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Sweden terminat0r 
Astralis 3-0 or Liquid to win 3-0 is more likely but worse odds
2018-12-09 01:36
Argentina lucas_7_94 
Never bet against Astralis.
2018-12-09 01:38
Argentina lucas_7_94 
Astralis 3-1, give me a m4a4 neo noir after thnx
2018-12-09 01:41
2-1 in a bo5, sounds like a good idea
2018-12-09 01:41
Argentina lucas_7_94 
2018-12-09 01:42
*oh shit i realised im wrong* ''haha baited got u'' nt
2018-12-09 01:43
tabseN | 
Germany Ratwar 
sad its a bo5 u lost mate
2018-12-09 01:41
seems like a smart idea, its just that the curse has to break some time and the return on astralis is so trash :/
2018-12-09 01:40
Argentina lucas_7_94 
To be fair, Liquid did a great job against MIBR, but i think they will be crushed by Astralis, they want the 100k U$D bonus, and honor, of course.
2018-12-09 01:42
Argentina (._.) 
Neither of those 2 will happen imo. I think will be 3-1 for the danes (._.')
2018-12-09 01:44
Possibly, but the last time Liquid even picked up a map against Astralis was in overtime at the major. I think if Astralis picks up the first map then the odds of a 3-0 are huge
2018-12-09 01:53
If NAF is on fire like today, then Liquid has a chance to win a map (lets say their map pick, it should be the one with the bigger chances). If they go as on other finals, I'd say it will go quick 3-0, yeah (._.')
2018-12-09 01:59
betting liquid is like burning your money lol
2018-12-09 01:53
yea but the return is huge. So you risk a few amount and get a big return if you win. I feel like Liquid has to break the curse sometime, they definitely have the skill and fundamentals to do it. Idk maybe the grand slam combined with playing in front of the danish crowd could be too much pressure for Astralis, let's hope and see.
2018-12-09 02:04
Argentina lucas_7_94 
I never did a bet before, but i would see how the match is going and then bet. But if i had the money now, i would give it to Astralis 3-1.
2018-12-09 02:10
Yea, but its such a specific bet and its been so long since Liquid has won a map vs Astralis. Definitely possible though, we'll see.
2018-12-09 02:14
Argentina lucas_7_94 
holy it almost pay x4.
2018-12-09 02:21
What is ? 3-1 for AST is only like 2.8 for me
2018-12-09 02:22
Argentina lucas_7_94 
so, how you do it? please tell me you bet Astralis.
2018-12-09 20:30
I was going to bet either 3-0 astralis or Liquid, so i bet low on liquid
2018-12-09 22:43
Argentina lucas_7_94 
sad to hear that man, hope to get a big paycheck in the next bet.
2018-12-09 23:46
yea, 3-1 was a good bet but it didnt give much return and it felt like such a specific bet. anyway I went low so its not too big of a deal :)
2018-12-10 00:28
Argentina lucas_7_94 
try c9 betting, now is such a incognite, you can get ez profit. everything i got is thanks to c9 (sadly lul)
2018-12-10 01:02
the huge return doesnt matter if your guaranteed the loss lol
2018-12-09 02:59
nothing is guaranteed
2018-12-09 03:01
liquid havent won a single map against astralis in a long ass time, why do you think theyre gonna win the whole game? especially if the game is best out of 5
2018-12-09 03:18
Where did I say that I think they will win? I said that nothing is a guarantee, you can't assume Astralis will win even though they are heavy favourites. I'm just saying that I'd rather put low money on 4.6 odds than risk money that I care about for 1.15-1.2 return..
2018-12-09 03:30
ok go ahead lol all im saying is that theres literally a small to no chance liquid will take a map off of astralis, let alone 3 maps sometimes its good to skip tbh
2018-12-09 03:32
I'm aware of that, I could bet my house that it would be either 3-1 or 3-0 with 3-0 being the most likely outcome. With how good Liquid have been playing I'd say that 4.6x is definitely worth to throw a small bet on, makes the game more exciting to watch aswell. The mental barrier vs Astralis is what they need to overcome, the skill and fundamentals are definitely they.
2018-12-09 03:37
GL to anyone who bets on Liquid, you will be rich af if they win.
2018-12-09 02:12
Indeed, you might as well throw some cents at them since the odds are insane. It's unlikely but why the fk would you bet Astralis with like 1.15 return xd
2018-12-09 02:20
Pretty safe bet though, especially a Bo5
2018-12-09 02:29
Ofc but its not worth the risk, you have to bet so much in order to get back something you actually care about.
2018-12-09 02:36
you can bet house on 3-1 or 3-0
2018-12-09 03:19
Other alexis4096 
i dont think that astralis i gonna win 3-0 but they are going to win whatever happend
2018-12-09 03:42
just all in on Astralis, shit odds but free money
2018-12-09 04:15
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