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NiKo & shox
Sri Lanka Coman 
are garbage IGL's why are they still trying? It doesn't help the team and it doesn't help them either as a player overall it makes them and the team worse.
2018-12-16 16:27
2018-12-16 16:27
North America AlanSmith 
2018-12-16 16:29
Norway ILoveKimPetras 
2018-12-16 16:30
ego man there egos are big af. If they would drop out a plane their ego would save them ...
2018-12-16 16:30
ofc you, the greatest igl of all time, know better, if they are garbage igls or not, than their teams
2018-12-16 16:31
Sri Lanka Coman 
One of the most stupid comments which I've ever read here on HLTV.
2018-12-16 16:32
One of the most stupid comments which I've ever read here on HLTV.
2018-12-16 16:32
are they successful? no. so there u have ur answer. niko and shox are not real igls they are much better if they play their real roles.
2018-12-16 16:35
shox igl - dh open tours win, epl s5 win, dh masters malmo win niko igl - epicenter win
2018-12-16 16:36
You're seriously brainless if you don't understand that both players are wasting their talent with the IGL role. This is like if you would ask s1mple to play the support role.
2018-12-16 16:38
i dont care what they are wasting. it was their own decision moreover it was their desire. so maybe they know what is better for the team considering they are actually playing in that team and not speculating on forums?
2018-12-16 16:40
United Kingdom Dimwit 
don't forget the 2016 ECS win for shox
2018-12-16 16:57
Hungary StraYzie 
NiKo is decent as IGL, but they need to pick up an IGL as the new fifth
2018-12-16 16:33
He's not a real IGL like gla1ve, Zeus, gob b etc. He's just wasting his talent with the IGL role.
2018-12-16 16:36
Portugal queniese 
ye he thinks he is helping his team igling but he hes dragging himself and his team down
2018-12-16 17:01
shox didnt want anything, G2 force him to take the lead again, as there is no good igl in Fr CSGO they have no choice for Niko i dont know why
2018-12-16 16:34
Well Shox pushed Ex6 away from G2 because he wanted to IGL
2018-12-16 16:37
in 2016 yes, and then G2 started to win in 2018 no
2018-12-16 16:44
In 2016 they had a good team but at the end who ruined the team? exactly shox.
2018-12-16 16:46
no it was NBK (after ruining NV) who harass shox during 5 months to make the deal
2018-12-16 17:03
You are wrong.
2018-12-16 17:04
OMEGALUL just listen to multiple interview -
2018-12-16 17:05
Who changed the good line up with ScreaM & RpK? SHOX. So wtf are you talking about?
2018-12-16 17:07
2018-12-16 19:35
shox | 
Europe dreww_ 
Wrong. In 2016 ex6's calls werent working so shox decided to give it a shot and it started working much better so ex6's didnt have any role in the team anymore so they kicked him.
2018-12-16 17:09
It mostly started to work because they still played with his tactics and the team with ScreaM & RpK were one of the best in this time but who decided to switch the team? Shox.
2018-12-16 17:12
shox | 
Europe dreww_ 
I mean you're right. But you never know how would it be if you don't give it a shot. I hope they'll drop bodyy if it doesnt work and get ex6 back or happy but the happy option would be worse than shox atm imo.
2018-12-16 17:15
You can mark my words if they drop bodyy they will bring ScreaM back if he doesn't sign for a team.
2018-12-16 17:16
shox | 
Europe dreww_ 
Doesnt seem right since now they have enough fire power and scream atm is still living in 2015, thinking he is a star player when he cant even 2nd entry properly. He is just a pugger as big as that kid docc.
2018-12-16 17:18
Bulgaria omaiguudness 
They didnt want to bomb out of FaceitMajor Groups 0-3 NiKo started Igling and 3-2 The thing is that... now what? he doesnt have the effect of surprise anymore so no need to keep it on
2018-12-16 16:38
Because karrigan is and was never a real IGL like most people think if you follow him since CS 1.6 you would know this. Real IGL's are player like gla1ve, gob b, Zeus etc.
2018-12-16 16:41
2018-12-16 16:39
all declarations from G2, from coach, and even from EX6
2018-12-16 16:45
so wheres the source?
2018-12-16 16:49
their twitter ... are you not able to search by yourself ?
2018-12-16 17:03
are you not able to provide a source?
2018-12-16 17:31
are you not able to search by yourself ? i told you twitter account of those guys/organisation
2018-12-16 19:36
I asked you for the source of your information, you should provide it
2018-12-17 14:54
Niko better
2018-12-16 16:39
TaZ | 
Poland SeBo_ 
Try Ex6TenZ
2018-12-16 16:46
shox is ok, he was a top player, and just want to chill with friends getting salary. niko on the other hand is just delusional, he destroy every enviroment he is on, and he think he is way better than he actually is. he is like s1mple, he think cuz he has better raw skill than his mates, he is better overall, and wants to take over the game, not play for the team. choke clan will be even worse in 2019, niko just kicked a top3 igl in the world. any top10 team that gets karrigan will be a top5 team next year. print that shit.
2018-12-16 16:47
The problem is if the IGL's don't do their job good then the good players get pissed because they feel wasted in the team. FalleN and gla1ve are the only IGL's who would be never treated bad from their players because they are the only 2 IGL's who can call and perform good.
2018-12-16 16:48
you are actually wrong, gla1ve and fallen can go truh some bad times, the diffence is, somehow karrigan dont have enough "leadership" in his teams, in astralis he lost confidence from his players just like in faze but fuck, I cant understand how choke clan players are able to kick karrigan and not other guys, and think this team will be better LOLLL believe me, karrigan will be top3 igl in the world again soon, mark my words. its mental ilness to have a lineup like chokeclan and kick the igl and get another star this team isnt going anywhere next year, they probably will have a good honeymoon, but thats it, going to be even faster than the first "wave"
2018-12-16 16:55
No I'm right but you're wrong. gla1ve and FalleN are the only IGL's who have real impact besides calling. karrigan Top 3 IGL? Nope. He is and was never a real IGL but people like you who didn't follow CS 1.6 can't know this.
2018-12-16 16:57
dude stop to think for a sec who are the igls who survived EVERY single meta, while having many different types of lineups? 1. karrigan 2. fallen 3. gla1ve gla1ve in 3 cuz he is newer to the top level, karrigan 2 cuz he had the most different types of lineups, he had structured lineups and ridiculous loose lineups like this last chokeclan roster... and fallen 2 cuz same reason of karrigan, but his lineup with felps was 10000x more structured than this chokeclan, but was the "loosest" lineup he had no other igl had so many different shit going on than this 2 guys, and they still adapt to every meta change, found ways to fought back into the top etc karrigan always got rekt by fallen, but never was easy games, is not like sk 100% dominated karrigan... and this started with LG vs TSM back some years so yeah, karrigan is INSANELY valuable, this chokeclan lineup will not have a better igl than him, not even if they get fallen for example, cuz karrigan is the best igl for loose teams, niko destroyed any chance they had to be top again
2018-12-16 17:09
FaZe also became a actual good team as soon as Karrigan stepped in.. I'm sure that Karrigans next team will get better than this version of FaZe. It's just a matter of time. FaZe will most likely have a honeymoon period while still using the tacs from Karrigan. But when they something new, NiKo doesnt have the brain to solve the problems.
2018-12-17 15:01
2018-12-17 19:23
shox +1 but NiKo said he just wants to try it and probably cause karrigan was gonna get kicked, we cant know what they are thinking exactly
2018-12-16 16:49
Noone knows
2018-12-16 16:58
2018-12-16 16:58
Shox IGL won some tier 1 events???????
2018-12-16 17:06
Shox is not a bad igl, he is a bad leader He can direct his team and position the players, he can execute a strat and is actually a pretty good mid-round caller But he lacks consistency and matury in his lead, always changing stuff when he is not 100% satisfied on the personal level, which is stupid to say the least.
2018-12-16 17:12
cuz they good
2018-12-16 17:21
Bosnia and Herzegovina hyrox1 
man..NiKo took IGL because atm moment he's only who is capable to do that in his team,after karrigan have lack of confidence at major..NiKo don't want to be IGL,but nobody in FaZe can do that i guees so he took it..same as shox..
2018-12-17 14:57
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