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TL TOP 1 2019
s1mple | 
China Stewie2Face 
Team Liquid will advance to #1 spot after acquisition of Stewie2k. Trust and believe in me. Just remember you hear it here first, ok?
2018-12-12 13:22
NiKo | 
United Kingdom lr1015 
Tiananmen Square Massacre June 4th 1989
2018-12-23 01:40
Yes i will remember that you were wrong all long
2018-12-23 01:42
China o_O 
Armenian Genocide 1914–1923
2018-12-23 01:42
No. Fnatic top1 /closed
2018-12-23 01:45
honestly really bad b8
2018-12-23 05:19
0/8 You were baiting as well. Stupid 2k lulululul
2018-12-23 05:39
Thorin | 
United States burNout_ 
Delusion at its finest. One of the best lineups in CS:GO history has just been forced to end, and Liquid will never see a level as good as what they showed this year ever again, even if they win tournaments.
2018-12-23 05:22
Hahaha you are so shit at b8
2018-12-23 05:23
What makes you think my comment is bait? It's completely legitimate and backed by simple facts. If anything, your comment is bait because it's not based on anything logical and, in fact, would defy some logic.
2018-12-23 05:54
United States Idoitforluls 
"What makes you think my comment is bait?" "One of the best lineups in CS:GO history"
2018-12-23 05:57
It is one of the best lineups in CS:GO history. If there was no Astralis this year, they would have been incredibly dominant, and it's important to understand that even if they didn't win any big finals, they would literally make every team look like noobs except for Astralis. Liquid was truly an incredibly dominant and powerful team overshadowed by the best team of all time. If we were making a top 10 lineups ever, it's hard not to include Liquid.
2018-12-23 06:13
United States Idoitforluls 
You can't bait me.
2018-12-23 06:16
United States Scvboy1 
SewieBotK making the difference? Lul
2018-12-23 05:33
United States Freakmode 
i didnt hear it here first though :/
2018-12-23 05:58
>Team Liquid >1st pick 1
2018-12-23 05:58
>Team Liquid >1st pick 1
2018-12-23 06:03
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