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wtf did just happend since shroud had to leave and lose their minor spot? They only had to win 1 match more! and they forfeit on matchpoint
2018-12-14 01:33
wtf did just happend
2018-12-14 01:33
shox | 
France mythhhhhh 
i think it was purposeful
2018-12-14 01:34
shroud just cant play next game, he need be at event
2018-12-14 01:34
Sweden Nokkeri 
Shroud couldnt play the game in an hour (if they would have won), ESL refused to let them play with another fifth / reschedule, therefor they forfeited to give TeamOne a chance to qualify instead of giving Rogue a forfeited win.
2018-12-14 01:35
First of he probably has a contract he cannot refuse -> it would result pretty badly on his merchandise and stream. They tried contacting the organisers to use a ringer or to postpone the match but were denied. His entire team knew what was happening and were all aboard with the decision. Made the noble thing and at least let a team have a chance to compete for the spot. Besides next win gets them to the minor where they would need to prac to win which shroud wouldnt do anyway -> they'd just lose
2018-12-14 01:37
to be fair almost all of them weren't seriously practicing lul
2018-12-14 01:39
ye they were chilling and hitting the viewers creating content
2018-12-14 01:41
Canada top_zozzle 
2018-12-14 01:38
Lithuania arres 
As I understand they wanted to reach the point closest to winning and then forfeit so they would not win accidentally or smth and eliminate T1. In that way T1 will play further and rogue will not have a free pass. OGC will not be able to play tomorrow anyway and their chance to qualify was only upper bracket.
2018-12-14 01:43
Finland dokudanny 
could have replaced him anyway with anyone over dmg
2018-12-14 01:46
Still sad that this team would have qualified for a minor luuuul
2018-12-14 01:50
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