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I swear to god if he doesn't get EVP at pro league finals season 8, played absolutely insane and was the highest rated player.
2018-12-10 10:11
who cares about evp's ?
2018-12-10 10:11
Kyrgyzstan KNEEGGER 
HLTV TOP 20 2018 makers They also care about if are danish and your team winnings, etc.
2018-12-10 10:14
but im not a HLTV TOP 20 2018 maker and neither is he
2018-12-10 10:21
Kyrgyzstan KNEEGGER 
Jokes on you
2018-12-10 10:12
Imo he deserves one but they didnt make semis so maybe he wont
2018-12-10 10:22
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