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Do you have any trauma?
coldzera | 
Brazil jRuskov 
I have one, in the beginning of this year I had an accident with car, I was traveling in a van, and the driver sleep and car goes off the road, I was sleeping so I woke in choke and was far away from city, but i do not broke anything (i who leaves with less injury, i've not walked for 1 month, staying only in bed), and now i'm afraid to travel again, or get in a car to travel to other city.
2018-11-21 01:07
I once hit my pinkie on shelf, felt like i was dying,
2018-11-21 01:08
me everyday
2018-11-21 01:08
I am very sorry for you and others who have experienced any sort of trauma. I’m very thankful that I have not, and will pray for the people who did to be better.
2018-11-21 01:09
good guy
2018-11-21 01:11
gob b | 
Germany Koxky 
Bullying in School. I still have anxiety attacks from time to time. Also, sorry to hear about your tragedy mate. U got dis :)
2018-11-21 01:09
i suffered bully in school too in the last 6 years, was not a severe bully, but it hurts too anyway, now i finished school and i'm very better, god bless you
2018-11-21 01:10
gob b | 
Germany Koxky 
I don't believe in god, but I apprechiate it <3
2018-11-21 01:11
all the best for you <3
2018-11-21 01:11
gob b | 
Germany Koxky 
<3 People like you are what makes HLTV great :)
2018-11-21 01:13
I once read the news and saw 6ix9ine in prison i have trauma now
2018-11-21 01:10
LMAO 6ix9ine 2k18
2018-11-21 01:10
LMAO coldzera 2k18
2018-11-21 01:11
2018-11-21 01:12
2018-11-21 01:13
2018-11-21 01:11
2018-11-21 01:12
flusha | 
Poland MBT_yt 
Everybody's got some trauma. Maybe not all big ones
2018-11-21 01:13
2018-11-21 01:16
2018-11-21 01:24
Wasnt afraid of dogs at all, then got bitten by my grandma's dog which i have been around for quite some time and had to go to the clinic for injections and stiches (still have no idea why it bit me but it has bitten quite a lot of my relatives after me, maybe it's crazy). Now im afraid of dogs wherever i go and i cant ever be the "animal-loving-cool-guy" around girls anymore :') Whenever i see a dog suddenly stand still or just staring at me not moving at all i imagine it charging at me the next second (cause that was how my grandma's dog looked before it jumped on me.) feelsbadmen
2018-11-21 02:49
I know a little of this, when i was 13 in my grandma house a neighbourhood dog bitten me, and after that i've passed like 1 year afraid to walk in my grandma street because that dog, he always was free in the street (was a good dog) but idk why he bitten me too =(
2018-11-21 08:31
but you werent afraid of other dogs beside ur grandma's? Also are u fine now?
2018-11-21 08:33
No, he was only the mad/good dog, idk sometimes the dog was crazy and anger, sometimes was cool and lovely, hahaha but now im very fine, i just dont mess with dogs that i don't know..
2018-11-21 08:35
ahh glad to hear that bro. my situation is much worse tho, 5 years passed and i'm still afraid of every dog i see, even the ones i know (i have 2 dogs at my own home but my sister takes care of them mostly and they are always enclosed in the side-yard of the house so i'm fine)
2018-11-21 08:39
jokes | 
Brazil on_you 
I'm sorry for your accident dude. Thankfully I don't have any traumas.
2018-11-21 03:11
thanks, good 4u :P
2018-11-21 08:29
nak | 
Canada tabar_nak 
i once tripped. thats it lol
2018-11-21 03:20
2018-11-21 08:38
Kyrgyzstan yugiohGEEK 
i play cs in the streetsss... yall dont know what real life is nibbas
2018-11-21 08:40
Israel hachwompamby 
Bullying in school, my dad used to hit me, and i got a fear from dentists. I am an unstable dude. Sorry for your trauma man.
2018-11-21 08:48
i'm have fear from dentists too
2018-11-21 09:25
Denmark TurboHenning 
I once woke up at 3 am, and was thirsty as fuck. Walked into my kitchen, and then my cat was sitting on the kitchen table, with bright red eyes, and jumped at me. He was just hungry, still have fucking nightmares.
2018-11-21 08:53
2018-11-21 09:25
Xyp9x | 
Czech Republic @Puget 
Got bitten by a horse
2018-11-21 08:54
wtf prokda, what u did to horse
2018-11-21 09:25
Xyp9x | 
Czech Republic @Puget 
im not prokda wtf literally nothing, it was behind the circus, wanted to pet a horse and it bit my shoulder and was throwing me up and down, like 4 times
2018-11-21 09:38
i'm laughing, sorry ahuhauhaua wtf, next time stay safe
2018-11-21 09:41
Xyp9x | 
Czech Republic @Puget 
i was like 5, i started to hate horses and circuses from that day onwards
2018-11-21 09:42
I was going out for dinner with five of my friends back in February. The friend who was driving us likes to drive fast (in spite of us telling him to slow down constantly). We were on a flyover and the brakes failed, the car hit the wall and luckily we all made it out with just a few scratches. It had rained that day so the road was a bit wet and the (small) car was overloaded. I thank God that things went the way they did cause if the car broke through the wall we would've fallen into the ocean, my door was jammed and I would probably be dead. Wasn't sure if I could ever bring myself to drive a car ever again but I got over it. Stay strong my friend. I'm confident you'll see this through :)
2018-11-21 09:02
Thanks bro, i'm glad that you are ok, high speed is very very dangerous, all the best!!
2018-11-21 09:27
Ukraine Najara 
pff 1 month I had an accident (the car drove into our car) I broke both legs, there was a problem with my knee over 1.5 years in hospitals and 1.5 years of recovery I was not in school from the 5th to the 9th grade
2018-11-21 09:43
Holy, i hope u are good now, god bless you, i can't imagine how much time u took in hospitals.
2018-11-21 09:45
Ukraine Najara 
Thanks mate, yes now I am fine I can walk and run that's more than enough yes, hospitals are very depressing places..
2018-11-21 09:49
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