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People that need new Gaming Equipment (Mouse, Headset etc) come heree
Germany aitscheltihwih 
For all fellow germans here: This is a german article I know, but they say its from amazon, so I guess you will have the same offers in other countries. Alot of Logitech cheaper for a short time. I usually dont really recommend those products for their price, but the pricecuts actually justify the ourchase in my eyes. A Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury for 30€ is a good deal for sure :) Also the Headset (G430) is pretty nice FOR THST PRICE aswell. In its current pricerange, itshould be the best offer atm. Cheers and enjoy.
2018-11-21 02:21
nak | 
Canada tabar_nak 
>not using a breadboard and a fuckton of switches to activate your keyboard key inputs
2018-11-21 02:26
What? XD
2018-11-21 02:28
nak | 
Canada tabar_nak 
yes indeed
2018-11-21 02:29
kay :D
2018-11-21 02:36
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