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wassup ppl of hltv how u guys doing today just here to check in see if everyone is alright :D have a good day guys and also I beleive that MiBR will have a poor showing at this event maybe they will win vs mouz bkuz mouz on bo1 = choke tldr: have good day and have good fun times!
2018-11-22 12:01
ty mr "John Goodick" btw mibr good but not best (mouz bestest)
2018-11-22 12:02
Netherlands nibbas 
c9 bestestest
2018-11-22 12:07
Denmark VeryDanishGuy 
ty yung juhn
2018-11-22 12:02
Ty Lung Yean
2018-11-22 12:03
Bro who cares
2018-11-22 12:08
i know right have a good day bro
2018-11-22 12:30
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