians who turned it into Jiu jitsu. Mexican Judo is very deadly and effective, I have 2 proofs and the 2nd one is someone famous even.
2018-11-19 22:54
tf he isnt trolling
2018-11-19 22:55
Canada PwnNewb 
Of course I know what Yugoslavia is I teach American History, I have heard a tiny bit about world history...but explaining to me that there once was a place called Yugoslavia has no bearing on in 2018 how someone can change their nationality from one country, to another. If you ask me what time it is and I tell you "the sky is blue", just because I am not trolling doesn't mean what I said has any relevance to what you did...
2018-11-19 23:03
maybe his cousin is from serbia and him from bosnia?
2018-11-19 23:19
Canada PwnNewb 
then why does his cousin have the same flag as him all these years, until now, just in time for is smart thinking by him to get on the WESG team he wants to be on with him teammates
2018-11-20 01:35
maybe double citizenship?
2018-11-20 11:14
Get_Rice | 
Denmark KFB4 
hunter just doing it for WESG
2018-11-19 21:55
Xyp9x | 
Czech Republic |Puget 
2018-11-19 22:31
Canada PwnNewb 
I normally would agree that it seems to break the spirit of the rules of 1 nationality, but I think there could be exception for players under certain countries to play together. Like former Czech Republic should be allowed together, same for Yugoslavia. Seems fair to me.
2018-11-19 23:05
dosia got banned from wesg for playing for team kazakhstan hunter doesnt ok
2018-11-20 11:18
Russia deadforest 
Dosia was pretending a different person with a different nickname, this isn't the same situation
2019-05-10 04:33
ZywOo | 
United States TeamSESH 
thanks for being honest desu
2018-11-20 05:07
God | 
Poland henlo 
bosnia = serbia
2018-11-19 21:08
Canada PwnNewb 
No. Maybe when they were both in/part of Yugoslavia, and the Czech Republic still existed, but today they are different countries. Although many are ethnically similar I have heard cases (I cannot verify the accuracy as I have not firsthand studied it) where people who are Muslims identify with Bosnia since it is about half or more Islamic, where as Christian/Eastern&Serbian Orthodox are most of Serbia with only a few % Muslims, so some people culturally or religiously identify more with 1 group despite the borders.
2018-11-19 21:24
like 50% of Bosnia is Serbian, and some 20% croatian and muzzies have no control there lol, fake and ded country
2018-11-19 21:09
serbs are not 50% lol, muslims are 50% and they have control, they outvoted croats and put muslim loving president as a representative of croatian people lmao
2018-11-19 21:54
Serbia aXilelele 
Both of them are Bosnian Serbs and they both have Serbian and Bosnian passport so they can choose if they want to play for Serbia/Bosnia
2018-11-19 21:12
Canada PwnNewb 
ah that makes sense thank you. Someone told me that most people who identify as Muslims are Bosnian and the non Muslims are the Serbians, but I didn't think it was as simple as such.
2018-11-19 21:13
hunter had bosnian flag 2 weeks ago
2018-11-19 21:13
Canada PwnNewb 
exactly, that is why I posted this. My friend n0body told me how he just changed it from Bosnia and Herz (same as NiKos) to Serbia, and played for Serbian WESG team, so this is why I was curious
2018-11-19 21:14
People in bosnia have double citizenships thats why, people in Republika Srpska have Serbian and Bosnia ID Cards, Citizenship and other stuff. Same for Croatians in Herzegovina.
2018-11-19 21:57
Canada PwnNewb 
ah, thank you very much!
2018-11-19 21:17
They are from republika Srpska
2018-11-19 21:17
NiKo | 
Europe 90ieskid 
They are both ethnic serbian, like the French from Switzerland.
2018-11-19 21:36
Canada PwnNewb 
oh man I don't like French Canadians
2018-11-20 01:41
Bosnia and Herzegovina hyrox1 
he change his nationality just for WESG tournament because there all players need to be same nationalites and after WESG he will bring back Bosnian flag,here is tweet about that /closed
2018-11-19 21:42
Canada PwnNewb 
idk man...his "sure" didn't sound super excited our happy with the idea, it sounded more like he was just trying to pacify the guy and be nice instead of telling him "nah bro I don't think so" and start some whole issue. If he thinks he will play next year and in future events for with his teammates then he might not see any reason to switch back. The sad thing is he should just be keeping Bosnian flag, hunter and NiKo on same team, with literally any other 3 Bosnian Pro's (I mean I prefer the better ones, but anyone LEM+) and they would go far in WESG if not win it
2018-11-19 21:49
never changed it back FeelsBadMan
2019-05-01 03:41
Canada PwnNewb 
he has foresaken his countrymen! haha jkjk...maybe he has reason for it IDK I wonder do they actually live in different countries or no? it would be funny if they are born in the same country, live in the same country, but get themselves different listed nationalities just for WESG type reasons haha
2019-05-06 20:55
So less countries in the past , Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia, USSR ...
2018-11-19 21:56
era you mentioned aint shit for that, look this
2018-11-19 23:00
He's born in Bosnia his parents are Serbian his blood is Serbian.
2018-11-19 21:56
Poland Spectra_CS 
its his cousin not his brother i think so they can have a different nationality
2018-11-19 22:28
Canada PwnNewb 
This is true, but I mean anything can happen but I want to know what the truth is not just what can happen...they can have the same dad that banged his brothers wife during a holiday 1 year, and they are secretly half brothers and don't even know it but it doesn't mean it happened just cause it can. Also, hunter had Bosnia and Herzegovina the same as NiKo on his profile and just recently changed it so that is what I am asking about, not about whether they can be different.
2018-11-19 23:08
He is Serb living in Bosnia,Orthodox christians
2018-11-20 01:37
Canada PwnNewb 
they should make NiKo claim Serbia too and play with his cousin for WESG I want to see the 2 play together
2018-11-20 01:38
That would be nice :) There is a separate part of bosnia which is called republika srpska which even has its own president and theres about a 1.2 m serbs living there
2018-11-20 01:56
Canada PwnNewb 
ya I have heard of that, I would wonder why they don't just want to be part of Serbia if not part of Bosnia, but a smaller government and country probably actually is more efficient and better for the people. A big government like the USA has too many peoples needs to meet, and tries to 1 size fits all. At least Canada has big difference in provinces to cater to their specific people, like Western BC is cool and French Canada is not.
2018-11-20 02:45
It cannot be part of Serbia due to serbian president being pro western (basically a agent) and they are trying to secede make a vote but every year it gets moved for the next,but it should be bound to happen in the upcoming years
2018-11-20 03:03
Dominican Republic Tacred 
I thought they were brothers
2018-11-20 02:00
i belive they are brothers when it comes to us serbs back here Basically you can your aunt's son can be your brother while in the west that would be considered cousin
2018-11-20 02:15
Canada PwnNewb 
I thought they were but some people said they were cousins and I believe that it was confirmed, but same last name so many people think that...idk for sure but think its true from so many ppl saying it I just wonder what rules are for nationality and stuff if it ever locks, and I also want to see NiKo and hunter play together,
2018-11-20 02:46
Dominican Republic Tacred 
Would be cool
2018-11-20 02:47
Both of them are Serbs from Bosnia, Niko even said that on his stream and he had a notation on stream that he is serbian living in Republika Srpska (serbian part of bosnia). To have a serbian flag on hltv you need to have serbian nationalty approved by serbian goverment which niko doesnt have ( because he doesnt need it) and hnt didnt have it till month ago ( he got it so he can play wesg with valiance) I hope this clears smth out
2018-11-20 11:17
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