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Top 1 UK HLTV user about new update
mir | 
United Kingdom VeryNice(not)Guy 
It was so hyped by Valve and it appeared to be so lame. Now all those non-prime smurfs and cheaters have prime accounts so everyone who is struggling to rank up will struggle even more. Lame zone is ok I guess, but it's just weird and plus even for 1st place you receive nothing, only like 200 xp with 3 kills (tested by me). Also while playing this BR mode I got flashbacks from playing H1Z1, when you drop down and there are no weapons, when you chase someone and he's camping in a corner, classic... No International for CSGO No new operation No updates regards bugs, nerfs/bufs, ranking system, etc. No 128 tick servers New case tho... In conclusion: I'm disappointed, but hey, at least it's something and now CSGO will receive a lot of new players for like a week who will try out BR mode, so that HLTV users could create threads about CSGO not being dead. TLDR: Not impressed, it kinda sucks.
2018-12-07 00:19
stopped reading at "no new operation"
2018-12-07 00:21
I'm surprised you can read
2018-12-07 00:28
i wished i didn't know how to read after seeing this thread
2018-12-07 00:31
Just push your fingers into your eyes
2018-12-07 00:34
Stopped reading at title, make a post about how Fortnite is better than CSGO instead.
2018-12-07 00:23
No, Fortnite is for kids and I don't like it.
2018-12-07 00:27
United States mook_ 
lets face it guys were never getting source 2 :(((
2018-12-07 00:29
We probably will never get a good update since now Valve will concentrate on Donatifact
2018-12-07 00:30
Belgium HLTVnewfag 
2119 Just wait men)))
2018-12-07 00:31
United States mook_ 
What are you doing 2119?
2018-12-07 00:32
Belgium HLTVnewfag 
Source 2 in the year 2119
2018-12-07 00:33
source2 would be the final blow for this game
2018-12-07 01:47
I'm top 1 UK
2018-12-07 00:32
I saw some guy from Switzerland with the same nickname, so nt, but you aren't
2018-12-07 00:34
That guy is called mibr is overrated I'm mibr is underrated
2018-12-07 00:36
Oh yes, I guess I forgot how to read, my bad, but MIBR is not Underrated
2018-12-07 00:40
Check bio
2018-12-07 00:49
Even if I check your bio, nothing is going to change since you can type in bio whatever. I can change flag and type in BIO that I'm from USA, would you believe it? I doubt so.
2018-12-07 00:50
Proof that I'm from UK:
2018-12-07 01:46
It's proof that you're in UK right now, doesn't necessarily mean that you are FROM UK
2018-12-07 10:22
2018-12-07 16:59
Russia KS_areztiab 
VeryNice(not)Guy >>>>>>>>>>>>> MIBRIsUnderrated (actually br but left cuz BR shit country)
2018-12-07 00:39
Check bio m8
2018-12-07 00:40
Russia KS_areztiab 
2018-12-07 00:40
Thanks mate. And yeah, he probably escaped his country.
2018-12-07 00:41
Ukraine d1m1tr1 
U are top fakeflagger
2018-12-07 04:49
Ukraine d1m1tr1 
Iam top 1 lul cringe low baiter from bra71l
2018-12-07 04:49
well that indeed sucks, can't add anything here, I am just really sad about the attitude towards cs, valve evolved to something evil and they are getting close to EA
2018-12-07 00:37
It just seems weird, the most balanced competitive game and they don't care much.
2018-12-07 00:43
you’re not jonty
2018-12-07 00:45
Jonty is pseudo-intellectual, so he's not top 1
2018-12-07 00:48
United Kingdom Gio_bose 
Lul I'm top 1 UK
2018-12-07 17:22
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