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s1mple k/d +12 (1.27)
s1mple | 
Italy Laxity 
mvp 2018?
2018-12-07 23:25
he's just a baiter.
2018-12-07 23:26
You are, he goes for opening +2 opening Rest of team -16 Bots Flamie and Edward die without trade 3 vs 5 -> save If you watch a game you will see that Liquid avoid s1mple as much as they can
2018-12-07 23:30
of course. he keeps holding the fucking pixel for 1min.
2018-12-07 23:31
He is not, show me pls any example He move across all map on inferno Liquid move too He plays A on dust Liquid goes B He goes B, they won round
2018-12-07 23:33
literally the first round of dust lmao
2018-12-09 05:11
2018-12-09 08:41
TL avoids s1mple the best, finally sb who can see that. They are the only team that can shut down his insane (sometimes even game winning) plays, not even Astralis can do this.
2018-12-08 02:26
i think part of it is that nitro and elige played with s1mple and know his preferences better than someone who just watches na'vi demos.
2018-12-08 03:07
This could be correct, its hard for a player to get rid of his habits and that applies for their positioning/angles to hold too. Especially nitro could be the key since he is the IGL and he avoids him pretty easily with his calls
2018-12-08 03:13
El Salvador Sp1x 
On dust 2 in EPL finals Liquid consistently went B and fucked Edward and flamie leaving s1mple on A to save the entire time. Sure he saves a lot, when his dogshit teammates can't get more than one kill defending an execution.
2018-12-09 04:48
2018-12-09 14:09
Brazil Cold_beast 
lol against Astralis s1mple never top frags are you on some chemicals noob?
2018-12-09 05:52
I never said that he destroys Astralis but Astralis dont avoid him unlike TL. The Danes just kill him and they domt care if hes there or not while TL dont want to face him at all. Thats what was my point
2018-12-09 14:11
Check stats Last map vs Astralis for example He is best rated player overall in this matchups
2018-12-10 12:18
The inferno round showed it so good, when Liquid clearly knew about 2 players on B site and started rotating A, S1mple was moving B at that time and backed to A, made 1 kill and rest 3 Liquid guys literally decided not to push A against S1mple and just go B and meet Zeus and electronic there instead of the only S1mple on A
2018-12-10 12:11
if you watch the game you can see liquid rekted navi 2 0
2018-12-10 12:16
Wtf did you say?
2018-12-10 12:19
so was baitzera LUL
2018-12-09 05:33
Finland okee 
it will go to device because of team awards aswell
2018-12-07 23:31
Denmark fyhn 
Depending on EPL and BLAST, I have the feeling that it actually could go to device as well.
2018-12-08 02:26
God | 
Other Im_God 
Well, EPL sure went Device's way. Now it's just Blast.
2018-12-10 10:13
It will go to device because of danish admins.
2018-12-08 04:48
It will go to Device because stats + achievements > just stats. Device most MVP awards in CS Go history enough said.
2018-12-09 05:24
Europe HLTV70IQforum 
"Just stats" - NaVi are the 2nd best performing team of 2018 and he is currently in the top15 for winnings (behind fnatic who only there because of wesg). s1mple is the player of the year, astralis are the team of the year
2018-12-09 23:08
Yes he is the player of the year failing over and over and Device just won another MVP and another tournament.
2018-12-10 05:56
Russia zbogus 
got carried in the final though
2018-12-10 12:12
Yeah he kind of got "carried" in a team game when his entire team is skilled and good fraggers /s. Anyway doesn't matter Device has the most MVPs of all time in CS Go and he won the most MVPs in 2018 (at the biggest events this year) so it isn't even a debate I care to have anymore, if you want to start comparing someone to Device first they have to achieve what he has in his career and then I will have that debate again but ATM no player is even close to him so it's pointless, facts are facts. I give s1mple respect he had a great 6-8 months this year and could of easily been the top 1 this year, but he fell off and Device kept going strong so it's not even a debate anymore. GL to s1mple next year ofc, if Astralis somehow fall off, s1mple might have a chance to actually win some big events, until then he has to settle for shit events and shit MVPs from shit events that no one gives a fuck about, I mean you compare his MVPs at star ladder and asia championships to Devices with MVP at major and eleague premier etc lol not even worth my time anymore.
2018-12-11 03:42
He's saving all the time. Not taking anything away from him, but I never see people mention this lol. Sure he gets the frags, but the way his role is on the team, he needs to save alot. That plays a huge role in his k/d.
2018-12-07 23:33
Same for device KAST and DPR
2018-12-07 23:34
We're talking about s1mple here. And I don't see device save as much.. At all for that matter. With that being said. It's two different playstyles we're comparing.
2018-12-07 23:36
u idiot u dont see device saving that much because Astralis never find themselves in position where they are getting rekt 15-2 and 2-3 players are having less than 5 frags
2018-12-08 02:19
What part of "It's two different playstyles we're comparing" did you not understand? And why is it not possible for people like you to have a conversation without being offensive? I'm genuinely curious. How old are you?
2018-12-08 12:07
device | 
Denmark dev2ce 
Ecolai "ecovice" Recodtz only gets eco frags, nt mate.
2018-12-08 02:48
2018-12-08 12:09
Are you joking? Device is the most famous for savings. And S1mple is the best ENTRY... HELLO. Check stats.
2018-12-08 03:18
Not joking.
2018-12-08 12:09
Its interesting how people are hating on the best player in the world but when coldzera was the best everyone was hating him and saying that s1mple is better (:
2018-12-08 02:26
People gotta hate I guess. :D
2018-12-08 12:05
El Salvador Sp1x 
People will always hate on the best team/player no matter what. Fnatic, SK, olof, cold, etc. "Ecovice" stemmed from his apparent stat padding back in like 2016.
2018-12-09 04:46
I hate this “rule” of that community
2018-12-09 14:08
God | 
Other Im_God 
2018-12-10 10:16
2018-12-10 15:01
Portugal Cyborgy 
lot of people are mentioning his plays that he nevers opens up any round or if he does he is on ct side and has an awp so he has to do make that diference,he is a baiter and trade off killer
2018-12-09 21:12
Ofc he is
2018-12-07 23:33
Brazil Mirekz 
+12 kd cus he was the last one alive most at the time baiting his teammates, you don't need to believe me just look at the stats from that match From 32 rounds that Na'vi lost s1mple only died 24 times, so last one alive saving
2018-12-07 23:36
s1mple | 
Italy Laxity 
lol where is the problem is he save?
2018-12-08 02:15
Brazil Mirekz 
being the last one alive and savin means that you're probably baiting your teammates and also gettin exit kills that have no impact in the game, that only serve the porpuse of boosting his k/d s1mple had alot of exit kills at inferno, i didn't watch d2 but i'm guessin that it was the same there too.
2018-12-08 02:18
Guess why he had to save that much. Liquid went almost always b because for some autistic reason Zeus and Edward were playing b together. s1mple was always the last to rotate so he had to save almost every round. Its actually funny that Liquid tried everything to not give s1mple the chance to destroy them.
2018-12-08 02:24
Brazil Mirekz 
its not just about saving, the way he plays T side too, he almost always is baiting someone to trade like for instance here notice how he stays safe until his teammates get first contact then he shows up and trade then the round after that on T side he is the last one alive cus his teammates are the ones gettin first contact now on dust 2 on T side, notice how s1mple is always in a position to trade his teammates heres another one flamie goes in first and s1mple is right after him to trade but he gets blinded in that same round they go A, Notice how Zeus and Edward go in first while s1mple is hiding behind the wall waiting to trade remember that na'vi only won a couple of T rounds in this match and i already found a bunch of examples of him baiting his teammates, that's the style that he plays, its not only on CT side.
2018-12-08 02:45
Dickstacy | 
Singapore NSuh 
So by your retarded logic last one alive should be Zeus and Edward, right? Because as if they’ve have a higher percentage to win a clutch lmao. You are actually clueless and have zero cs knowledge. And keep cherry-picking certain rounds, that will definitely make your point less relevant, ty. Respectfully, Proud Liquid Fan since Faceit Major.
2018-12-08 15:38
Brazil Mirekz 
i didn't cherry pick shit, i literally picked pretty much all the t rounds that na'vi won/played in that match not my fault if they got stomped.
2018-12-08 19:01
"i didn't cherry pick shit" haha you do understand the concept of trading, right? why would any igl let the team sacrifice their best player in any opening/limited info situation. even if simple wanted to, it would be braindead to let him go in first every time and die, leaving the less likely players to clutch the retakes/afterplants. that is literally the dumbest thing you could do as a team like navi that has such a gigantic skill gap between simple and everyone else. I guarantee he is not even making the decisions to save himself. deep down any good player wants to always go in and prove every 1vX/2vX/3v5 to be winnable, which is what navi tried in the past and it often broke their economy in the long run which cost them games they should have won. nothing about your argument makes any sense whatsoever if you just think about it for more than half a second.
2018-12-09 04:10
El Salvador Sp1x 
When you're as good as s1mple and have Edward and Zeus for teammates, of course you're going to bait them, nothing wrong with that. Same reason why cold gets called "Baitzera". Always the last one alive because his teammates know he's insane in clutches.
2018-12-09 04:50
wasn't that the reason cold was hated so much in the community, and people were saying that NiKo has much more impact in the game than baitzera? Same goes here. NiKo was performing good in a team of stars, while coldzera's team did everything to give him more frags.
2018-12-10 12:31
Denmark EU_LOVER69 
Exit kills dont count much in the rating. He had huge impact frags but most of the time he had to save because his bot teammates lost bombsites without getting a frag.
2018-12-08 02:28
Brazil Mirekz 
read #21
2018-12-08 02:48
"cus he was the last one alive most at the time baiting his teammates" completely wrong, he was last alive or one of the last ones alive because TL avoided him perfectly
2018-12-08 02:27
Brazil Mirekz 
read #21 im not talking only about ct side im talking about their t side too, s1mple is always baiting specially on t side, that match was a bad example of it because they got only a few T side rounds
2018-12-08 02:49
Why does he have the most opening kills then? And its not even close btw (: one of the only players, most likely the only player, in the world who has more opening kills is fer
2018-12-08 03:11
Brazil Mirekz 
so you think that having openin kills is related to goin in first? take a look at the openin kills rank in big events notice that the majority of top players there are main AWP players, do you think that device and fallen are goin in first? or maybe they're gettin their opening kills from a safe distance with the awp, just do this, compare s1mple openin kill stats from when guardian was the main awp on the team, you gonna see that his opening kills rating went sky high after he became the main awp. people need to understand that having opening kills =/= being the entry fragger.
2018-12-08 03:15
Russia KS_areztiab 
opening kill = entry frag
2018-12-08 03:16
Brazil Mirekz 
yes but opening kill is not related to goin in first, usually AWP players get the openin kill by holding angles and usually they kill the enemy entry fragger entry fragger is a role, its the role that taco used to play in sk and its the role that edward plays in Na'vi atm, basically his job is to go in first and die so s1mple can trade him. here's an example of s1mple doin that
2018-12-08 03:22
how are you capable of this thought and not see how retarded your argument is down the line. what you describe has nothing to do with baiting. that is just basic teamplay to its logical conclusion. baiting is refusing to play a role in order to artificially boost your impact at the cost of your team. you cant be serious if you think that describes his play style.
2018-12-09 04:28
Brazil Mirekz 
lmao so now you made up the definition of baiting? baiting is literally using your teammates as bait so you don't take any risky and still get the kill, that's what s1mple does
2018-12-09 14:00
yes ur right, same style what coldzera has..most of the kills are easy trade kills
2018-12-10 10:24
No, you need understand that he is not a baiter, he gets his picks, sometimes when he gets an angle early in the game, sometimes when his teammates set him up to do so. Then when they push the site, he is holding his angles and either saving or trading his teammates, thats not baiting. Btw, by your logic - FalleN, GuardiaN, device, cerq, oskar, JW, kennyS, pasha in the old times, snax in the old times, kng (I could go and name every awper in the world) are all just a baiters because they hold angles and thats actually part of their job :D the other part is peek some guys based on info and that does every awper, s1mple including, s1mple actually does this more than any other awper in the world, facts
2018-12-08 03:25
Brazil Mirekz 
lol being a baiter its not about holding angles, its about always being in a position to trade one of your teammates which is what s1mple does, already linked a bunch of examples of him doing it. also go check his survival rate, its the highest between all the t1 pros atm, so that means that he stays alive way more than other pros, another common trait between b8rs
2018-12-08 03:28
So players who are in a position to trade someone are baiters:DDDD thanks for a good laugh. Btw, s1mple isnt ALWAYS (as you implied) in position to trade teammates, hes actually a lot in situations where he is the one traded or not even that and he just goes on his own and peeks sth Yeah, he saves a lot and do you know why? Because its better to have the best player and awper in the world on the awp or AK/M4 rather than a fucking pistol + everyone else died or the whole site died and he got into unfavourable position. I can see you retaking 2v4 against guys like NAF, Twistzz, Elige and TACO or going for 1v3 against already mentioned players when they have an easy trade on you while you have to think of 50 different spots they can hold from :) You dont understand shit about economy, teamplay or game overall But s1mple can be glad for such comments, you know that you are best when you get such a hate, like coldzera of 2016 and 2017, or like LeBron in basketball
2018-12-08 03:36
Brazil Mirekz 
you clearly don't know what baiting is, its literally using one of your teammates as bait so you can trade him. edward gets alot of hate but what ppl don't realize is that he is doin the bitch job for s1mple, if s1mple and edward switched roles i doubt that s1mple would get even close the amount of frags that he gets now.
2018-12-08 04:10
I know what baiting is and what you described is just a pure gameplan, teamplay (= trading, not baiting) and fulfilling of roles. Baiting is done in a lot of ways but not this one. The best example is when Ts push B on inferno and there are 2 CTs behind quad, one commits to fight while the other one stays hidden in order to wait for an opportunity, surprise the enemy and get easy kills (or when one guy is delaying time in order for sb else to get a flank, or shoulder peeking just to give the guy time to kill an enemy from behind or different angle). The first one is a bait, the second one is a baiter and its baiting overall. Your logic implies that pretty much every entry in the world is just pure bait meant to die like bitch and not kill anyone but that is completely incorrect. Entry fraggers are mesnt to get both info and entries (he actually goes for specific spots while guys behind him cover different spots) and then only if he dies its up to others to trade him and play based off of his info. Ofc he would not have that numbers but do you know why would it be a waste to have him as primary entry? Because NOBODY can get the job done as well as him. He would still have star numbers if he was entry while botward would maybe get 5 bonus kills if he was supposed to trade.
2018-12-08 04:32
Brazil Mirekz 
jesus fuckin christ dude, how is this not baiting? please look this video and tell me that s1mple isn't baitin edward, you can be a fanboy but being a blind fanboy is a whole new level. basically in that clip above s1mple tells edward" edward go die and edward: " says ey sir" that clip is the definition of baiting when you know that the player that is goin in is a 100% goin to die and you gonna take advantage of his death to take a kill
2018-12-08 04:48
Im not a fanboy, nor a blind fanboy. Unlike you, I actually understand the game a lot and i exactly told you the difference between baiting and gameplan which you dont seem to understand. As I already said, people will find their way to hate on sb who is the best. I bet you are one of those guys who were saying how good he is in both 2016 and 2017 (maybe even prior to that) but now you have to hate on him because he is the best player in the world. It happens with everyone. Everyone was hyping coldzera in late 2015 and early 2016, then be became the best player in the world and everyone started hating on him :) Its just a cycle of brainwashed people with 10iq thinking that they understand CS If you mean certain situation then send it again because Im not watching whole map, it starts from the beginning
2018-12-08 15:36
bro u don't understand... simple should ignore his role, storm in first to look like a hero and they can finally become a tier2-3 team.
2018-12-09 04:35
Russia KS_areztiab 
2018-12-08 03:15
s1mple tier 5 player closed
2018-12-08 02:49
s1mple | 
Poland Hell2k 
and you tier 10 baiter
2018-12-08 02:54
France Nez_Aigre 
2018-12-09 14:18
dupreeh | 
Denmark nab69 
s1mple is trash compared to god devve or dupreeh
2018-12-08 03:02
-taco +s1mple liquid major winner
2018-12-08 12:10
He's the best player in the world, and he was last year too. However, I have a horrible feeling that based on placements and team achievements, dev1ce might take #1 this year instead - flusha was robbed in 2014 for similar reasons. I just hope I'm wrong...
2018-12-08 12:12
Ecovice is not that good of a player but still deserves it more than this ukrainian baiter cuck
2018-12-08 15:41
2018-12-08 15:54
El Salvador Sp1x 
At first I thought he would hands down win it around July, but Astralis just keep winning everything and the fact is that, dev1ce has only a slightly better rating than his teammates, so he gets mvp every time. Unless Liquid pull something incredible out tomorrow, dev1ce will most likely win mvp at EPL, and Astralis will most likely win Lisbon as well, at which point I think #1 could go either way.
2018-12-09 04:53
yep but the gap between flusha and get right wasnt that big, but right now s1mple like 10 miles away from anyone, then niko few miles away from device
2018-12-10 12:12
shroud | 
Norway F1lur 
s1mple is the best player in the world ( i am not a fan of s1mple)
2018-12-09 04:20
Well, to me, as a long time CS viewer, it is obvious that s1mple SHOULD be top 1 this year but something tells me, this ridiculous site got different criteria and device will be.
2018-12-09 04:46
S1mple will be #1 cuz he deserved it the most. Even E-sports Awards game him #1 of 2018.
2018-12-09 14:17
But HLTV knows better, danish site, you heard.
2018-12-09 14:35
Finland MMAd 
Sry but device should be nr. 1 You can't watch stats only, also achievements.
2018-12-09 05:28
Device shouldn't be #1. Astralis are #1, but device is not the best player... They are just the best team. I see no logic in your statement about device tbh...
2018-12-09 14:16
Finland MMAd 
You are not very logical then. This game is not only a fragging game, it also has a lot of other aspects to it.
2018-12-09 18:01
But we are talking about BEST PLAYER, not BEST TEAM... If you want to ask who is BEST PLAYER you for sure gonna pick the most dominant player who frags a lot and does a lot of play-makers' stuff. And S1mple is clearly 3x better than device at this case.
2018-12-09 21:11
Finland MMAd 
We are talking about BEST PLAYER not BEST FRAGGER. I would even take xyp9x to my team over s1mple. S1mple is the best fragger for sure but he lacks other skills.
2018-12-09 23:05
So by your logic STYKO could be best player, cuz he is good support also? WIth his usual 5 frags for 3 maps?
2018-12-09 23:46
It's a personal ranking fella, achievements don't matter here. Simple should be.
2018-12-09 14:36
2018-12-09 23:46
by far the best.
2018-12-09 14:13
The best player of 2018 and probably ever.
2018-12-09 14:16
Europe HLTV70IQforum 
+1337 definitely ever, easily the best in CS GO (skill wise)
2018-12-09 23:22
France Nez_Aigre 
S1mple deserve the #1 title this year because of what he did, especially in the beggining of the year. /closed
2018-12-09 14:20
Spain eIskio 
Honestly, s1mple, xyp and gla1ve are the ones who should be competing for the player of the year title. But you have to consider that device is just a better player to present to the quite young people investing money into cs go. That's why they will make Nicolai R #1 this year even though it's not reasonable.
2018-12-09 23:10
didn't get to the finals, cant be MVP
2018-12-09 23:27
i think s1mple will be top-1, i think that team achivements means more in that way that if a guy have amazing rating but he play in tier-2 team hes stats would be boosted by playing in group stages and in few 1/4 and 1/2, while s1mple delivers anywhere, navi top-4 in any event for almost 8 month, only 2 times didnt passed the group stage and 2 times was off the top-4
2018-12-10 12:15
If you dont think he is the cs GOAT just in terms of talent you real need to think hard about yourself
2018-12-10 15:04
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