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Intel vs AMD poll
f0rest | 
Other depressive_virgin 
which one is more popular among hltv users?
2018-12-06 01:44
2018-12-06 01:47
Intel = rich guys (me) AMD = poor guys
2018-12-06 01:47
pretty much hahah, i went for amd because my budget was short
2018-12-06 01:49
United States l1nkax 
I'll probably never get a ryzen cpu to 4.9ghz, so its gonna be an Intel from me
2018-12-06 01:51
leo^ | 
United States wes33 
I have Intel because I bought it at the end of 2016. If I was buying a new CPU now, I would choose AMD.
2018-12-06 01:50
Argentina (._.) 
You should've added mobile cpu's because Im pretty sure this place has more fornite players than csgo'ers already (._.')
2018-12-06 01:52
Canada 9FINGERS 
thats almost the same as saying Mercedes vs Fiat hehexd Fiat is cancer so is AMD
2018-12-06 02:14
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