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Brazil MrLucas As Master Ronaldinho would say "they are letting us dream"
2018-12-12 03:50
Europe pencilvester 
2018-12-12 03:53
Brazil MrLucas 
+1 my bad
2018-12-12 03:55
Estonia Arkadee 
2018-12-12 03:56
Estonia Arkadee 
this guy is a monster.
2018-12-12 03:55
Yes, everyone here is impressed by how well he plays. We are not idiots, we were saying that he would be the best option for MIBR a few weeks ago
2018-12-12 03:57
Estonia Arkadee 
kscerato > kng > hen1, MIBR does not need another AWP, but someone else for striking. Kscerato is new and can be very promising.
2018-12-12 03:59
Exactly, another awp would decrease the amount of rifle like M4 and Ak in the team. Or that could leave Coldzera more loose without having to use AWP along with the Falle. Btw, Kscerato plays AWP very well, he can literally get into any position and perform well
2018-12-12 04:02
who is? new talent of brazil?
2018-12-12 04:05
brazil scream
2018-12-12 04:22
He is playing right now and winning envyus
2018-12-12 04:26
Brazil MrLucas 
actually a pretty good player
2018-12-12 04:42
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