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Lithuania Ayaiaiai 
Is worse then Cancer
2018-11-22 07:09
2018-11-22 07:14
New Zealand Eauor 
bean sapporo
2018-11-22 07:18
fer | 
Brazil Drezim1 
feminist boy = best person in the world
2018-11-22 07:23
Twistzz | 
Lithuania Grybore 
If feminists were right, in that case I can beat up feminist because she isn't any worse at fighting.
2018-11-22 07:24
Greenland Jardeet 
Except you are probably 10 kg and they will beat u up
2018-11-22 07:32
Sweden 1nc0g 
Not worse than cancer
2018-11-22 07:29
Denmark KFB4 
Nt Mohamed
2018-11-22 07:34 feminism explained in one clip.
2018-12-10 02:00
s1mple | 
Brazil wolfff 
tourette?? lmfao
2018-12-10 02:33
what??? no she just had an honesty attack.
2018-12-10 03:02
Dont be stupid, she got tourette's syndrome
2018-12-10 03:43
tourette's syndrome... frank honesty... not at all mutually exclusive. (stupid)
2018-12-10 03:48
Russia armando_o 
wtf is this?
2018-12-10 03:38
the house feminism built.
2018-12-10 03:48
She has tourette's syndrome, that's how she got popular.
2018-12-10 04:04
United States PsychoLogical 
It was reasonable in the 20th century and before but now its just stupid.
2018-12-10 02:06
NikoM | 
Argentina gonZAA 
2018-12-10 02:16
Brazil adre221 
It was never reasonable to begin with, it just escalated into the monster it is now.
2018-12-10 02:56
feminism is good outside NA and EU but these feminazis thinking they need special treatment in NA and EU because africa and SA /asia women are in bad situation
2018-12-10 02:07
Brazil JMB_17 
Feminism isn’t good in BR either
2018-12-10 02:20
BR has way bigger problems than gender equality
2018-12-10 02:21
Brazil JMB_17 
2018-12-10 02:24
Well i mean equality (no feminazism) is good there also but need to fix other things first
2018-12-10 02:26
f0rest | 
Brazil leeo^^ 
but the media pretend we're like NA and Europe and they're pushing hard this gender equality bullshit
2018-12-10 03:14
then stop watching/reading those media
2018-12-10 13:29
wait why isnt it needed in the west?
2018-12-10 02:29
Because women already have easier lives than men as it is.
2018-12-10 02:39
how so???
2018-12-10 02:42
Easier to get jobs while unqualified because of muh diversity Easier to find a partner without having a high salary Can never be homeless because you can always sell your body for 10x what guys make an hour.
2018-12-10 02:45
well dont you think alot of that comes from guys willing to lose all their dignity for a woman? and yes gender roles are somthing that is ingrained into society, and somthing that feminism is trying to works toawrd. and alot of minorities groups havent had the same opportunity that white guys have, and its a fact so they get boosted up for abit to balance it out
2018-12-10 02:50
yes i see women campaigning to be binmen all the time. challenging those gender roles.
2018-12-10 02:57
so your talking about radicals..what if i talked about your sides racials and tried to asy the whole party was what those members where
2018-12-10 02:58
i am being facetious. i have obviously never seen women campaign to be binmen. but they will campaign to be in 50% of all the influential positions in society in the name of equality. 🤔
2018-12-10 03:01
its mainly a message of women triyng to taken more sirously and change our socialite standers for men and women
2018-12-10 03:03
whatever it's not equality.
2018-12-10 03:08
2018-12-10 03:09
equality means equal opportunity, not equal results. as an example there is a wage gap between men and women in the same profession in most if not all western countries. feminists are against the existence of this gap. they want there to be no gap at all. but there are other factors than just sexism. for example women are on average not as keen to negotiate for a higher wage as men. should they be compensated for that gender difference? its a complicated issue.
2018-12-10 13:40
Well with the wage gap alot of the problems with that is societal and society as a whole tells women that they cent act that way. I dknt 100% agree with feminism but it has its place in western culture
2018-12-10 14:45
yeah okay
2018-12-10 14:46
Brazil adre221 
Feminism is about women wanting to have the same priviliges as men without giving up their own, it's the most hypocritical ideology in the world.
2018-12-10 03:18
its not and your only looking at the radical side :D
2018-12-10 03:33
Brazil adre221 
That's like saying there are moderate and radical socialists, the ideology in itself is completely absurd, even if such a thing like moderate feminism existed they'd still make no sense. Tell me, what are the feminists fighting for?
2018-12-10 03:46
socialists do have a point butttt communist dont really there is a big difference,
2018-12-10 03:55
Brazil adre221 
They are literally synonyms but that's not what we're discussing here. PS: don't want to stir the pot but look what socialist policies + leftism did to your country.
2018-12-10 03:57
no cuse your going to fuck my argument if you say they are the same cuse they are not at all. and it doesn't ammter if it didnt work in france...look at sweden and denmark and finland and norway
2018-12-10 04:20
Brazil adre221 
Sweden = literally on it's way to become 3rd world Norway and denmark = highest taxes on the world, very high cost of living, could pay for much better private services with a fraction of the amount they pay in taxes. Norway in particular is very dependant on oil reserves that are ending. Any success they had could be attributed to their relatively open markets (opposite to socialism). ''your going to fuck my argument'' damn right I will, but we're not discussing socialism now, we're discussing feminism.
2018-12-10 04:30
but you said that socialism is the same as Communism which you still ahvent proven, and your not gonna fuck me on it lol. ya and befit to the lower classes and minority
2018-12-10 04:35
Brazil adre221 
Socialism, communism = an all powerful government controlling every aspect of life ''benefit to the lower classes'' by having the highest taxes and cost of living in the world? ''benefit to minority'' if you call countries that are 95% white being literally raped by mass immigration a benefit to minorities then maybe you are right, just make sure your daughter don't walk alone on the streets at night.
2018-12-10 04:56
dno about france but there is gender equality atleast in finland. feminists just wants women power
2018-12-10 02:42
you might just think that, but alot of people seem to base the radicals in with the moderate, and then get mad that they have it happen to them
2018-12-10 02:44
Canada Uncle_Osama 
is de bige gey
2018-12-10 02:22
why is that?
2018-12-10 02:25
I don't know feminists in other countries... But Chinese feminists are totally retarded
2018-12-10 02:29
That's a prerequisite to becoming a feminist.
2018-12-10 02:35
felps | 
Brazil pluga 
if you get mad because of a fight of others, that does not change your life at all, you really need to get something to do, maybe find a hobby or a gf
2018-12-10 02:45
Luxembourg Hargreaves 
not everybody wants to have a gf and it doesn't change the face feminism is cancer
2018-12-10 03:00
felps | 
Brazil pluga 
this is why I wrote 'maybe'
2018-12-10 03:02
Luxembourg Hargreaves 
why are you even implying he should? I hate your tone btw
2018-12-10 22:33
f0rest | 
Brazil leeo^^ 
recently feminists made a shitstorm on the internet, bashing a camera worker man because they thought he was harassing a female reporter, later it was found out that he never touched the woman, he was just adjusting cables, but nobody apologized to him, not even the female reporter. disgusting ideology, all my cousins have become obnoxious girls who hate men and believe they're fighting for equality.
2018-12-10 03:15
2018-12-10 13:26
chrisJ | 
Finland Motori 
Makes me mad that all finnish men have to go to army or civil service while women dont have to do anything
2018-12-10 13:07
And if you come back disabled or die in war the same women would just marry whoever won the war cause they see him as stronger protector for them. Women use men for their own benifit and then discard them also such as alimony payments always favor women and custody battles too.
2018-12-10 13:13
What does this have to do with what I've said?
2018-12-10 13:57
Equality of opportunity. YES please – of course. Equality of outcome. Nonsense.
2018-12-10 13:30
Feminism isn't worse than cancer. Stupid people are.
2018-12-10 14:10
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