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cod grand final
Sweden kick_get_right_ffs 
more exciting than watching boringstralis, enjoy
2018-12-10 03:54
Guatemala IceyKL 
its basically watching Astralis play. Its just optic dominating so already as boring. No close games and just big plays on Optic which at that point is overkill.
2018-12-10 03:55
you aint wrong
2018-12-10 03:56
Guatemala IceyKL 
2018-12-10 04:01
it cant be close if astralis/optic wins?
2018-12-10 04:25
Guatemala IceyKL 
I’m just saying it’s most of Astralis game. We’ve seen their teamwork and their players themselves make big plays. Nobody can take them down really. We have only seen 3–1 bo5 or 2-0 bo3. Only team that has a chance of taking them down at their fullest is Faze at their fullest. And their skill is A lot higher than everyone on that. But still faze has fallen off. So it’s really just liquid and Navi just fighting to win
2018-12-10 06:10
Cod even more dead than csgo
2018-12-10 04:19
nak | 
Canada tabar_nak 
>pro >cod yikes
2018-12-10 04:27
Not clicking that
2018-12-10 06:16
Indonesia linekerrr 
Imagine watching cod unironically
2018-12-10 06:24
chrisJ | 
Finland Motori 
LoL cod takes more skill and brain
2018-12-10 12:57
Belgium HLTVnewfag 
>console >brain Pick one
2018-12-10 13:01
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