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Europe not_10_years_ip_banned 
Overwatch>CSGO : There is a tournament made by a famous french youtuber of the best videogame with a poll on twitter and instagram. On twitter CSGO win but on instagram OW win by far and there is more people on IG THERE IS ONLY 1 HOUR LEFT ! GO VOTE ON TWITTER : to balance with the number of kids on IG.
2018-11-26 22:11
CS:GO>>>fortnite, ovewartch, lol, dota2
2018-11-26 22:11
So vote
2018-11-26 22:23
Bulgaria diyvof 
your mom > cs go
2018-11-26 22:12
In my opinion the overwatch esports is better but gameplay wise CSGO is better (even if it is buggy).
2018-11-26 22:12
allu | 
United Kingdom _V1BE_ 
Overwatch league is a shitshow wym, banning most popular player but letting other people who do worse stuff go
2018-11-26 22:29
ye totally, banning their players for using twitch emojis and forcing insane buy-outs for their league than can't even avg 50k viewers xD
2018-11-26 23:24
Latvia Ke]R[4u 
ur crazy
2018-11-26 23:24
United States Potassium39 
are you high? The spectating experience is utter shit
2018-11-26 23:32
felps | 
Brazil pluga 
2018-11-26 22:12
who honestly cares
2018-11-26 22:14
we all do
2018-11-26 22:15
of course you do
2018-11-26 22:16
of course WE ALL do doo dooooooooooooooooooœ
2018-11-26 22:17
CSGO is goat game CSGO > ALL CSGO bestest
2018-11-26 22:18
Netherlands @Deji 
Cs winning
2018-11-26 22:25
even the pro overwatch players disagree with you lmao everyone is pissed at the game it's so garbage, they stay cuz money but many of them are insanely frustrated to play this shitty MOBA
2018-11-26 22:31
Poland Marsholl 
Game and community I prefer overwatch but events are too cringy and too many players look like nerds
2018-11-26 23:22
community better? Jesus mate Overwatch community: autism toxicity CS community: funny toxicity
2018-11-26 23:29
Poland Marsholl 
I play csgo and overwatch and unfortunately this is my opinion
2018-11-27 00:35
2018-11-26 23:25
The suspect must be popular person
2018-11-26 23:27
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