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HLTV demo help!
NEO | 
Macedonia ElGanchoK1NG 
How do i remove the ct/t win and bomb has been planted comms with a command? Thanks
2018-12-16 14:06
Brazil 16|0 
2018-12-16 14:07
seized | 
Russia duxhux 
Write cl_draw_only_deathnotices 1 at the beginning of the round. It should help.
2018-12-16 14:10
i mean the sounds sorry, im doing this vp mini movie and i included some plays with it and i cant record the plays when there is bomb has been planted shit, i can mute flashbang comms etc but not these
2018-12-16 14:14
seized | 
Russia duxhux 
HLAE can turn sounds off.
2018-12-16 14:52
2018-12-16 14:23
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