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IGL and Team Practices Advice
Marved | 
Canada Awepro 
TLDR @ bottom Ok so I am sorta new to IGLing, but have a bit of exp of it. So I wanted to have a default and a couple executes and I didnt know if I was putting to much stuff for a new team. I only have 2 types of defaults, 2 strats and an execute on each site and I have players confused. So should I only have 1 default and scrim then work from there?Also I want to know how you get your players to want to practice seriously. I have a teammate sometimes fuck around and doesn't listen during practice and only wants to play pugs. He wants he wants to go anywhere he likes because "I can just flick on them". I am okay with him changing up his position but when I call something like an exec he doesn't like it where he is going and gets kinda toxic about it. I even put him where he wants to go and he still argues. TLDR: IGL tips? And how to get players to take practice seriously?
2018-12-09 05:21
Kyrgyzstan KNEEGGER 
Pracc or kicc
2018-12-09 05:23
if he dont want to practice - kick
2018-12-09 05:27
kennyS | 
Portugal JA11ty 
Just kick that fucking bish
2018-12-09 05:28
Australia CaZeR01 
Dont tollerate that c*nt
2018-12-09 05:38
2018-12-10 08:27
Canada |Frog 
Someone who isn't as dedicated as everyone else on the team and trolls isn't worth having imo... Either have a chat with him and try to have a serious conversation regarding where and how he plays or replace him. Team chemistry is very important and sometimes some players just don't fit.
2018-12-09 05:47
Canada hitlur 
+1 good advice
2018-12-09 06:39
Marved | 
Canada Awepro 
I have tried having a talk but all he says is he knows what he is doing so whats the point and I said no you don't because of this and that, he knows he made mistakes in prac and he knows that he doesn't know everything but he is so ignorant. And I don't have the power to kick him and all the other players like him because he is really good at the awp.
2018-12-10 01:27
Canada |Frog 
Hmmm... Sounds like a tough situation honestly... By the way you describe him, I'm guessing he's just some young kid with an ego that just likes to get flashy plays. If the team as a whole wants him on the roster, then I guess you're right that you might not be able to kick him. From an outsider's perspective, this just kind of sounds like a team that isn't looking to improve or commit that much, which ties in to the whole not wanting to practice thing. Are you having a power struggle in the team? Like do people not listen to what you have to say?
2018-12-10 03:06
Marved | 
Canada Awepro 
Everything you wrote is right.Just played a scrim, and even though this guy, I'll call him L, wasn't there (idk why, he hasn't answered anyone in the past 2 days) teammates were having trouble listening. For example 5v2, I say save, they keep pushing and die, we had low money. I tell them to push this place cuz we are in eco, nope. You get the idea. Oh and with practice holy shit, guy keeps saying lets 2v3 or 2v2. I tell them a strat and ask then do you understand, they say yes. We dry run them and they dont know what they are doing, in scrim too. I played with these players before and I left because they didn't listen and weren't serious in practice and they kept acting immature. I thought they had mature so asked if we wanted to get back together but they got worse and developed an even bigger ego. Only one guy that would listen and give good imput.
2018-12-10 04:11
Canada |Frog 
Yeah, thats pretty rough honestly... You mentioned that you want to play with these 4 other players and though I respect your dedication, I think that you would benefit more by keeping in mind what your teammates are like. If you guys aren't all on the same page in terms of how to practice, that can change overtime with hardwork and cooperation. But if you guys don't even have the same goals, I think it sets you back quite a bit. You should know that their approach to the game is very unlikely to change (especially since they've done this all before) and decide whether you're okay with that or not. And I don't think you should necessarily be scared about not finding a replacement if things don't work out. There's plenty of dedicated players out there with talent just waiting to find a team. Props to you for keeping on trying and not giving up though.
2018-12-10 04:48
Canada zizzle21 
bro what level are u lol? i wanna have a team with some ppl who are serious but you're probaly wayy better than me.
2018-12-10 04:51
Canada |Frog 
Not as good as I'd like to be lol but the goals to always improve :)
2018-12-10 05:54
To get players to show up to practice tell them prac or get kicked. Force the teammate to clean up his act or kick him.
2018-12-09 05:48
Lekr0 | 
Peru synergy_ 
as #1 says pracc or kick in the team no one should have ego. the team needs a good support or someone who is willing to be the bad player of the team and accept the hate. When the entry fragger is dead make the support go first, or the one that have the lowest hp, make a practice schedule for the team like: 1 hour personal warmup. 1 hour making strats 2-3 scrims and if you want to get better, practice after all the team pracc.
2018-12-09 05:52
scrim against a stronger team then soon your teammates will realize that they have a lot of things missing
2018-12-09 06:02
IGL should be the strongest player on the team to have authority to give calls and be the one trusted player who others would put in example. It's not like that in pro scene and they suffer from that, look at Astralis, no weak pieces of chain, IGL often tops the board. That's the way of a pro.
2018-12-09 06:06
Canada hitlur 
Dont show up to prac or goof off = benched. Leave after a loss before game review = insta benched. Its brought consistency to our team. The people who dont take it seriously get weeded out and the dedicated players become part of the core. IGLing in a new team is hard at first because there is usually personailty/chemistry issues. Hou have to motivate your teammates and make sure they dont lose motivation during bad results. As for practices I recommend that you teach players to be self sufficient. (Instead of saying "throw this smoke and kill ppl" say "you are responsible for this. You must communicate this info. Your goal is this. In this situation your goal is to throw support nades.. etc..." Practice: 1. Explain strat/theory 2. Dry run until timings, nades, spacing etc is perfect. 3. Make sure all plyers know what their resposibility is and how it fits in the strat. 4. Scrim 5. Prac again to iron out problems (nothing works perfecty 1st try)
2018-12-09 06:32
Steel has a igl youtube series I think . You should watch it
2018-12-09 06:19
Canada hitlur 
+1 Best resource for new igls
2018-12-09 06:37
If people dont listen tell them to listen. If they still dont, answer is simple dont play with them / replace them.
2018-12-09 06:48
Marved | 
Canada Awepro 
I don't have the power to kick him and I want to play with this team and want to try to make it work.
2018-12-10 01:27
chrisJ | 
Finland Motori 
If he is not willing to learn kick
2018-12-10 08:24
Add me if you wanna scrim partner
2018-12-10 08:30
Change your defaults during the game or you will get rekt by any good team. Never played for any team but best thing you can do to improve is watch demos of good igls and imagine what hes telling to his players on ts.
2018-12-10 08:37
Also: ur teammate might be a better player with game sense and knows that you gonna lose round after this execution thats why hes whining
2018-12-10 08:49
United States Degree|CSGO 
Nah tbh I am in the same predicament but my team isn’t having the same problem. Tbh you probably have idiots for teammates
2018-12-10 08:57
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