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Racism against Brazilians
Brazil Skbestteam2017 
Is this something exclusive to the hltv, or do Europeans and North Americans really hate Brazilians?
2018-11-28 02:05
HLTV kids, they wouldn't dare say anything irl.
2018-11-28 02:07
Although they may not have the courage to say it does not mean they like us.
2018-11-28 02:09
Tbh, I like to meme against BR on HLTV but I don't hate you guys. A lot of the "hate" against Brazilians on HLTV is because of how enthusiastic the LG/SK fans were and still are.
2018-11-28 02:11
But you're from Ethiopia, it seems to be a more friendly country with Brazil.
2018-11-28 02:20
u baiting men)))
2018-11-28 02:20
2018-11-28 02:21
2018-11-28 03:32
From all the vids I watched they try and steal things on the streets and when they person catches them they just take off running. Will never happen to me because I will never go to a third world country.
2018-11-28 02:28
Ireland lander1337 
The hate is inflated but yes. Most of us do see Brasil for what it is. A crime riddled, horrible-social structure and a overflowing government corruption. I can go on btw
2018-11-28 02:08
Brazil davidS_ 
Welcome to 2nd world
2018-11-28 02:10
You can critique their country without hating them.
2018-11-28 02:13
2018-11-28 02:18
Brazil oPLX 
Exclusive to hltv
2018-11-28 02:09
Brazil Pepe__ 
I think it's an hltv (csgo) thing. I lived 11 years in France and I can tell that the French people love the brasilian people.
2018-11-28 02:11
Brazil Baian0 
even brazilians hate brazilians (from other states/city) Baian0s suffer the ultimate racism level ! southern brazilians being racist towards northern brazilians is so cliche lmao
2018-11-28 02:17
United States circles308 
I love brazilian girls
2018-11-28 02:19
Probably as much as Brazilians hate the rest of the world.
2018-11-28 02:23
Wrong! The Brazilian loves foreigners more than the people of his own nation
2018-11-28 02:46
The more people that see how bad Brazil is the less people will visit the country.
2018-11-28 02:58
God | 
Other tdsh1 
are you retarded? shut the fuck up, please.
2018-11-28 03:19
mad kid expected from bra71lian
2018-11-28 03:26
God | 
Other tdsh1 
i'm not mad, the issue is that the guy above is a retarded and it's not based only in that comment of his. by the way, you are another one, both of you braindead should aglomerate and become friends.
2018-11-28 03:50
i like brazil, i think its mostly europeans not na
2018-11-28 02:25
q ota? fucking admins deleting my comments wtf
2018-11-28 02:28
Brazil P4uloVisk 
Brazil will change with our new president Bolsonaro <3, if I lived in another country I would not like Brazil for the facts of high crime, high corruption, leftist government, ex-cerber feminism among others ... but everything will change and Brazil will be friends of all nations, our goal and grow healthily transparent, honest and putting God's Christianity ahead !!
2018-11-28 02:41
Brazil centjeefizik 
2018-11-28 03:25
It's hard for a president to change a country for the better, the only thing most don't want is for the president to make it worse which is very easy to do. Look at Germany with Merkel. Better hurry if you want to come to America, the new wall is already going up.
2018-11-28 03:30
France oldman 
Can someone explain to me why they always spam BRBRBRBR, i'm from brasil etc. I always see this kind of comments. Not even in CSGO segment, it's everywhere
2018-11-28 02:47
United States PsychoLogical 
BR is the initials of Brazil.
2018-11-28 02:52
France oldman 
I know that. I'm just curious why
2018-11-28 02:54
Because we are a world-wide relevant country
2018-11-28 02:56
they try hard to be relevant but no one gives a shit about them
2018-11-28 03:27
They even attack people with tires in Brazil.
2018-11-28 02:56
how unlucky can you be lolz
2018-11-28 03:12
I was travelling around Europe and North Africa and always when i said im brazilian they start licking my balls (not literally). Only HLTV kids thinks racism is a good way to talk about something. "He is not accepting my arguments, ill call him monkey, im so smart", those guys dont even reach me, im not a monkey and i dont care about what they say, so just enjoy the matches and the nice part of the forum. If u see something racist, report and dont give a fuck about it. And when u attack them back being racist, youre being exactly the kinda people u hate Sory for my bed england, brasiliam education is terriblow
2018-11-28 03:09
God | 
Other tdsh1 
where in europe you've been to?
2018-11-28 03:20
"licking balls" = being friendly to foreigners
2018-11-28 03:28
>caring about what someone says online pls
2018-11-28 03:10
Brazil brought us shaved pussys we love you??
2018-11-28 03:28
ppk | 
Brazil 4vengerr 
in RL it's not like this dude hahah hltv is just for troll, nothing else
2018-11-28 03:34
North America alej250 
I like to say shit about brazilians because is so funny when they get triggered xd
2018-11-28 03:40
Europe aNCIOn 
everyone hates 3rd world countries. doesnt matter if its brazil or turky or whatever the fuck
2018-11-28 04:00
Brazil Richman45 
but eu seems to like asian ladyboys.
2018-11-28 04:06
Europe aNCIOn 
2018-11-28 04:12
Australia niaouli1998 
it's HLTV thing, pretty easy to say shit when you just have a usename and nothing else, saying an insults is like opening a door, pretty easy, so don't care about them
2018-11-28 04:13
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