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Full RoE Guide
Other Filipum 
rate and fav if you like it and think it's useful
2018-12-10 01:12
Europe pencilvester 
Can you make for csgo?
2018-12-10 01:18
already did, check in my profile
2018-12-10 01:39
Europe pencilvester dont mess around boi
2018-12-10 02:50
no i dont
2018-12-10 23:17
Indonesia Astranesia 
Can you make for R6 i am confusing about the ops nice guide btw
2018-12-10 02:41
i dont have rainbow six siege, but I intend to buy it and then ill make one
2018-12-10 23:17
Denmark zterm 
thanks, now I can report a post
2018-12-10 02:44
Serbia K4bby 
2018-12-10 23:19
Slovakia zzzkkkyyy 
Pretty good, I hate BRs but somehow this game is decent.
2018-12-10 23:29
pretty fun game
2018-12-10 23:57
Netherlands pewpeww 
90% of your "guide" is just listing information about weapons, ammo and extensions, then just a picture of the map and a short intro. I mean, probably took some time to write all the info down, but this is not really a guide. The only thing is that you advise to people is which weapons to use in different situation, which is useful, but not a "Ultimate Guide for Ring of Elysium". One question, did you test this ingame to get these results? Or are they visible in the game itself already? Also, last note(s) you said you were going to speak about game modes, but I didn't see it in the guide and I don't think anybody new to the game is going to read the specifics about each weapon. A short paragraph, perhaps short table to quickly get an overview of all (or most) weapons their damage etc would be more useful and easier, a lot of information can be displayed very easily and compact, instead of a massive list.
2018-12-10 23:33
Ill do that list with all the weapons damage These results i got from a table that I found on the internet and compared with another and the results were the same, I followed the principle that they were correct and by my experience in the game I can say that if they are not well, they are alike Yes i miss that part, i will add more information to the guide, thanks
2018-12-10 23:53
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