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The internet
South Africa blesstherain 
Are you guys so fucking lame in real life too? Or does being anonymous just allow you to vent your every day frustrations in the worst way possible. I wonder if the world would still be such a mess if you couldnt just say whatever you wanted whenever you wanted with no repercussions.
2018-11-22 04:12
the world has been a mess before, but it's worse than ever
2018-11-22 04:14
I love your username. Reminds me of this amazing song.
2018-11-22 04:24
Slovenia Slovenia 
Man he has a genuine topic he’d like to talk about. This isn’t time for compliments and useless comments.
2018-11-22 04:26
Actually it’s on topic. I act how I would in real life here. I’d compliment someone here as I would in real life if they had a beautiful name.
2018-11-22 04:28
you should listen to that song RIGHT NOW
2018-11-22 04:30
Came back after listening to it for like 15 times.
2018-11-22 05:26
Netherlands pewpeww 
Yeah if people had a real reputation to uphold, they would not behave this way. Counter strike and urban terror are a perfect example. Before CS:GO came out, we used to play urban terror (quake 3 mod) and the community was very small in the end, everybody know each other, so everybody was friendly, and if somebody was not, everybody would know and that person would change his behavior rather quickly. In counter strike, this is almost nonexistent and what kind of behavior do we see? If people got their own reputation to uphold, like they would in real life, suddenly they change completely. Although I would also like to add that many things that I could not find in real life, I found on the internet, in terms of people with the same views, sharing of interests, topics to research etc. If this would not be possible for me, I really don't know where I would be right now and if I could find peace with the people who were around me in the small village I am from.
2018-11-22 04:28
so triggered LMAOOO chill out bro <3
2018-11-22 04:40
2018-11-22 04:55
nak | 
Canada tabar_nak 
if prokda showed up at my door with a bigass shotgun telling me to be nicer on hltv i believe i might listen to him
2018-11-22 04:41
I'm literally a victim of society, if l say in real life that Hitler did nothing wrong besides lost a war, a lot of people will discuss with me to death and l'll be found sucking my own cock in a backpack. That's why I remain silently in any situation. Humans still are unreasonable animals.
2018-11-22 05:02
You honestly think Hitler did nothing wrong?
2018-11-22 05:05
I rather not to talk about this matter
2018-11-22 06:37
Netherlands pewpeww 
I am curious tho.. :<
2018-11-22 06:39
What a coincidence, l was reading your reply here when suddenly a notification with your nick appeared Still no comments about that matter
2018-11-22 06:44
Netherlands pewpeww 
To bad!
2018-11-22 06:51
fair enough
2018-11-22 11:20
ye exactly
2018-11-22 05:15
Looks like someone is butthurt from being called an N word everyday. Your frustration is reasonable but the world will move forward, so I suggest you to move forward too.
2018-11-22 11:30
america fuck yeah
2018-11-22 14:58
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