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Europeans, come here
Brazil skbestteam07 
My friend Edson wants to know what Europeans think about us Brazilians. Please give him your honest opinion
2018-11-27 03:24
Euro time 03:25 gl bro
2018-11-27 03:25
Brazil skbestteam07 
2018-11-28 02:03
Brazilia is very poor country but living with debt like greeks
2018-11-28 06:29
Other nyz 
This is what they (everyone) thinks
2018-11-29 04:19
depends sao paulo 0/10 rio 10/10
2018-11-27 03:25
Brazil skbestteam07 
Not about the city, but about Brazilians
2018-11-27 03:26
mostly retards but there are worse nations
2018-11-27 03:26
Like Poland :D
2018-11-27 08:15
Poland is actually quite nice. I like their solution of mass immigration
2018-11-29 03:53
You too a Russian troll :D
2018-11-29 04:07
we dont think about you LMAO axaxa rekt
2018-11-27 03:26
nepal je europe?
2018-11-27 03:27
2018-11-27 03:27
Lithuania SatanIsNotMe 
no, nepal poor af btw
2018-11-28 22:03
nt DespaciTo
2018-11-29 03:51
I think I've lost my dutch perception of brazil because I've been on hltv for too long
2018-11-27 03:27
You got the right perception of Brazilians then.
2018-11-27 03:31
my current perception is that they are over-nationalistic to the point where they are disrespectful towards any opposition
2018-11-27 03:35
spot on. Edit: Actually, most Brazilians aren't very nationalists, pretty much everyone here acknowledge that Brazil is a shithole, but since most of them have inferiority complex towards NA and EU, if you say anything bad about Brazil they get very offended. btw, I say "they" because I don't include myself amongst those undeveloped people...
2018-11-27 03:48
maybe fake flagging tho lol
2018-11-27 03:43
Nah, I'm 100% from Brazil lol
2018-11-27 03:44
Other nyz 
2018-11-29 04:06
D0cC | 
Netherlands stevelul 
I think brazilians are the most mentally deranged ppl on the internet
2018-11-27 03:29
turks are wors e
2018-11-27 03:30
what i think? i think you're the closest ancestor currently living to monkeys. it's like you didn't evolve with the rest of the world, or at least your brains didn't
2018-11-27 03:31
2018-11-29 04:45
lmao oof
2018-12-06 21:45
before all the brazilians arrived on hltv and in the cs-scene i tought of them as below average intelligent people who like football and samba after they arrived on hltv my current view of brazilians is: -crazy nationalistic -stupid -brainwashed -dont think at all -violent -follow other people like blind sheep
2018-11-27 03:42
United Kingdom shmilx 
My only perception of Brazilians is from football and HLTV, but mostly people in the UK find you arrogant and backwards culturally because you take everything very personal, in contrast to people from the UK that call their friends 'cunt' but call people they hate 'pal' plus generally whenever Brazil wins something it means I can't go on the internet for a few days if I don't want to get called a 'Europoor' or bombarded by Brazilians being obnoxious.
2018-11-27 03:42
2018-11-27 03:50
germanistan OMEGALUL
2018-11-27 03:54
as expected there is the 1st triggered bra71lian
2018-11-27 03:55
angry, ahmed?
2018-11-27 04:31
United Kingdom shmilx 
It's as if Brazilians don't understand that lashing out at people wont come with concequences, in this case the concequence is you look like a triggered dickhead
2018-11-27 08:07
That guy above is a complete hating retard, how do you expect me to treat him like?
2018-11-27 08:09
United Kingdom shmilx 
by saying +1? You overreacted hard man, it might be a cultural thing because kNgV- was raised in Brazil and acted similar with Thorin and that CLG player. If anything you should be angry at me
2018-11-27 08:11
Dude, are you fucking baiting or what? Can't you discern that i'm not basing my opinion on only that comment, but at the last almost 2 years, where he use to make at least 15 accounts to talk shit about brazil and brazilians? Not to mention the account that he pretended to be a brazilian in that? You retarded, dude?
2018-11-27 08:13
United Kingdom shmilx 
See, you refuse to be civil, refuse to inform others of your opinion of grief without exploding. If he's giving you so much grief be happy that he is wasting his time and move past it
2018-11-27 08:15
How do i refuse to be civil? I'm asking if you are retarded for stating such points after my clear explanations.
2018-11-27 08:38
United Kingdom shmilx 
You refuse to be civil by resorting to insults before anything else, in order to allow me to understand something I need to reply to it, if you insult me in the same post where you're explaining something, you come off as a hyperactive triggered monkey (not monkey bcs ur Brazilian)
2018-11-27 09:00
I implied that you could be possibly retarded for not taking such easy points that are pretty COMPREHENSIBLE to an average human. The issue is that you are literally exaggerating and putting some sort of sensacionalistic dramas into your statements, so i'm out.
2018-11-27 19:33
United Kingdom shmilx 
I will refer to my previous statement, you clearly can’t be civil, you resort to insults regardless of the situation, in fact you didn’t even explain why you reacted so badly until you insulted me, quit being a little bitch and being the typical retarded Brazilian strteotype that gets angry over everything because your parents were too busy high off their arse to love you. Do the rest of the world a favour and shut up you complete inbred
2018-11-28 06:03
"You overreacted hard man, it might be a cultural thing because kNgV- was raised in Brazil and acted similar with Thorin and that CLG player. If anything you should be angry at me" Right there you got your bait bullshit phrase, if you were not baiting, you're just retarded for believing in these stereotypes and trying to fit them in contexts that it doesn't makes sense AT FUCKING ALL, even because i already explained why i directed to that guy above that way, still, you can't see that, you are the one who is a bitch for getting offended that much when i had just asked you if you were retarded or not, mainly for not getting the point even though i elaborated the clearest i could.
2018-11-28 06:10
United Kingdom shmilx 
How do they not make sense you actual brainlet, you overreacted just like kngv did and both look like dickheads when it could be avoided. Asking if someone is mentally disabled is an insult because you’re insinuating that they are. You’re genuinely a fucking braindead moron feeding into the Brazilian stereotype. I feel sorry for your family that they have to put up with your autism. Now please do something better with your time than arguing a retarded invalid point, such as learning how to tie a noose you utter man child Edit: and if the best you could elaborate something is by saying he’s a hating retard then you’re literally fucking incapable of thoughts that require an IQ in double digits
2018-11-28 09:17
>contexts that doesn't fucking makes sense at all " it might be a cultural thing because kNgV- was raised in Brazil and acted similar with Thorin and that CLG player" Look at the fucking shit you were talking you MOTHERFUCKING RETARD. If you have no idea about what the context between 2 persons is, why the fuck are you getting in? Yeah, i implied that you were retarded SINCE only retards couldn't discern that i wouldn't talk to a person that way if it didn't do shit, but you came fucking kNgV argument lmao, that was completely ridiculous. By the way, i wouldn't be arrogant with you if you were not coming with that kNgV bullshit though, "uhhhhhhhhh genetic of brazilians getting angry like kngv" Seriously, that was horrendously cringy, mainly in a context which someone is totally clueless about what he talks about.
2018-11-28 18:09
start acting like a human maybe? impossible to hold a conversation with things like you
2018-11-29 04:48
Thread: "FINLAND RACIST" The OP showed something racist from finland i can't remember of. You(fakeflagging as finnish): I'm so proud of my country You don't even have balls to tell your country, dude, you are a stupid ass virgin who claims people to act civilized while you can't even be one.
2018-12-03 21:27
says brazil fakeflagger xddddddddddddddd
2018-12-06 16:32
"fakeflagger" i don't use brazilian flag, but i always say i'm brazilian. btw, it's "earth" flag, how am i fakeflagging earth flag? am i from mars, dude?
2018-12-06 21:40
Better debate than Trump vs Hillary
2018-12-06 17:07
thank you, i guess? LOL
2018-12-06 21:39
Europe JackReacher 
2018-11-27 08:48
Portugal S4nd 
One word: robberies. Source: I talk to many Brazilians and everyone is surprised when I am taking pictures and sending them because I'm not robbed
2018-11-27 04:03
Czech Republic m16r_Bra71l 
sorry for being a shithole
2018-11-27 04:35
brazil? where it is?
2018-11-27 08:14
Sweden Asiimov 
me is a think of the berazil like in the is yes?
2018-11-27 08:21
Ignorant, delusional crimimals
2018-11-27 08:29
i have a lot off friends in brazil good people but not all :)
2018-11-28 02:05
Brasilians? So in iceland since we are ranked in the first position for several years as the safest country in the world. I think after the news i see im able to give my opinion on Brazil and brazillians. So as everyone know, Brazil saw more violent deaths than civil-war torn Syria in 2015, wich was at his peek. So we can get the conclusions about Brazil and his people. The africa of brazil.
2018-11-28 02:15
Brazil = The africa of brazil? You mean south america?
2018-11-29 04:09
Brazil = The africa of brazil? You mean south america?
2018-11-29 04:09
Poland Marsholl 
Realigous people, kind (most of the time), beautiful women, love your dances, and you're very family people I love that. Regards
2018-11-28 02:29
Australia JulienD 
Like all SA countries LUL
2018-11-29 04:41
Dancy people who rarely can admit if they lose that they were actually worse (yeah, 7-1)
2018-11-28 06:23
cons you have a lot of retarded ppl like kebabs(yeah me),ruskis,kurwas. homicide rate.horrible my friend some of you think that brazil is the best country pros ur ppl know how to fun and are really sincere tourist places
2018-11-28 07:05
Northern braziu : zoo but awsome nature Southern : more educated people. Girls : hot after surgery One of the best medicine in the world. Worldclass surgery (not Only aesthetic). Amazon potential for the future Very dangerous country (more ppl dead in brazil by gunshots than during the actual syrian war in 10 years xD). Most beautiful beaches in the world NEVER been there btw but i really Want too. I know many brasilians, amazing people but bored of their country.
2018-11-28 07:28
as i understand in some parts looks beutiful with nice people and in some parts looks like africa where everyone trys to kill you
2018-11-28 22:00
Germany (GU 
7 1
2018-11-28 22:04
flusha | 
Lithuania fbhx 
used to work with a brazilian guy like 2 years ago, he was ok,
2018-12-03 21:28
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