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RACISM on youtube
blacK | 
2018-11-25 04:17
Netherlands nibbas 
0:03 THIS IS JOKES NOT FOR KIDS can u read men x)X)X)X)X)XX)X)X)
2018-11-25 04:19
Canada PwnNewb 
I am not even going to watch this video. you arent supposed to make forum posts to report youtubes or to report ppl on hltv. you are just supposed to report them yourself and be quiet about it and move on.
2018-11-25 04:23
It was pretty funny and spot on. Why would I report it.
2018-11-25 09:47
Canada PwnNewb 
IDK don't ask me ask the OP he is the one who said "report it" not me are you confused?
2018-11-26 03:47
Wtf did pewdiepie diss track mean that was rascist shit as well Lul he can't digest he is trash
2018-11-25 04:30
France Uexo 
Fan of T Series spotted
2018-11-25 05:02
I hate em.both don't worry dude
2018-11-25 09:36
its not that racist it is but in the end it shows respect
2018-11-25 04:50
France Uexo 
I love to be racist then
2018-11-25 04:58
That's not racist at all. It's just funny. The truth and facts are not racism.
2018-11-25 09:48
Europe potatomato 
best youtube video of 2018
2018-11-25 10:03
Europe Vallon 
How is it racist if it's true, though? ''Nigga'' is like every second word for blacks.
2018-11-26 03:54
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