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Brazil DomPedroll 
2018-11-20 17:21
2018-11-20 17:23
2018-11-20 17:25
Brazil killfell 
2018-11-20 17:26
0/8 no one can fix mibr x0x0x00
2018-11-20 17:26
Brazil fuNNa 
MIBR will rise again just matter of time
2018-11-20 17:27
Czech Republic sEEnseiGE 
2018-11-20 18:41
fnx fucked fers gf now they are taking photos together what a cuck
2018-11-20 17:31
Brazil fuNNa 
just meme
2018-11-20 17:37
in brazil we called it "Corno manso", lmao next level cuck
2018-11-20 17:39
He is going to LG
2018-11-20 17:34
fer | 
Brazil Pereba 
He's stand in for TeamOne in the ESEA's roster
2018-11-20 17:46
smart from fer to not bring his GF
2018-11-20 17:42
maybe t1? not mibr
2018-11-20 17:48
Croatia KockicaRekt 
mibr TACO mibr fnx mibr fer mibr ynk mibr dead mibr cold mibr stew mibr tarik mibr steel mibr fallen mibr heni
2018-11-20 17:51
jokes | 
Brazil on_you 
11 vs 5 EZ
2018-11-20 18:40 fnx to PSG confirmed
2018-11-20 18:03
"November is a month full of birthdays and yesterday we've celebrated some: @gabrielnekiz (11/17), @steelegabr (11/19) and @dead_csgo (11/23). As I always say, this is the coolest part of all parties. The photos can always be touching. Even Lalau (FNX) came from afar to celebrate with us. Hen1 showed up as well. Thanks folks for helping us organize a surprise party to our roll-on head. Once again, everything had to be done quickly because y'all needed to travel again. First stop for @mibrteam is in Arlington (USA) to attend ECS, then Odense (Denmark) to attend the EPL and then, to end the year with a flourish, Blast Pro Series to be attended in the adorable city of Lisbon (Portugal). I'll be supporting you and hoping for the best. Hello, 2019! Love you all. Good luck."
2018-11-20 18:39
Russia sneakyboy 
dead cs go! ikr!
2018-11-20 18:54
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