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blamef + refrezh to heroic?
autist | 
Turkey rusty james 
how bout that idea. lets get rid of the old 1.6 dude and the mediocre saucer for up and coming talent before nort or optic grabs em. full danish team. epl and ecs spots. maybe they will become relevant ho knows.
2018-12-13 18:06
full danish ? is refresh danish ? no you retard, he is from africa you retard
2018-12-13 18:08
Easiest report of my life
2018-12-13 18:09
Davidp | 
Sweden meistr0 
2018-12-15 06:04
Russia Men))) 
He is typical Nordic like SpawN
2018-12-13 18:19
Russia mmmmmmajestic 
2018-12-13 18:20
thats one too many retards for your free spare time. easy report.
2018-12-13 18:20
nt kebab
2018-12-13 18:33
stupid name. worthless id. poor country. boring team fan. old meme name. thats a big oof.
2018-12-13 18:34
easy report. just a click report. Lord Jonathan E checks. Lord gives u punishment U get easy ban 10 yrs. thats a big profit for me.
2018-12-13 20:41
havent gotten more than 10 day bans for the past 5 years. nt tho.
2018-12-13 20:43
2018-12-13 20:44
ZywOo | 
United States TeamSESH 
2018-12-15 05:50
Switzerland Tang1 
-friberg -AcillioN +blameF +refrezh would make them TOP10 material.
2018-12-13 18:10
whats moddi gonna do? he is alright but still inconsistent. whose gonna igl? acilion is the igl. and even tho after splyce his ego is crushed, when he first got into pro cs he was known as a fragger. i think he was better than kjaerbye in 2014.
2018-12-13 18:18
Switzerland Tang1 
He is okay tbh, and im persuaded he's a better leader than AcillioN, he is consistent in his game but not in results that's it. AcilioN has dissapointed me for years, same for friberg, they don't deserve the spot they are in imo. blameF = Lurker mertz = Main AWPer MODDII = IGL & Support refrezh = Revenge Fragger / Cleaner es3tag = Entry Fragger & Secondary AWPer > Add a good coach and 3 month of training time and this team would becomde TOP2 Denmark.
2018-12-13 18:24
not bad but id probably but refrezh as the entry cuz his quick paced frags are a joy to watch also like got really good first shot. blamef would be a good lurk but i want him to solo anchor on ct. that guy is amazingly good on ct and his m4 spray is godlike if he is legit. idk how good moddii would be at both support and igling. and acilin also disappointed me for years but i think he kinda redeemed himself on imperial.
2018-12-13 18:30
Switzerland Tang1 
es3tag has already proven himself to be one of the finest entry in denmark, would be a shame to give the role to refrezh since he clearly never plays like that, the 2nd entry role is way more adapted to him. On CT i don't mind as long as he is a lurker on T side for his clutch abillity. He was okay in Imperial and NMO, but the results are here, he's not good in Heroic, he should replace kRYSTAL in NoChance or should join Tricked back.
2018-12-13 18:34
well tbh if they have that much firepower and need a good igl they could always go for hunden since he is gonna be free in 2019. they could probably frag enough without needing him that much. like gob or daps i guess. es3tag i dont trust that much yet. there was reason he was cut originally.
2018-12-13 18:37
Switzerland Tang1 
Hunden is a great leader, but awfull in game, and one does not cancell the other, imo he should join this roster as a coach. Nah Hunden is much worse than theses two. He stayed because he proved to them he was worth having, that's a fucking good story if you ask me.
2018-12-13 18:39
he was actually really good with attax before tizian left. daps and gob s lows are pretty similar but i do agree he is a bit worse than them. dude said he doesnt want to coach unless its a top 5 team thats why i thought of adding him util he brings in some defaults and execs then gets cut for a better player :D yes and no. they cut him because they thought he was a libility and brought him back because they needed him because they had roster issues unrelated to performance. i dont really remember but it was about rubino i think.
2018-12-13 18:49
Switzerland Tang1 
He stayed before RUBINO, and performed great after he was cut, so they kept him until now and he's still solide now especially for a tough role such as entry fragger.
2018-12-13 20:26
oh yeah no denying his impact. but on summit he was actually cut but for some weird reason he had to play. and ever since he didnt let down.
2018-12-13 20:34
Switzerland Tang1 
As a standin cuz no one else would be a better candidate, guess it paid off for him. I miss RUBINO tbh.
2018-12-13 20:39
def the most underrated support there is. he is skilled enough to have 1.10+ rating imo.
2018-12-13 20:40
Enjoy ban -Jonathan E.
2018-12-13 20:42
make sense. why would i get banned lol. even if i were i still got like 3 low id alts lol.
2018-12-13 20:44
nice now u get ip ban :XD
2018-12-13 20:44
i live in turkey. we reset ips every time we reset the router.
2018-12-13 20:45
Are you sure you wish to report this post? OK
2018-12-13 20:44
Switzerland Tang1 
So sad he had problemes and made bad choices. He would have been a way more achieving player.
2018-12-13 20:45
he can still be tbh. he jsut got extremely unlucky for a period.
2018-12-13 20:46
Switzerland Tang1 
Imo he should make the best Swedish / Norwegian lineup he can with free agent with fitting roles and grind his ass of in lower tier until they become good or he's picked up.
2018-12-13 20:48
i hate made up teams without an actual core or system in place. it rarely ever works. just look at optic. i think its best to kinda mutiny a pre existing roster and insert yourself in there.
2018-12-13 20:49
Switzerland Tang1 
I agree with you dude.
2018-12-13 21:13
Magisk | 
African Union nwaarr 
Acillion is leading the team really well so -moddi -friberg would make more sense i think
2018-12-13 18:16
yea that was my intention.
2018-12-13 18:34
Magisk | 
African Union nwaarr 
Yeah im stupid, i wanted to reply to #3 x)
2018-12-13 19:41
If this happens they'll be better than optic and almost as good as North
2018-12-13 18:23
optic yes. north debateable apart from random chokes they are playing really well. potential wise yea.
2018-12-13 18:27
"almost as good" :)
2018-12-13 18:29
i think north passed the threshold of pure firepower into a legitimate team. like even if all their players slumped they would win matches with sheer teamplay and consistency. so for a team to get onto their level not including the honeymoon would probably take like 3-4 months. but its clear heroic with that lineup have more potential.
2018-12-13 18:31
BlameF to Fragsters first most likely. Heroic would have potential with the full Danish lineup with mertz and BlameF crushing everyone but isn't likely
2018-12-13 18:37
i dont think thats a good idea now that refrezh left the. no org support as well. epsilon is a better brand and they are a comparable team if not better now that refrezh has left.
2018-12-13 18:51
anjing | 
Indonesia Ashiap 
2018-12-15 05:49
Australia BTwice 
Sorry pal, rfzh going no where. C9 will sign him
2018-12-15 05:52
c9 should keep him, they need firepower tbh -flusha, he's gonna be more of a problem than an addition keep golden ez c9 top 15 or better
2018-12-15 06:11
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