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10 trophies 2018 - GOAT
Vietnam NaMmer 
Astralis era is the BIGGEST era!
2018-12-15 23:30
NaM !
2018-12-15 23:30
felps | 
Brazil RhoX1337 
2018-12-15 23:31
Spain elskio 
2018-12-15 23:31
2018-12-15 23:33
NAF | 
United States Raptorial 
No grand slam in 2015 LUL
2018-12-15 23:35
Lekr0 | 
Peru synergy_ 
2018-12-15 23:38
Russia AlexMove 
Fnatic had 10 trophies in 2015 too
2018-12-15 23:34
Croatia mds818 
Didnt they win more?
2018-12-15 23:35
Russia AlexMove 
I could count only 10
2018-12-15 23:36
15 gaylord
2018-12-15 23:38
That is 100 percent false
2018-12-15 23:40
15 is correct, if the dennis times are counted as well.
2018-12-16 10:45
SS | 
Europe ApziIsKing 
Some of the trophies with dennis were won in 2016
2018-12-16 20:46
Yeah, but I was referring to the 3 trophies they won with him in 2015...
2018-12-16 21:23
Indonesia linekerrr 
the dennis one shouldn't count. they're different lineups.
2018-12-17 06:36
2018-12-16 21:05
Croatia mds818 
i think its 14
2018-12-16 02:21
ScreaM | 
Portugal P1nt0 
2018-12-16 03:36
Slovakia Reve_nant 
Learn to count, he is right
2018-12-16 10:39
Learn to cunt.
2018-12-16 10:39
Croatia mds818 
EPL S2 Fragbite s5 Faceit Fragbite masters Cologne 2015 Epl s1 final DH Summer 2015 Gfinity spring DH Tours Katowice 2015 Inferno challange and that would be 11 wins on lan, 2 of them being majors. I think they had some online tournament wins as well
2018-12-16 10:55
Slovakia Reve_nant 
+ Clutch Con, + King of Majors and First Person Lovers Challenge, which were online as you said, but had best teams in that time
2018-12-16 12:42
Indonesia linekerrr 
dennis one shouldn't count. they're different lineups
2018-12-17 06:39
SS | 
Europe ApziIsKing 
10 on LAN
2018-12-16 20:48
Croatia mds818 
count it again
2018-12-16 20:53
SS | 
Europe ApziIsKing I don't know if a 1v1 showmatch is a proper event.
2018-12-16 20:54
Croatia mds818 
well if people consider that eleague clash4cash as a event......
2018-12-16 21:00
k0nfig | 
Germany Trax_ 
they farmed also smaller tournaments though
2018-12-16 00:01
Slovakia Reve_nant 
Maybe smaller by prize pool, only event with shit teams in it was Clutch Con. In other events they had to play at least 1 or 2 top5 at that time.
2018-12-16 10:44
The scene is much tougher now than in 2015.
2018-12-15 23:37
Greece deST) 
2018-12-15 23:38
hahahahah the competition is utterly trash rn.... liquid is the only team that plays as a team and has individual skill.... navi relies only on s1mple and electronic to carry faze is utterly trash mousesports? defuq made roster changes nip bunch of washed upp trash fnatic just doing shit roster changes all year and plays like a fucking trash team c9 is not even a team g2/french scene? non-existent do i even need to mention mibr? lol so where is the competition to astralis? the only team that plays this teamgame as a teamgame?
2018-12-15 23:39
look at the top teams in 2015 its literally the same shit Tsm massive chokers Nv had hard team play problems Navi were notorious for always losing to fnatic Navi literally required guardian and flamie to carry to get anywhere in tournaments and simple/electronic >>>>>>> guardian/flamie so they are better now
2018-12-15 23:43
Dude you think i was watching csgo in 2015 with idnr 985906? No But i know what im talking about trust me
2018-12-16 03:19
Denmark Stappen 
That comment just debunked every Word you said tho
2018-12-16 14:20
............. Reply needs to have actual content
2018-12-16 17:29
You forgot g2 titan and mouse were all very good upset teams, vp could also own and nip were still good too
2018-12-16 03:25
Yeah that is now mouz Fnatic Nrg Big Nip etc
2018-12-16 08:40
I am 100 percent right
2018-12-16 13:03
No you are not, will say more when I get off of mobile
2018-12-16 19:59
I think that reply was meant for someone else
2018-12-16 20:42
It was for you
2018-12-16 20:53
Sorry i think mine was meant for someone else
2018-12-16 21:50
North America bloodwolf1710 
Pretty apparent that you did not watch back in 2015
2018-12-16 10:26
Ahhh yes i did Tsm were known as massive chokers against everybody other then fnatic While navi never could never beat fnatic in a series no matter how hard they tried Happy’s 4-1 system didnt promote teamplay in the slightest it promoted an inconsistent puggy style
2018-12-16 21:56
this looks familiar...
2018-12-16 03:20
Maybe cuse its my copy Pasta, that i want evryone to see? Cuse its true And #23
2018-12-16 03:23
c9 top1
2018-12-16 03:23
-rush +tarik and maybe
2018-12-16 03:24
Lekr0 | 
Peru synergy_ 
not really most of the teams were at peak in 2015 (nV, fnatic, NiP, VP, TSM and LG rising)
2018-12-15 23:39
Yes but they were very good.. Fnatic outshined those teams with their godlike performance. I watched the 2015 scene and I saw games like vip vs nip etc without fnatic and they played very good CS. Now I feel like there is no team that plays great cs like astralis does.
2018-12-16 12:48
Romania AdryaaN 
indeed, just stupid ppl who don't understand this. everyone is trying their absolute best, but others are just shit compared to astralis, just reality.
2018-12-15 23:39
United Kingdom Hamshanks 
Exactly the same as comparing militaries in the 1940's to the present day, for the time the German Army was amazing and for this time the American Army is amazing. Its impossible to compare either in way of impact
2018-12-15 23:41
You must thank god i wasnt born in your parents youth.. your father must be glad there was no competition back then. . No one would touch him now
2018-12-16 10:23
United Kingdom Hamshanks 
nt 0/8
2018-12-15 23:41
NAF | 
United States Raptorial 
2018-12-16 00:00
Not really. 2018 is Astralis, Liquid and s1mple against every1 else. NaVi has to kick zeus and edward if They want to be on the top because simple isnt enough to carry those two. 2015 was much harder because every top10 team was good and could surprise any time.
2018-12-16 09:42
United States Jammin800k 
Every top 10 team then spot for spot would get crushed by every top 10 team now
2018-12-16 09:46
Maybe but still #1 team had the same job as Astralis has now. And Fnatic had more good teams to fight. Na'Vi is ranked #3 and look how bad They are. This is simple show, sometimes electronic and flamie join to the party. Zeus and Edward are just useless. CIS has some great IGL's and NaVi should make changes.
2018-12-16 10:17
United States Jammin800k 
Fnatic having more good teams to fight just means that fnatic werent as far ahead of the other teams as Astralis were, it's all relative. If all the teams back then were the same but Fnatic was 20% stronger youd be arguing for 2018
2018-12-16 10:51
United States Jammin800k 
Navi arent bad, they're flawed. Same as every top 10 team that wasnt Fnatic in 2015
2018-12-16 10:52
If You think that Edward and Zeus arent bad that means You were not watching NaVi games in last 6 months. Nobody in top5 is making so many mistakes as those two. Also They're losing 1v1's with better weapon, better angle on enemy and better utility.
2018-12-16 14:16
United States Jammin800k 
Yeah, Edward is the flaw. Top 3 teams arent bad... top 100 teams arent bad. Nova players are bad, learn the difference
2018-12-16 14:24
Dude, Edward and Zeus are bad. They are bad as it comes to pro scene. There are pro players and people who play like sh!t for last year or longer. Thats the difference. I know it sounds like I'm a hater or whatever but people like neo, pasha, zeus, edward are terrible. Im "golden five" fan since pentagram g-shock and thats a fact. Neo has experience but it doesn't really matter right now. He should be coach, same as Zeus. I hate s1mple but he deserve better team. This guy is probably best player at this game and can't win a thing with those two.
2018-12-16 16:48
United States Jammin800k 
Exactly they arent bad, they're relatively bad theres a HUUUGE difference. Zeus is a top 5 IGL in the world right now Edward should have been benched earlier this year. Either way these top 10 teams would DESTROY the top 10 teams from 2015 and it wouldnt be close
2018-12-16 22:48
Of course it is. Just look how professionel the teams are now compared to 2015. It's not even close.
2018-12-16 10:08
nt sauna 0/8
2018-12-16 10:13
f0rest | 
United States PlusOne 
Tougher now? We just saw an OGC team that would've made it to Poland without even practicing. NA and BR scene trash. Asia trash. EU has 1 Great team (Ast) and CiS has one great team (Navi). You can say Liquid all you want but the team is shit. Astralis only has this year because the competition was weak just at the same time that all 5 Astralis players hit their peaks. And is it really even an era of you beat an NA team 5 times in those 10 finals? There are 2 other good teams ATM. I'll give them their era, but it is the 2nd best.
2018-12-16 14:28
Xyp9x | 
Denmark McMuffin 
2018-12-16 09:35
i dont like astralis but i have to say that 2018 is year of astralis era
2018-12-16 09:37
2018-12-16 10:05
probably not the biggest era, but theres a good chance it could be the best, NiP has the biggest era, and if astralis keep this dominance up for another 3 months (after new rosters) then i will be 100% convinced the best era.
2018-12-16 10:07
I would give it more than3 months, roster changes m8ght require time and boot camping, but I don’t see any team taking the number 1 spot anyhow, not until the second major at least
2018-12-16 10:11
that's true, as much as i hate astralis for not throwing that cloud9 game, they definitely have my respect.
2018-12-16 10:19
i have a Question: did faceit Change their elosystem for new Players? i remember that in the past you got like +/- 100-250 elo for your first couple games… now i made a new account, won the first two games and only gained +25 each…
2018-12-16 10:25
>1 year >Bigger era
2018-12-16 10:40
I agree
2018-12-16 10:57
Fnatic 2015 still better
2018-12-16 20:50
shox | 
India iejesus 
2018-12-16 21:09
Czech Republic iceiwnl 
NIP 87-0 9 of 9 won tournaments in 2012, 2013 they won 12 major tournaments
2018-12-17 06:30
NaVI era 2010
2018-12-17 06:39
Czech Republic iceiwnl 
thats not csgo but still impressive
2018-12-17 16:52
GuardiaN | 
Brazil Anux 
Device is not better than s1mple. But cs is a teamwork game. Better teammates and teamwork makes your greater. Its the reason because astralis will be the biggest team in the csgo history into 2020. Open your minds
2018-12-17 06:48
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