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World notyou 
cadian its such a bot...
2018-11-24 03:05
His mid round calls are pretty shitty
2018-11-24 03:06
NBK- | 
Europe S01ID 
You must be a top analyst
2018-11-24 03:07
What an original and witty comeback
2018-11-24 03:08
NBK- | 
Europe S01ID 
As if I ever needed one. Your opinions mean nothing, not even relevant by any means.
2018-11-24 03:23
imagine being this upset over someone else's opinion
2018-11-24 03:35
NBK- | 
Europe S01ID 
As if you know how I feel in the first place. Just because you disagree it doesn't mean you have to cry over it. I can totally understand since all you hltv kids do is cry over someone who disagree with you. But just so you know. Disagreement and crying do not always exist in the same place.
2018-11-24 03:43
no need by analyst to see that he bad calls
2018-11-24 03:17
NBK- | 
Europe S01ID 
I don't need to be a pro to analyze pro players then
2018-11-24 03:24
They worked in na I mean na porleague I mean na fpl
2018-11-24 03:07
blameF | 
Israel lolzer 
2018-11-24 03:25
I like him very much as a person but he is sadly too bad for tier 2 team North should get karrigan after he leaves faze
2018-11-24 03:25
yes, karrigan much better. cadian is same as canada steel. his teams are decent but they will choke in the important rounds.. also they run around like idiots when they have the upper hand.
2018-11-24 03:27
Portugal EHEHEHE 
lol guys everysingle time judging cause of a shit bo3 get a life and be way more mature virgins cadiaN is decent /close
2018-11-24 03:27
Brazil k1mkeid 
i think that he's just inconsistent, when his game level is low, he looks like a bot really lol
2018-11-24 03:31
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