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Fix the app
Australia Jollybeans 
Incorrect password my ass.
2018-12-13 15:35
Brazil LESK1 
Good afternoon, I am trying to recover my password from the website, however the recovery system does not work. Would you help me?
2018-12-21 16:28
What exactly does not work? Please provide more details. Thank you in advance.
2018-12-22 07:09
I tried to recover an account previously I opened the email, clicked the link, typed in a new password as usual (i copy pasted too to make sure it was correct) when i tried to login i could not i can try again if youd like
2018-12-22 07:48
You can if you want to. Though if it is a very old account it may still not work as current site policy is to disable these accounts due to abuse on behalf of spammers.
2018-12-22 08:16
how old is old? that seems like a silly policy why would a spammer use an old account over a new one
2018-12-22 11:42
If it complies with the mentioned site policy it will be marked as "too old". More than being silly it is, unfortunately, a necessary step due to the poor users' management of their account security (f.e. weak passwords) which allows spammers to override the limitations set for new accounts.
2018-12-23 02:10
The app is discontinued therefore there will be no further support for it.
2018-12-22 07:08
So it's useless to use it now?
2018-12-22 08:33
You are obviously free to use the method you prefer though due to being discontinued the app will not receive any updates nor fixes for the problems you may experience. Using your phone's browser is the recommended method.
2018-12-23 02:03
bad decision, mobile apps are the future, you can make HLTV x1000 more popular with it
2018-12-22 11:44
We will have to see if at some point the app approach is taking again into consideration. As of now, as stated, the current app is discontinued and using the browser is suggested.
2018-12-23 02:06
Liechtenstein mary69 
would really appreciate an app for iphone
2018-12-23 02:16
I really enjoy the app!
2018-12-23 04:42
It sometimes helps deleting the app and reinstall it.
2018-12-22 07:32
Europe baitpolice 
ive used hltv on 3 phones and notifications never worked on them at all lol
2018-12-23 04:24
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