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F2P prime
Poland iveforever 
U can get it by 21 level and Phone grats Volvo more cheaters atleast ban Phone number
2018-12-08 11:26
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Algeria FATALSki 
2018-12-08 11:28
Poland iveforever 
Yesterday i Played at new acc against Chester ofc he FUCKING rekted me and called that he makes new acc
2018-12-08 11:29
Algeria FATALSki 
xd all fortnite kids will play cs go and cheat.. wait for it
2018-12-08 11:30
vac is better now so cheating is more difficult. + fortnite kids play with xbox and ps4
2018-12-08 17:30
Same bro i played a game with my friend's smurf, 6 hackers in 2 games
2018-12-08 11:30
Czech Republic ND_Themplow 
Go and create a new acc and get it to lvl 21. Reply to me when ur done.
2018-12-08 11:37
sadboys | 
Slovakia leveiro 
xdddd ++++
2018-12-08 11:38
Poland iveforever 
i have 3 level allready im playing w/noob
2018-12-08 11:49
the higher level you are, the longer you'll have to play to get to the next level, also the weekly bonus is probably over already for you and will have to wait a few days more to gain more XP
2018-12-08 11:50
Poland iveforever 
yep i sold my other acc to friend before the F2P for 10e and it ended i ll wait until the saturday
2018-12-08 11:52
Czech Republic ND_Themplow 
ye so you expect every cheater to waste months just to get prime ? i arent think that. EDIT: Also if they cheat on their way to prime, they'll just get busted anyway.
2018-12-08 12:03
You need to see it in another way... More cheaters = more overwatch bans = better AC
2018-12-08 11:40
F2 is quite low.
2018-12-08 11:50
tried to find some cheat to have fun, couldnt do it, idk tried java stuff not working for me. but i will for sure cheat cause why not game free have fun
2018-12-08 11:52
this is shit update, VALVE should rollback this update, this will decrease the popularity as now more hackers will come into play and we all know that how good is their Valve Anti Cheat(VAC)
2018-12-08 11:57
Poland iveforever 
add a new anti cheat or make it better
2018-12-08 13:19
nothing is going to happen, they just ruined everything, i hate VALVA so much
2018-12-08 17:27
Just cheat on DM if it passes VAC then its all good since there's no overwatch
2018-12-08 13:21
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