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What Job to Do???
Finland mrboombasticXD 
So according to mensa im intelligent but i just cant stand studying or reading books. Never went to college except this stupid vocational college (amis) to become an electrician. Shit is fucking horrible. So what job to do? Preferably a good salary i dont know. Ive been thinking about this for a long time now. And is there something wrong with me? Dont intelligent people go to harvard and become einsteins n shit?
2018-12-01 22:35
Be a pornstar ez money ez pussy
2018-12-01 22:37
Expected nickname
2018-12-01 22:38
Damn right expected You have smthing against it?
2018-12-01 22:39
No fam im fine with it
2018-12-01 22:40
Ofc you are 73 cm dick is a potential to be pornstar
2018-12-01 22:41
Ive been thinking about it
2018-12-01 22:41
Easy for midgets but normal men need atleast 10+ in dick
2018-12-01 22:38
Not with smol dik
2018-12-01 22:40
4cm dick can i be pornstar ?
2018-12-01 22:42
not gunna happen for u except some fetish bs maybe and ur not gonna get paid much ur pay is an orgasm during the scene maybe
2018-12-01 22:54
Shit i am fucked My life depended in this profession
2018-12-01 22:54
2018-12-01 22:53
>money >hard work (or atleast do some work) Pick both
2018-12-01 22:37
Finland mrboombasticXD 
Im willing to do hard work but i dont want to read books. That just bores me
2018-12-01 22:39
If you think manual labour pays nicely then goodluck my friend. Only way to prove your intelligence is studies in todays time. Its not the 1950s , no one gives a fuck about iq nowdays
2018-12-01 22:43
NEO | 
Argentina Cepheus 
You don't need to study to prove intelligence, thats plain stupid in fact real geniouses don't go to college... its a waste of money, especially if you're intelligent...
2018-12-01 23:27
cs go pro
2018-12-01 22:38
And get shit on by 16 yr olds
2018-12-01 22:39
that only happens in brazil... eu players are very friendly
2018-12-01 22:39
Nigeria NoKeTchup 
2018-12-01 22:43
dead game
2018-12-01 22:55
Norway rogueplayer 
Imagine trying to get a job in 2018 *wagecuck alarm* if you have high IQ you should've realized that starting your own business would be the best option rn
2018-12-01 22:39
Yeah obviously but in what?? Ive got couple ideas but they dont seem so good
2018-12-01 22:40
tell me about it
2018-12-01 22:41
Norway rogueplayer 
How should I know? Idk where u live m8 For instance, there's no good casual burger shops where I live.. so if I wanted I could make good mid-tier burgers and properly get a fairly good business with it. But to make sure i would analyze the market and do a few market surveys for the area you know
2018-12-01 22:43
Guess i gotta keep my eyes open and figure out what these people need. Or what they are willing to buy
2018-12-01 22:48
Norway rogueplayer 
It was just an example, doesnt need to be limited to your area. It also depends on what you're interested in, what skills you have, scope, budget... maybe there's something YOU need but there's not yet a mass market for it... also talk to some of your friends what they know and what skill they have etc... for all I know it could be a kickstarter project and a successfull one
2018-12-01 23:05
yeah ill need to think about this. thanks
2018-12-01 23:08
16yo spotted
2018-12-01 22:41
Or else realising not being able to study from books etc is too much of a bad start. Books are too important to be avoided.
2018-12-01 22:42
2018-12-01 22:45
Norway rogueplayer 
I never once said books were not important, because in reality, they are very useful and thus important
2018-12-01 23:06
Intelligence is not the only thing that will carry you in life, unless you're some prodigy. A good work ethic, and intelligence will get you far in life.
2018-12-01 22:40
honestly, studying(reading books) equals earning good money, but you don't want to read books. So become an entrepreneur...?
2018-12-01 22:44
Every fuckface who operates even a small business these days calls himself an "entrepreneur"
2018-12-01 22:47
where are you trying to go? the definition of an entrepreneur according to the cambridge dictionary is;"someone who starts their own business, especially when this involves seeing a new opportunity." So yeah they're correct calling themselves an entrepreneur even when they own a "small business".
2018-12-01 22:50
What I meant was entrepreneurs should come up with new ideas/ innovations. Atleast that was the goal when the idea gained popularity and thats the reason people look up to the "real" entrepreneurs. All ideas MOST people come up with are around the lines - online+ some random shit that someone multimillion dollar company is already doing way better than they will ever be able to. Like online groceries , online car/bike rental etc. Then put up a cheap 10$ website/ app and viola here comes the ceo of another shitty "business"
2018-12-02 15:25
This all is based on my experience in college on what I call college entrepreneurs. There are some really good ones but they're rare.
2018-12-02 15:26
Yes but i dont know what i should provide/sell :/ got some ideas but they arent that good
2018-12-01 22:50
Would definetly start a business with a really good idea, not a 'pretty good' idea.
2018-12-01 22:53
Thats the problem
2018-12-01 22:53
By the way, A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) is really trending all over the world right now and in the future.
2018-12-01 22:56
Ask yourself what are you good for. If you are smart enough you can translate that into a personal business. Its not necessary to study for some stuff though if you do it will probably open yourself to more oportunities (or this can vary from place to place) What IQ test say mean almost nothing tho. You can get high score but if you can't turn that number in something actually productive then is the same than scoring low (._.')
2018-12-01 22:50
I have no clue what im good at or what i want to do.
2018-12-01 22:57
Then helping is not an easy thing for other people that know like... nothing about you. Have you tried taking those tests that can give you what jobs could fit with what you like / personality / goals ? (._.')
2018-12-01 22:59
Yes and none of them give me any good ideas
2018-12-01 23:01
Damn... Idk... would you say you are better with exact sciences or with creative works ? That probably won't get you to an actual job but many will be discarded, so there's less to think about (._.')
2018-12-01 23:02
I feel like my creativity has gone downhill trough my school years like my grades did. I just dont know im so lost xd. Feels like i havent got anything
2018-12-01 23:04
Emm... it would be a good idea to start walking around your city and see what people likes/dislikes needs and wants. Then think about the abbailavility of those things, analize if the people/bussines offering them are good/bad their good points and flaws. And of course many other things that can be of interest or that call your attention. With all that in paper you could get an idea of what you could do and if it is actualy viable to aply it where you live. That stuff i mentioned may sound as a lot to do, but its not, and you know yourself better than everyone else so you will figure it out how many data you actually need (._.)_b
2018-12-01 23:12
And whenever i get the lightbulb above my head and think i have a great idea it falls to pieces when i realise alot of others have already thought about it and succeeded with it and there is no room for others in the market
2018-12-01 23:19
If you think is a good idea then there is (probably) a way to fit in the market. The thing is to not surrender before even trying. I consider myself a creative person I have a lot of ideas, but 99% of the times if those ideas stay only in my head they are raw, impossible to execute with success. What I do is to throw them in paper, be self critique, ask for external opinion (included in your target age/gender/social class range or not). From all that the initial idea gets polished and it has a better chance to lead you to your goals. Its all about doing steps (._.')
2018-12-01 23:26
That does sound good. thanks men
2018-12-01 23:52
Glad it helped (._.)_b
2018-12-02 00:20
Not in finland. Business taxes and shit fuck your life hard
2018-12-01 23:11
By business I didn't mean a company or something like that, to start, it could be a feelance project until he can get a base to jump higher (._.)_b
2018-12-01 23:16
Seems more that you dont know how to study properly. Look up the app ANKI, it uses active recall and spaced repetition which are by far the most efficient methods of studying (unlike reading textbooks etc.). After that, studying wont nearly be as bad, trust me, it practically changed my life
2018-12-01 22:51
If you study maths theres less reading than other uni subjects. If you want money you should do a bit of coding as well
2018-12-01 22:52
I tried coding but got carried away quite fast. Didnt interest me
2018-12-01 22:53
booky is a decent job over here, just do ppls/businesses tax shit for them. i go to school twice a week its pretty chill and the rest of the week its just a regular office job. if ur good at it u can make good money.
2018-12-01 22:55
? booky i are not know details
2018-12-01 22:57
u work in a tax counsellors office basically.
2018-12-01 22:58
device | 
Liechtenstein mary69 
2018-12-01 23:03
Sounded like a good idea for awhile before i realised i dont drink beer and after reading this blog made by some brewer it doesnt really interest me anymore.
2018-12-01 23:10
The odd thing is that many of the richest people in the world never went to college or dropped out early.
2018-12-01 23:15
2018-12-01 23:21
Toxic | 
Croatia ^BCko^ 
"according to mensa" Don't tell me you took the online test LMAO
2018-12-01 23:22
become a prison guard
2018-12-01 23:51
I feel like it would get boring after a while
2018-12-01 23:56
Turkey tastemycobra 
Intelligence has no use in life. Everyone is somewhat intelligent. You got to be just curious to succeed and be open to try everything.
2018-12-02 00:24
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