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Brazil Brazil_Top1 
MM will be unplayable now. Fuck Valve
2018-12-06 22:45
why? just play prime
2018-12-06 22:45
Everyone got accounts can just buy it, they dont even need lvl 21 anymore
2018-12-06 22:46
They won't pay $15 just to get banned
2018-12-06 22:58
They've paid $30 before to get banned. What will be the difference. Have a depressing day! -VeryDepressingGuy
2018-12-06 23:04
CS:GO was never 30$ always 15 or less
2018-12-06 23:09
You right (was thinking of PUBG). They paid $15 though. Have a depressing day! -VeryDepressingGuy
2018-12-06 23:10
they could have paid csgo for 3$ LUL
2018-12-06 23:21
Germany s2ily 
Yea, cheaters payed 30 to cheat in PUBG. Valve are doing good.
2018-12-06 23:22
United States ferric 
Yeah but now if they wanna cheat, they just cheat for free on new free accounts and wont have to pay. Now if you pay you will likely not have cheaters.
2018-12-06 23:23
I don't mind this update. I ran a Hunger Games server for 3 years. It had its ups and downs but in its prime was #14 on Gametracker. I see this as an opportunity for Valve to expand on the original idea. As for it being free, I play ESEA so MM is useless to me except for passing time with less competitive friends. Have a less depressing day! -VeryDepressingGuy
2018-12-06 23:25
Morocco Aceriouss 
does it not get a bit annoying to keep typing the last part or do you have it copy pasted all the time?
2018-12-07 00:27
I type it out all the time. Kind of got used to it. Have a less depressing day! -VeryDepressingGuy
2018-12-07 01:14
Morocco Aceriouss 
2018-12-07 08:48
North America noahborel 
This makes no sense, if the cheaters are willing to pay $15 to buy a prime account and cheat on it, the amount of cheaters would be no different than the amount before the game went f2p. In fact there would probably less, cause a large number of cheaters would probably prefer to just play f2p and not waste $15 on an account that will be banned soon.
2018-12-07 02:46
clearly you didn't play CS:GO before "Prime MM" was a thing. $15 paywall didn't stop cheaters but the rank 21 grind did. And don't forget Christmas sale is just around the corner where CS:GO will be $7.49 or $3.49 where those c***s will load up on copies to keep em cheating for the next 4-6 months.
2018-12-07 01:55
shox | 
Serbia ravi0ll1 
wow like level 21 was a problem, what they did was good and will bring the game much more exposure and players will be able to try mm against other non bought accs to try the game, the game will gain atleast like 500k more players, and this sheer amount of new people that just wanna play the best fps in history for free will outdo the cheaters to an extent, anyway people that like it will buy prime
2018-12-06 23:00
no, you're retarded, they have no decent AntiCheat, Fortnite for example is f2p but they have BattleEye and EAC both running at the same time, CSGO has shitty VAC.
2018-12-06 23:01
Croatia mds818 
2018-12-06 23:07
why? as if a 5 dollar game holds you off of cheating lul
2018-12-06 22:46
Lvl 21 is not needed anymore, you can just buy prime
2018-12-06 22:47
and lvl 21 was that hard to reach?
2018-12-06 22:50
Ofc, two weeks at least because o EXP reduction
2018-12-06 22:51
but if u think it's not that bad With free cheats you get ez ban, for sure, so people pay for them, i don't know how much but i would say 5$. You could have a cs go account for 6$ also. That's 11$. Now u pay 5$ for cheats, and prime 15$. That's 20$. Do you think they will pay 15$ to just get prime and play with us? Faceit is fucked tbh, free csgo, free account, and free cheats gg For me only thing bad is that they made all old accounts prime
2018-12-06 22:58
Belgium 69Savage 
I could see Faceit changing it so you have to have prime to play
2018-12-06 23:07
2018-12-07 01:37
Portugal ArChii_cs 
Thats the only problem, the account that have prime should be prime too , but the no prime not ... MM os infested with hackers now :/
2018-12-06 23:08
Lithuania arres 
that would be a scam. People that already has the accounts have payed the same amount that the new prime status costs. So if you bought cs yesterday and spent 15$ with no prime you would need to spend 15$ more to have prime. If you buy prime now it costs only 15$. It is fair that valve made all current accounts prime having in mind that now you must pay to have prime on new acocunt.
2018-12-07 01:51
Portugal ArChii_cs 
yes i agree with that, but idk wait for level 21 to get prime , because there are 2 ways to get prime, with 15$ or get level 21 , so you dont need to spend money in the game
2018-12-10 13:31
Lvl 21 took atleast 2 months to get from a fresh new acc. You can get 2 lvls per week until you get completly exhausted. Most blatant fucks got banned before reaching that.
2018-12-06 22:57
2 months to get lvl 21?
2018-12-06 22:59
Yes 2 lvls per week = 10weeks to get 21.
2018-12-06 23:02
My friend got lvl 21 about 100 hours
2018-12-07 01:38
so what? Everyone had prime already who the fuck cares. Just get a prepaid number from the internet and you have prime. It doesn't change anything
2018-12-06 22:51
You needed lvl 21, and you needed to buy the game. Now you can just download the game, you don't need lvl 21. There will be LEMs playing in prime MM with 10 hours of game.
2018-12-06 22:53
your trust factor is still important, you won't play against 10 hour accounts. It is like before, who cares
2018-12-06 22:56
Dude trust factor is a fucking joke, people with 10+ yo accs, thousands of hours get matched against new lem 10 wins accounts.
2018-12-06 22:58
maybe you are a toxic piece of shit
2018-12-06 23:02
No im not.
2018-12-06 23:03
literally, when you're better than everyone on matchmaking in those crappy le/lem ranks, you will get reported which will result in your trust factor falling down
2018-12-06 23:36
no, when youre better you'll rank up and play against people on your skill level and don't get reported anymore. People are reporting people all the time, this surey can't impact the trust factor as much as a clean steam profile or experience in game
2018-12-07 01:33
No you won't, you will be playing with shittier and shittier teammates causing you to play even better if you want to win. You might be abke to win maybe 1 out of 2-3 matches, but you will not rank up. Happened for me this summer, when i was still actiive :)
2018-12-07 09:25
Trust factor is trash, I get fucked by it al the time
2018-12-06 22:59
maybe you are a toxic piece of shit
2018-12-06 23:02
Nope, I'm the best G.E in south america, so I drop 40+ at least 3 times a day, meaning I get reported and end up playing vs gold nvoas and cheaters, and I rape them even more, meaning even more reports, as I only fall and fall on the shitty trust factor system
2018-12-06 23:04
then go play faceit LUL
2018-12-06 23:11
I do, but sometimes I like to play MM just to chill
2018-12-06 23:12
Dominican Republic leberkas7 
trust factor is garbage and doesnt work
2018-12-06 23:08
it works for me, guess having a knife and shit is helpful, also i have a shit ton of games so my steam account is very trustworthy
2018-12-06 23:13
Dominican Republic leberkas7 
i have steam level 30, 300$ worth of skins, almost 3k hours and i play vs people without any badges and 200 hours....
2018-12-06 23:17
not saying the system is perfect, but it definitely helped, i feel like i play much less cheaters/shady players than i did before, even with prime
2018-12-07 01:31
Poland bicik 
Faceit is already unplayable
2018-12-06 22:48
Portugal OzarK 
and faceit wont? download free game create free faceit account use free cheat gg
2018-12-06 22:48
Yup FACEIT is fucked as well I was thinking only about Premium, ESEA is laughing without worries tho
2018-12-06 22:49
Faceit is bad because you are not forced to use the anticheat on a new account. You can cheat until you reach the number of reports and thats it, as the anticheat is only for reported players lul
2018-12-06 22:52
Nowadays you have to use ac even in ur first game. (I might be wrong)
2018-12-06 23:09
You are wrong as I lost against 30 games player with no ac yesterday.
2018-12-07 00:03
FACEIT has a very strong anti-cheat btw. You can't use a free cheat to bypass it as far as I know.
2018-12-06 22:50
does not matter u can just create new account with free csgo and play u wont be asked to play anti cheat until u get enough reports, u can just repeat the process and boost ur friends by creating ton of accounts...
2018-12-06 22:51
+1 i lost a match yesterday against a 30 games no anticheat rage hacker proud of himself, having 10 accounts vac banned
2018-12-06 22:54
now it will be even worse, but ofc normies like it
2018-12-06 22:55
Nowadays its easier to win vs 10 level premades than against lower Elo players. My latest 3 matches - 14:16 against a smurf playing duo with 3500 Elo player, 13 16 against a 30 matches 80%winrate no anticheat retard who toggled on wh after we had 10-1 score. 3rd match won against a bad 5 level smurfing booster. His teammates were too shitty so he couldnt win it on his own
2018-12-06 23:02
Wtf, faceit AC is rebranded SMAC, it's laughable, even Valve VACnet is more efficient
2018-12-06 22:55
Still, the most laughable thing is that you would have to install the anticheat after being reported several times, not before the 1st match in the league
2018-12-06 23:08
ifr u think valve anti cheat is better than u know nothing about cheats
2018-12-06 23:19
csgo will be forever free or only for a certain period?
2018-12-06 23:02
g0d | 
Brazil L4x @.@ 
2018-12-06 23:22
If this is true i can't fucking believe...
2018-12-06 23:34
faceit will be even more shit than now lul
2018-12-06 23:08
I think they will do something
2018-12-07 01:40
relax guys faceit will update their policy within a week or so if they are smart they might just make faceitAC mandatory
2018-12-07 00:05
Tunisia AIMj 
FaceitAC MANDATORY WON'T change shit they need to create ladder for old players and new ones need to plsy s lot of games to join A lot fo cheaters play with Faceit AC
2018-12-07 00:09
Poland morosek 
Faceit is also fucked.
2018-12-07 00:11
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