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People complaining about the update
United States fatburger 
Stop complaining about the update. You always complain there are no updates and when there is one you just complain. Im not a huge fan of battle royale but it is still pretty fun.
2018-12-07 02:09
Russia avocadosatlaw 
2018-12-07 02:10
Japan @0x0 
maybe because people want good updates not updates that negatively impact the game like f2p?
2018-12-07 02:11
Free to play is a good thing only for new people.
2018-12-07 02:14
how many people can afford a pc that can run csgo but cant afford $5 for csgo?
2018-12-07 02:23
that's not how economics works
2018-12-07 02:26
Imagine applying economics to csgo sales the game had no problem with people buying it before f2p isnt going to attract that many legitimate players
2018-12-07 04:18
opportunity cost (i think? I'm not an econ person) People who were maybe thinking about playing csgo before had to weight their desire to play with them not wanting to pay. That is, there is an opportunity cost to them picking up the game, in the form of payment. Now that that barrier of entry is lifted, it's not that less legitimate players will pick up the game (the argument of "true legitimate players would have payed for the game already" isn't valid because people who have never played csgo before won't know whether they are 'legitimate' without having even tried the game out before), now all we get is a larger market coupled with a big publicity move of going F2P after many years and introducing a new battle royale to boot. There is the risk of more cheaters, and certainly there's gonna be a rise in # of cheaters in prime in the short term, but in the long run I think many cheaters would be content with just staying in non-prime (when they eventually get banned and get new accounts), since all they want is to be able to cheat in mm and they can now do that without paying for prime. I feel bad for all the new f2ps who will have to deal with that though.
2018-12-07 08:36
There was always free offline and also nosteam servers if you wanted to try the game out
2018-12-07 08:37
we all know the free offline wasn't representative of the real experience and people who didn't have the game knew it as well. The appeal of csgo is its competitive multiplayer not its offline with bots. There's more appeal to a F2P version than what's essentially a "demo" for people who want to actually see what gameplay is like
2018-12-07 08:38
source on this was my experience with trying to get people to play csgo, and now that it's fully f2p a lot more of my friends are on board with giving it a shot.
2018-12-07 08:40
and they wont have a good time after playing vs cheaters
2018-12-07 08:44
you absolute moron. The world don't revolve around you. That $5 that you can throw away is a day's or a weeks earning in some other poor country. This was a good business decision made by valve. F2P will bring in more players from around the world. And for cheaters, they have a plan to deal with it. Holy shit kids some kids are fucking stupid.
2018-12-07 04:40
if you can afford a pc that can run csgo you can afford $5
2018-12-07 04:44
Sweden oAidqn 
2018-12-07 04:45
F2P is actually a net positive for the game. Yes, more cheaters, but ALSO a lot more legit players. The cost of prime is the normal cost of CS (before it was f2p), so it'll be similar to before anyway. It'll also draw in old players as well as new players from regions such as Asia etc where other games are more popular. We'll 'steal' some of the players from other BR games who just want to try it out, they may also stay and start playing 5v5. So overall we're looking at a net growth for the game, not just cheaters every game. Wanna talk about any of the points? Just reply with a question
2018-12-07 02:20
Australia enspia 
2018-12-07 02:22
+1-fucking-hundred I was kind of in shock when it was announced, although I did see it coming for years, but this is without a doubt a great thing for the game.
2018-12-07 02:26
thank you for having a few brain cells :)
2018-12-07 02:40
Ratio of cheaters now will be higher than before. >It'll also draw in old players What? What old player is going to see "csgo is f2p guess i should come back" other than someone who was banned? My question to you is what about community servers? 2/3rds of active players dont play match making, a few of those might be esea/faceit exclusive but i doubt more than 5%, i doubt that many people are playing casual/arms race Now players can easily ban evade on a community server, even if theyre not cheating and just trolling its easy to ban evade
2018-12-07 02:25
no it wont, just search prime matchs only new accounts made to hack wont queue with prime because it needs to be lvl 21
2018-12-07 02:38
Most community servers have their own ways of dealing with cheaters by having their own admins to issue bans, as well as being VAC secured. I know VAC doesn't do much, but when the ID of a cheat is caught by valve, the users of that specific cheat get banned. Valve are also developing VACNET further so expect to see a slightly more competent anticheat, even if there aren't many large posts about it. And the ratio of cheaters in non-prime may be higher than before, but it'll be a better experience for those playing prime. Old players seeing the update usually come on to try new big updates, I've done that myself in the past when I didn't really play much, and I know others that come on just to play the updates and test them out. It's also probably not worth replying to much you say because you make threads such as "SWEDEN LUL" and 'Brazil laugh thread" instead of contributing anything useful to the community. Anyway, have fun watching CS become more popular while being both wrong and miserable.
2018-12-07 02:39
admins arent online 24/7 and the admins arent helpful if a banned player can make a new account >but it'll be a better experience for those playing prime again im not talking about mm or prime >It's also probably not worth replying to much you say because you make threads such as "SWEDEN LUL" and 'Brazil laugh thread" instead of contributing anything useful to the community. Yeah because a Jonty wannabe is contributing so much to hltv >Anyway, have fun watching CS become more popular while being both wrong and miserable. popular =/= better these shit updates have actually made me play 1.6/css more and i have 10x more recent time playing those two games than csgo
2018-12-07 04:02
Yeah I don't know why people are complaining all esports titles are free to play only a matter of time till csgo went f2p. walling payed players away from f2p is also a good decision although someone said you still get prime at level 21.
2018-12-07 02:35
Yeah, you still get prime at lv 21 after linking a phone number, but they changed how linking phone numbers works. I think it might be a 6 month cool down if you remove a phone number (so no prime for that time) or something like that. I like the changes and wanna see the game grow. You can also pay the original cost of the game to get prime which is fair enough.
2018-12-07 02:41
yes, start playing 5v5 and get demolished by cheaters because anti cheat in csgo barely exists
2018-12-07 04:08
yes, start playing 5v5 and get demolished by cheaters because youre a toxic shithead with low trust factor.
2018-12-07 12:31
im talking about new players, of course theyre gonna have low trust factor you absolute retard
2018-12-07 15:11
+1 million I see so many dumb people screaming in social media that valve killed this game bla bla bla by making it free, but it's not free lol like literally can't people just read?
2018-12-07 04:34
someone with a brain cell, ty
2018-12-07 12:25
Why will new players who try out the game want to stick with the game when non-Prime MM will be filled with cheaters, smurfs and possibly trolls? Player count may increase on the surface, sure, but there's a high chance many (or even most) of those players won't last if they don't find the game enjoyable to begin with.
2018-12-07 04:49
Europe potatomato 
this is literally the worst update ever
2018-12-07 02:13
you call this an update? better keep it offline and no update than this shity update
2018-12-07 02:14
This is the worst BR made in history, i DARE you to find any worse, there's none
2018-12-07 02:14
PUBG, because you are actually able to get a playable FPS in this one.
2018-12-07 02:21
PUBG is playable wtf?
2018-12-07 08:40
my only issue with the update is that the game closes on me every 5mins...
2018-12-07 02:16
Europe 0|8 
AMD USER SPOTTED sadly im amd user too :(
2018-12-07 02:16
I use AMD (FX-6300 CPU) and it runs absolutely no problems, been playing for a few hours and no crashes/ stutters or freezes :/
2018-12-07 02:21
Europe porrasm 
Only Amd graphics cards have the problem iirc
2018-12-07 02:24
oh man, hope you find a fix soon, BR is fun to play casually like an aim warm-up :)
2018-12-07 02:33
yeah man have the same cpu and getting crashes hope it is fixed soon
2018-12-07 04:36
sweet, lets hope
2018-12-07 22:52
Cud | 
World word_exe 
Who cares either way about BR? It's the F2P that people hate and rightly so.
2018-12-07 04:06
wont make too much of a difference
2018-12-07 04:21
The point is that after this update CS opens and closes quickly on the pc of those who have an integrated graphics card, mainly from Intel Graphics.
2018-12-07 04:28
not complaining but counter strike in general should not be free to play and it shouldnt have a br game.literally counter strike is not counter strike literally turned into cod.
2018-12-07 04:40
Nice update when game stopped launching. You are completely retard.
2018-12-07 12:27
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